Christina Y.
Christina Y. · 22 projects
Hey, thanks for the fave on my lED earrings! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
wooow that's sounds awesome and beautiful, did you have made a picture and uploading it on here!!!
awesome of you to make such a crafting piece of cake, LOL
i had to laugh of my sister, i have tried yesterday to call her but i think she was sleeping on the couch.LOL
or playing taxidriver for her daughter.-S
Gerard had to laught a lot too of the story, thank you for your compassion for her i will tell her that.;-D
she is like me , yummie chaotic and very kind and creative.
i like her a lot. Not only because she is my little sis.
i call her little sis, still, it's a joke between us, i'm only 4 ,5years older so she is 50 now and when she got 80 and i will still living she is still my little sis.
because of my wheels i look much smaller, in real i'm much taller then she is.LOL so she calls me big sis.LOL
most people act to me if i'm a child so i got strokes upon my head like children.LOL One time i got to from a stranger a kiss, didn't like it.
Humm my sis is strong in her mind too , she know the treatment too well of the last time, but this is to short she was still in remision so.... but she told me i knew this allready okay i give it a try again, this is the only illness where i can get some treatment for, the others ones are seriously too, not.
so ... glad that she again so brave and strong.
but she had suport of me.;-D
Because i was her mum when we were kiddo's we have a very close special connection , like twins are having.;-D
hey told just to some other friends on here that i must do a lot to day and only chatting on here.LOL
hey have an nice party today, and an awesome weekend.
lots of love hugs and fun and xxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hoeraaaaai hoeraaaai, happy birthday my friend
and a good happy thanksgiven.
tons of love and hope you're having a fun time and got a lot of attentions of your dearones.
from me a lot of birhtday hugs and kisses as well.LOL

that's fine to have your family so close on your side;-D
aaaah so sad for lucy that she is sick.
and okay i will drink a lot of water , mum.LOL no i'wil for sure.
thanks that you don't bother my big talks on here.LOL
such a relieve,LOL

and times zones i don't understand them either, i know that the people on the left side of me are later and on the right side are earlier but how much more i don't know.
one friend of mine lives in mexico and she promised to write me back in the weekend but after a weekend i didn't got the letter though so i written her woooow you make long weeks.LOL
she had to laugh of it too.LOL
i had asked my friends how i must think but they told me don't bother of that, it's okay.LOL
much more better, today.
yesterday i was laying in my couch with some blankets and my knitting and the phone rings and it was Wouter, i was watching tele the last movie of star wars. i loved that one particulairy. crumpy story and suddenly i became soooo angry on him.
humm my whole eve was not okay anymore.
he don't understand what i'm telling him.-S
but that was yesterday and after an hour the line was broken so i thought okay now i can see the last part of it still. but he called me back again---SSS arggg
so after all the whole movie was finished.LOL
i thought it could be my sis, i had told her to phone me some more times of her bad times, she had got last week her operation.
and got a new job on the same time.
she is a teacher and the normal teacher has cancer but my sis had cancer too. sooo i told her shut you're mouth some weeks and then when you know some more you can think how you can deal with the job.
it's on here hard times as well so having a job too as a teacher is still a problem.
and without a job-S she sounded soooo tired that suddenly i heard snorring and i call her name and she said oooh yeah i was falling asleep at the phone but jet it was very interessting what you told me.LOL
i told her to go to her bed to get some sleep , but she started a story of her self and suddenly in the middle of the story i heard the snoring sound again.LOL
i have waked her and told her again go to your bed girl.LOL
funny though.LOL
hey have a good new birthday year with a lot of crafting fun and awesome idea's
much love, and much hugs and fun and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, goodmorning and wish you a happy , cheerful thanksgiving day;-D!!!
we don't celebreath your thanksgiving day in europe, we have other celbreathing days. but thank you for wishing me a happy thanksgiving day anyway, i appriciate it.;-D
I'm feeling much better then yesterday, i will try to buy the good mask for those ugly smelling projects of mine,
oooh sorry i told yesterday Alf this story, i was much better and then i thought i start with my xmas cards and started with fusing plastic bags in the living room , not great , so i had a large asthma attack , didn't know that for sure, so i went to the gp , a collegea of my own but he told it wasn't asthma , he always think strange of me, and when he saw that my oxygen was too low he changed a little bit his opion, but now i'm sure that it was an asthma attack.
and not the virus infection.
He didn't understand why i was soo short of breathing. -S so i must go to a logopedic therapist. LOL i told him i have learn to use my breath very well becaus i'm singing and have played a flute for many years.
thought okay i will go and do the long examination he has asked as well and then he understand i was right.
I told him what i was doing when it suddenly started but i think he don't understand realy what i had done.LOL
My own gp is a artist as well so she understand me much better, we are more friends of each other. because of the same occupation.LOL
sometimes my appoinments with her are because of that very strange.LOL
i take n ow much better care when i do something like yesterday;-D and i will buy a better mask.;-D
thank you for your advice for feeding my cats with some meat;-D
Muis don't alowed to eat normal feet anylonger she has a bad kidney problem, so she got her special kidney food,
she don't eat too much she is still sooo stressed out of wolfje,-S
i think i must give her some soft food of that and took wolfje in an other room so she can eat more quietly.
Birmees cat are know of anorexia problems, Muis had done this before , and ended on the IC in the hospital for pets-S
she was there off all the pets the fave of the working people.LOL
The vet md that treated her took some picts of her, didn't understand it then, but now i do.;-D
only Gerard is a little bit scared of her, she of him, that's because he had helped me to make her leg cleaning, when it was broken and was scaffolding of metal outside as well. she broke her leg very complicated.-S It took 6 monhts to heal and she had several operations-S And all the time she had to live in a large bench.
Then her sis was living still and she adored and loved her sister sooooo much so she came everyday to visited Muis and lay next to her in her special cat bad. LOL
the orthopedic vet of muis didn't liked it. but i was always when she was with her sis in front of the bench to hold them out the bench when they were acting to fitght, but indy was very well know of that. so she was very kind to her sis.LOL
She loved the bench soooo much and she was soooo smart that she had figured it out how to open the door, so i have found sometimes when i came home muis outside the bench and indy insite.LOL
at first i thought that i had forgotten to close the door careful, but later on i discovered it out that indy was the one.LOL
birmees and birmillas are very smart cats.LOL
Yeaaah the coco helped me a lot i'm tooo skinny so i have always to law tempertures. Thats whey i have made so much heating scarf pillows. LOL
bought yesterday yarn to knit sweater for over other sweater to make, i weare a lot of layers of sweaters daily.LOL
but my cats love to lay underneat them as well when they are laying on my lap. so they are toooo roomy and to old to weare them to appointments, so i thought okay i must buy some
and started to knit, but the yarn is very fluffy so i had started over and over a few time becaus when you have a piece knit it's much wider then when you have done a small piece to know how much stiches you must cast on.
i started with 100 and after all i have now 60 stiches.LOL
so i have already a large piece knitted;-D
i don't fall then asleep and i can watch the movie on the tele then.LOL
hey this is on a celebreathing day a very very long letter, sorry for that.
have fun today and lots of love greetings and hugs with xxxxxxxxxx
anemona · Mexico City, Federal District, MX · 30 projects
thanks for the favorite at my endless letter
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi i was busy but now agian i'm not. i had to much troubles again of my breathing, so i have been to day to the gp and must let do some examinations and got logopedic , but i don't need that , i can speak and breahting very well normally because of my singing and my flute playing.
but... i will be brave and go to that therapy.LOL
i think i did something wrong yesterday with my work and got asthma again.
it wasn't my own gp , so he told me at first it wasn't my longs or asthma, arggggg. because my oxygen level was the last time too good, but now it wasn't so he thought it can be asthma.LOL
i only think then okay i will be brave and follow the therapy's and they examinations and then i have showned them that i was right.LOL
i don't argu any more.
my babes are laying on the couch they try to be silend to become their food, it's still to early.;-D
i had to laugh of your maggie that''s sleeping on the table, my cats do those things too, and people with out pets don't appreciate that.LOL but i think of their kiddo's to less too;-D
i'm very tired i'm just at home and it's soooo cold outside that i must drink a lot hot choco and thea to become on temperature.;-D
hey give your babes some hugs and strokes.
hey until later, love, fun and hugs with kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i thought allready something like that.LOL
We had in 1999 a complete suneclipse in the summer and all people was watching it , but we couldn't seen the real thing at the end because of the weather suddenly there were clouds.LOL
i like thos funny things, LOL
so i saw on the tele in an other europain country the better one.
but joining a group to watch such a rare nature happening was fun, ;-D
now we must wait a long time again.
silly how the animals were acting, they thought that it was allready late in the afternoon and would to go to sleep , in real it was just afternoon!!!
wolfje has a very thick furr and loves the cold. Muis has the furr of a birmees so she don't like it at all, it's here cold , we had a notheast wind , it's from rusia and Noorweg so thats cold, they have allready snow.
so .....brrrrr.
i saw that there were allready a lot of sweaters in the shops to buy.
i don't need them, i have made plenty myselfs;-D
Muis is laying on the central heating and comes only to me when she need some hiding place of the teasing of Wolfje and when she need some food.
funny how they are acting , your babies too.LOL
I'm getting still beter, only yesterday i couldn't breath suddenly.
but i have a bunch of inhalators so after a while it was getting better.;-D
must go now, i must dress my self , still in pj's and go for some shopping and new meds.;-D
hey have a nice day and a great awesome fun grating weekend.;-D
lots of hugs and kisses and strokes for your babies;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
awesome you found the problem. LOL
My cats are okay, wolfje is to often i think bored so then she jump on muis so i must pay more attention and play a lot.
i'm feeling less ill, i can breath much better , but still not good enough .
but i'm glad.
still must rest a lot.
hey have a nice fun day and thanks for the link, i didn't saw it.
but i will jump to it later.
much love and hugs;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL thank you for asking me as your friend.
now we're reall friends like we're were still.LOL
awesome like that.!!!
hey i didn't saw it at first because of those stupid adds above all the pages-S
hate them. just beneath and aside of the pages is hummm well doing but ... i don't like them so i croll quickly to beneath it and then i miss some notes on the main bare-S
but okay they allways send us mails too , so then i will find them anyway only a little bit later.LOL
hey my cats are bagging me for food and my longs for some air so i must stop now really/
much love, greetings ,fun , hugs with xxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi,
thank you for your long message love it.
computer troubels are awefull, still not out mine, but i can do a little on them, so i'm happy.
this week i found out that i can't use my printer because the computer man had sett all the programs wrong back so all the links are gone and broken-S
i have a serious long virsus infection and have much trouble to take good breaths, so i can't do much. only be laying on the couch and sitting behind the screen-S
but this week i have got very heavy and strong meds, and they must work , don't notice any improuvement , only getting worse.LOL
but i'm always optimistic.LOL Gerard had written that it take some times for the meds for doing their job.!!!
so i'm a little bit patience.
on monday i wil call my gp again.
so i'm surfing a lot on internet and try to read a book and fall the whole time of tired out ness in sleep.LOL
only in bed i can't breath.
my cats love to lay next to my face like tiny sousages.LOL
and that now not fine.
the fithting is almost over, but wolfje must still try to become the boss of them, tomorrow she wanted to wake me up and she know that i 'm mad of her when she started to yell.
so she jump above poor mouse and bit her, and muis started to growl and wolfje knew that i would wake up and didn't would say anything bad to muis, she will got the crumpyness .LOL
she runs aways when she noticed i was really awake.LOL
i can laught about this smart thinking of her.
she is way to clever.LOL
Strange i ''ve got from an friend of mine a link of an other site that had publiced my calyce bracelet project, with out telling me that.?
okey i love the idea, but it's strange for using material from an other and not telling them !
hummm so i have written that on the comment.LOL
i have send some picts of my pimped wheelchair to a design site and they told me that they will published them some day.
like that.
i have got a big large bouquet last week with bright yellow flowers form the salesman of my cartoon. Love it, sooo great and lovely.;-D
hey i must stop and rest a while , we will talk later.
poor maggie, great that you will take care of him.
muis does stupid things too because she hasn't such a great sight.
that was why she broken her behind leg .-S
but her last operation was okay, i see that she can eat by sitting and not by try to stand eating, sooo thankfull of that.
but she is to thin-S woflje to thick.-S
hey have a nice fun weekend and much love, fun and hugs with xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear Emily, strange we aren't friends but i have a lot to read from you and you from me.LOL
yeah i'm still busy but more from outside, -S
but i have got my yellow banana.LOL it's a transfer sliding board, i'm happy with it, because it was an very expensive one for just some plastic.
he is still heavy-S
not great to keep the whole time with me. but must shing for some solution. because it's handy to bring him with me when i can finely travel again.
still not-S
still stucked to home-S but that 's better for my cleaning up work.LOL
Yeaaah i think the struggle is almost over, wolfje isn't so sure she still likes to rule the household.LOL
tomorrow i have made for her from cambhair of her, she has very long thick hair and some wool fibres a cat toy, still drying.
she talks still t he whole time, because she don't understand the wintertime , i have the same problems-S
but still loves her.
aaaaw so cute when they play, good for luke. i have tryed that too out with cats but they don't like those because they can't pick them up with their mouth to bring the bouncing balls to me, so it must be not to smoothly and heavy and not to tiny and having some weith for me to trow it far away.LOL
Yesterday we have packed Johns administration, still must wait some time to throw that away. strange tough, but now i have more storage place for my materials the most things are all over the house stored-S too next to my bed.LOL
my cats like to shopping in those boxes , specially wolfje she find still new toys.LOL
just now some minutes ago i couldn't got on the cok site-S
but now i can and i'm happy-D
like all those little tiny things that makes me happy with nothing.
it's grey weather, so it's a little dark inside too-S
but my inner jet is bright shining.LOL so it will lighting my house too.LOL
yeah i try to do some reading a candle isn't so smart , for the whiskers of my babys and my hands i always burns my hands , not good, i can't feel anything with my hands so i must be carefull always.
and coffeee must be translate in thee or chocolat milk i don't alowed to coffee, it makes me more jumping.LOL
i 'm allergic for it, but thee is great too, and good,
but reading is okay and laying down on my cozy couch will help too.
because of my jumping brains i have a lot problems to ease down, but i must try it more.
i'm making some parts of new curtains of milk lids , they are orange this ones and i had to use an other technic to connect them together, i think what i have thought of will be nice and pretty.
i will make with wire and beads them togehter, a lot of work.
but then i haven't them no more to store.LOL
sooo, i must write to Gerard, he would have come to day, but he written that he will come now tomorrow, and don't know when-S
i have problems with that;-D
ooooh i have made a new appointment with my new neurologic md, i had made the wrong appointment date , the woman what helped me was a little crumpy of my problems with making the right appointment so when i put the phone down i thought ooooh this isn't the right one.
but i thought i must call much later again because of her crumpy problems.LOL now i have made a good one.
glad too;-D
only at the end of this month, Karin my friend was a little concerend of it, but i told her, i have this condition 9 months so some more weeks waiting isn't the problem.
and then i must wait for the examniations some ,months , i know it all-D so i can only be patiencend;-D
and i 'm search for some elektra suplies for the art gift i must make , but i'm not sure were Karin has put it away-S
mayby gerard will know where we put it .LOL
have an awesome fine week with a lot o f crafting fun!
hey lots' of love, greetings ,fun, hugs and xxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL you're right, but i like the things to do more when they are my own goal not from outside to do.
like lots of paperwork to fill in or , lots of phonecalls of boring communtity workers.LOL
okay i need them but they keep me from the things i want to do ;-D
today it was an internet day, and try to do some of my crafting projects o n the sewing machine and some editing work on picts.
i thought i had a week off but it wansn't a reallly week off-S
but the cartoon is ready and the salesman was glad and i had finished a strange bag of mine, i will uploaded it later on here.
i had still a lot of other recycling projects to finishing, but now it's late , i must eat something and go to my nice cozy couch to watch some tele.LOL
yes it's nice to share things and i like those inside jokes too.
i have them too with gerard and Karin. like that.
the lady's are a little bit crumpy, but i think that muis is going to be the leader again, she was alowed to play with a pipecleaner that wolfje had stoolen of me as her toy.
she brings her stolen toys to me backwards but it's to throw them away so she can show me she is a kind of doggy and not a cat and then she bring it back for me like a dog in her mouth, she always must still talk too , soooo silly like that of her.
now they are crumpy to each other laying against each other tooooo tightly.LOL
hey have a nice fun halloween eve;-D
lots of hugs, kisses and love;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
yes they do miss their little mates or pack mates when one is gone and that is sad, but I hope she gets to see maggie often.
Yes we have kids that are scared of our little dogs..and that is so funny.they are like 4 n 5 lbs full grown and they are scared of them..
well time for night night ,hope you have a good one..
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
That is funny about the I dont have much time for ticks with the dogs any more.
I use to have an adorable male that could do almost any thing I asked him to..and a female
malti/poo, that was that way to...but I dont have the time, and to many of them , I have to take the one I want to teach off to another room with treats to teach them any
they do good when I can do one on one..but I have 6 dogs and my daughter has dogs.So you cant do it with all them around.
My daughter has been grooming her dogs this evening, my turn next to do
Nancy! · Shawinigan, Quebec, CA · 64 projects
Hi! I was really busy loll so I answer to your comment loll(like a month lather loll so sorry! :S ) I don't know a lot from knit soooo a don't know if you could make the ears.... My tips for crochet.... a lot of practice!!
Me, i learn from video tutorial on youtube from a wonderful woman!!
Teresa!!! aaaw! Teresa! her channel is tjw1963 or crochet mania...(new one)
Her tutorials are realllllly clear! She have a lot of project! I speak french and i speak english a little bit and i understand what she say so.. i think you will be ok Tongue
So good luck!!
And if you have questions...I'm here Tongue

Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi, hi
yes we are all very busy ;-D i was too, still.
I had to finishing my cartoon i had promised 9 months ago when the salesman of my big yellow chair gave me a very large big discount. so he's now done.!!!
all my friends loves him.;-D
and i'm glad he is done, now i can start with other projects to finishing and with the art gift for by our non profite organisation for the yearly prize for the best driveable building.
And starting with making little xmas cards , i'always make a smal gift symbol for my friends. Only the ones that i know of that they will appreciate it;-D
but still a lot of work;-D
today i was sewing on the sewing machine and i was finished and i saw i did it wrong-SSSSSS
but okay i must do it over.;-D
Yes that will help a lot when you eat little bits in between lot of diet workers told me that too.
so you're like me skinny .LOL
that's a strange probllem in this time.LOL
hey must wash my self and do some cleaning the litter , because i must go this eve to our neigbourhood meeting on our shared space I don't like it, but okay.
hey have a nice eve too and lots of hugs and kisses;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
That was a cute story about the cat and the it..

Days are all pretty good..HOpe they stay that
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
oh that poor little shih tzu is very tiny
and she fell off the sofa today like a
landed softly for some reason..They run up the stairs to the sofa, that my brother made them some of them cant jump up so we had him make them stairs, we have stairs to the beds
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
every one here is doing great, moving by the end of the mo..I hate moving.
I got a new pup, a baby girl shih tzu..she is so just adore is a video of her
take care
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
No its not!LOL it's all about stupid bureaucratic arangements you must walk through to get the new wheels. so it gives tooo much delay!
and when you need new shoes you can buy them easily but a new wheelchair is a long way to go-S
specially when it's not a normal product.
i can have a lot to bare but this isn't nesessary. all of my wheelie has the same problems.-S
but okay it's all about being patiend.LOL i htink that's the lessons i have in this life.LOL
wolfje can't stand muis she sitll attacked her;-S
so i must be strickly to her.
just have done m y shoppings for the wek.
And waiting for my whelping friend.
like that he 's coming.
I have almost finishe a new project, only i'm stoked because of my imobility-S
must aske for help of Karin next monday.
i had dobe yesterday a lot of cleaning up of material, so i'm proud of my self.LOL
but it isn't good with my head and neck all my friends are telling the same too, so i must call my gp again.
yes you're right about the sweet cats. wolfje was sleeping on my bed, and she was laying sooooo sweet with her paws on her ears so i had to stroke her , but she woke up and didn't want to sleep anymore.LOL it was in the middle of the night, so it wasn't sooo smart of me.LOL
but it's now almost weekend and i will have fun.LOL
hey have a nice fun weekend with a lot of craftings
hugs and xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Abbie S.
Abbie S. · 3 projects
Zydrate is something in this movie called 'Repo! The Genetic Opera' it's a futuristic movie and a horror/musical you should watch it if your into horror if not just look it up online and read the storyline :] it's kind of interesting and you can see for yourself what Zydrate is.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
sweet to mention a solution, but the problem is bigger , its about a broken motor, and that's tooo expensive to fix, so they are broken since over a year, that's why i have such problems with stupid waiting for the next step.
it's all about not being mobile anymore, okay i have the new yellow one, but i can't ride in my home , my home isn't driveable to well for the big one.
and certainly not for the yellow he's something longer , not wider so i can't go with that the the toilet, kitschen and so on.
there are a lot places in that chair which i can't go in or out in my house.
so that's why i must be allert to all those to slow working people.
to bad that they make such mistakes too.
i will call them today again.
i think it's my daily job for now.-S
And all must be arranged too before the move of mine because i'm going to an other city and they have to buy them from the community of my own town. so it will be stresfull too.
hope they are willing to buy them booth.
too of some other suplies that i have in lend
funny cat's do such a things, LOL
like that.
John had always of his cats kittens too, birmees ones and those mums steel the kittens of each other when their kittens were given to new owners. He had made like me lots of high shelfs and they jumpt with the kittens in their mouth very high .
John was always afraid that it could be wrong.
His cats were better raised then mine, but everybody thinks mine are too.LOL i know better.LOL
Linking isn't always nice and kind and caring the other, mine are liking too to show the other one she is the boss.LOL
hey have a nice funny crafting day;-D
love , hugs and crafting fun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi i'm used to the strange way of living in this not very well driveable house.LOL i 'm crumpy of it too.LOL
amd then i must laught of my self.
but without much effords to go to an complete drivealbe house with all the suplies i need all ready is like a dream.;-D

Wolfje try to be the winner, but it's muis, she must fight for her oldest rights.LOL She is far to sweet for the little monster.
so i must shout sometimes when all bundels of hair is flying in the air around the room
Wolfje is sweet too but has an other character. she is more like the whole world excist for yust me.LOL
and muis is more i'm for all of you.
today i have called again the sales man for the new offer, the first one wasn't good, he told me that he will work on it tomorrow.-S
cost me more time-S
I was afraid of it allready it 's always the same problem.
so i hope that my broken wheels will work a little longer.
hey i must go i h ave a very bad migraine and i can't see good enough waht i type.LOL
much love, hugs too for your babies and have a nice eve;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey, hey, the baby's of mine are almost adjust to each other still some fithing who's the leader.
but i know this will be over.
I enjoy the view of them sleeping tighly next to each other.
only i don't like it that they pushing me everynight off my pillow.LOL and when they fighting on my heas.;-D
so i'm glad that that will be over when i 'm moved to me new home;-D
then i have normal doors, in this appartment there are only slidingwalls, big ones, very beautiful for normal people, but i can't open or close them anymore-S
so i lay in a very large open room;-D
I'm waiting for my occupation worker to learn me some trics, so i don't have much time to talk either.LOL
hey have a nice fun day;-D love and hugs and a lot xxxxxxxxxx
Maladignia · Amersfoort, Utrecht, NL · 87 projects
Thanks for the fave on my kitty couch. Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Emily;-D
LOL they are soooo sweet those baby's.
And 50 pounds woooow that's a big one.LOL
Friends of my has an malteze doggy and in the summer they had cut all hes hair off and she was soooo thin, (my friend thought) so she gives her more food to eat and then she had won the record of to heavy weigth so now the dog is again on diet.LOL
hey nice fun project you've made , mayby an other better picture to add on it, i think it will help to get more faves because its hard to see and it's a really good idea sooo handy!!
hey have a nice fun day;-D love hugs and kises;-D
EVEnl · Leidschenveen, Zuid-Holland, NL · 319 projects
Thank you for your comment on my kitty keychain, how's your version coming? Happy
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, I have red, orange and black (school team colours Tongue), lime green, a bunch of glittery ones, mint green, one that smells like fruit punch, hot pink, various shades of blue. Lots and lots lol.
I haven't been able to do my nails because I hurt my wrist again : I was fooling around at school and I kinda went to hip bump this guy and we both fell and he fell on my wrist and it's like sprained : Entirely my fault though, lol. But he keeps bringing me icecream cos he feels bad Happy which I'll take anytime lol. So no tuts for a while, hopefully I'll get the turkey up by American thanksgiving!!!
Oh I'm awful at math, but my best subject by far is social studies. Always A's in that course, last two years 96%. I want to study history in uni, so I need good grades in that class. Plus it comes really easily to me :]
My room is a mess, which is kinda weird. I can't keep it neat, but it bugs me so much cos I like stuff to be perfect. But my notes and schoolwork and especially my computer, are all organized and perfect :]
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaah me too, she loves me still, and lay still all the time on my lap underneath my sweater, still a little afraid of wolfje the monster.LOL
and afraid of agian to put in the bench, he lays still folded in the livingroom, gerard will put him away for me.
it will helps a lot, too for a more large space for my wheels.LOL
i have slept a very long time, the first night.LOL
glad, hey have an awesome fine weekend
love, hug, fun and kisses
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hey goodnews she is declared better, she is allowed to jump and walk outside her bench,
but poor puss she is afraid of monster Woflje .LOL so she will got freely lay in the bench or she lay underneat my sweater on m y lap to be safe of Wolfje.LOL
so i' m very protecting for muis and try to calm down the angry Wolfje.LOL
no i don't like it either , but i can't change my house ,and i have spend a lot of time and energy to let my house become more driveable, but it didn't helped.-S
so that's why i'm happy with my new house to be;-D
And my cats are very intelligent , i knew this allready, all of the birmees and birmilla's are very clever , so when you like their brand of cat you must make special adjustments to your house to make it more catresistant.LOL
and this is the first cat t hat knows to much of computers and which buttons she must push on.LOL
hey this will be it for today, have a lot of fun and for next weekend an, awesome fun fine weekend, love hugs and crafting fun with
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL i like to be on stage too. but i like to watch others too.
i think that we could learn a lot of others and too of their mistakes;-D
The women were very good, the man not so.
My Wolfje does do that too. like that. i think it's like baby's mums know of their sounds too what they mean or asking.
but the birmilla is wellknow of their comments.LOL
She was punished by Gerard my coach he had asked me may i, i know that he is kind so i trusted him, and he set her on the balcony so she learned to be quiet and brave when he is in the room.
some day later i had closed a door and she was stile behind it, and she tought ooooh i must keep my mouth because i must wait longer. poor cat. LOL
but she is adorable too with her talking only when i must phone.....S
then she will have attention so she brings her toys and does do a lot of things that she knows i hate.LOL
today she opened the cd case of my computer-S
she know a little buttons to well-S
so i tod the lady wait a moment my cat does do something with my computer.LOL
i was talking of how smart the new coocker would be for me and too when i become worse, she didnt know so hummm not okay!!!
i must thing of an other option.
tomorrow muis will go back to her orthopedic vet for new xrays i hope she don't have to stay so much longer in the bench any more mayby 2 months.
i keep my fingers crossed, i must call today how much it will cost me;-D
So she will be of the whole day, i will miss her;-D
she is sometimes sooooo dirty , her sister was always her big washing gril,LOL but Indy is now a year dead.
so that's why i have now Wolfje.;-D
hey have a nice day and give your pets some strokes.
hugs and kisses;-D
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Hmm, yeah I just got some new Revlon colours so I'll have to go back and look for that one.
Oh, that's good :] I don't really have a problem like that guy right now, but I'll keep that in mind for sure! And atleast now you can carpool in peace lol.
Yep, my mum and I do it every year. She had breast cancer 7 years ago, it was pretty bad but she's officially in remission now so it's all good. So we give back, can't donate much but every little bit helps.
Thanksgiving for me is on the 11th of October, I live in Canada haha. We definitely get fall here, but it's very rainy and not nice. And it's supposed to be a bad winter, lots of snow. Which is nice in theory, but when it turns to slush... yuck.
I'm always stressing about school, I'm a perfectionist so I need everything to be As. Which I get mostly, but in math I'm doomed to Bs. We get agendas when we pay our students fees, so that we can keep track of everything. But I don't use the part where you allot time for things, I do stuff whenever I want Tongue
It sounds like a good idea though haha!
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, I still haven't gotten mine yet. I still have a week until Thanksgiving hehehe.
Oh, did you end up getting away from him? I hate having to avoid people, why can't they just stay away in the first place lol :]
I did the run for the cure today, it was quite fun! It rained, but me and my mum saw some people who we knew from a few years ago, so it was awesome to talk to them again! Pretty good day overall, it's my cousins birthday party tonight so I get chocolate cake. Yum Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Yeaah they are soooo clever to know how they must behave in their own wellbeing.LOL
love the story of Luke.
Wolfje is missing her auntie but she is a lovely one year kitten.
Friday Gerard was with his wife by me and saw Wolfje and told everybody she is mine and would liked to sit next to her but his wife told him it was her place.LOL
so he picked wolfje under neat his arm and she called loudly that she didn't liked it. She gaves of all the things we do a comment she is a big talker.
i had heard that when i saw the kittens but i didn't realized that it was more then i knew.LOL
but i like her talking it's sooo easy when she tell what she liked and not and what's the matter, i know of her sounds what 's wants' like a mum with her baby.LOL
she lay now beside me on the bed, i have a lazy pj sunday afternoon, yesterday night i went to see a play in the theatre, it was half a job and half pleasure.LOL
i must checked the new theatre how driveable it was becoming.
so i got the entree for free, and was with some friends very pleasuring eve i had.
liked the play it was strange because i don't like such vugar plays but it was a higly educationed vulgar play.!!!!
very strange and their sun was to young to understand the humour of it. i only had to laught a lot of the women they were very good actors ,!
so i must recover from last night.LOL
hey have a lazy fun sunday afternoon and a nice fun week as well;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi there
aaaaaw so sweet that you rushed to the vet with her. Muis was before she broke her leg so ill too, and had to stay on the IC of the vet hospital and she recoverd very soon there, so she was glad that she was back too.
she was the fave of all the nurses and vets , i knew why.LOL
she is very tiny and loved to get attentions and she is well raised. so she is used to get pill of me and brushed and other things they normally don't like, she is so she was the whole time friendly and when she is ill she loved to hold by humans.LOL
she did this too, so when i had to call the vet how she was doing they cried out oooooh you're the owner of Muis, ooooh she is soooo lovely and funny and sweet, we love her all.
i was flabber gasthed at that time, but later i knew why.LOL
when the nurses came besides her box she stood with her paws to the class and asked for some holding.LOL
she wass bold on a lot of places for all t he examinations and tubes that she had, so i didn't understand why the vet would like to set her on a picture.LOL
i told her she don't look beautiful and they told me yes she does.
i normally forget that i don't have normal cats , they aren't commen for most people, they aren't such polulair brands.LOL
and i only see the inside of them, LOL
aaaah so lovely that you have bath her.LOL like the story.LOL
hey have a nice day and a lot of fun.:_D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
You're right, i think that way too, and i'm a lucky one because i have my creativity to use during my too long staycation.LOL
but muis don't so i have set the tele on during the day. not fine, i can't bare it .LOL
to much sounds.LOL
but she likes it, because she don't feel herself too lonely;-D
and she lay on a heating element under the cushion.
she loved that,, and she know that when she calls me i will come to check her.
i t hought like you, but you're right , it happend and then you must make the best of it to help her and get well.
but she don't understand why she had to stay there-S
last time, wolfje visited her, but both don't match to well.LOL
muis is afraid to share her catbed with wolfje, and wolfje would only lay in her bed on the best place.
but i think that it will go someday right again.
My helping friends are coming this morning to move the art of my gone partner and some parts of mine too.
i have done the hard part allready, so i feel tired allready-S
but i love the idea of having weekend and some time for myself.LOL
saterday night i will go to the theatre with a friend. so i like that, it's next to mine so i don't have to travel.LOL
because that's still the big problem.
hey have a nice fun awesome weekend and give your dog and cats some strokes;-D
for you hugs, love and crafting fun with xxxxxxxx
Masha V.
Masha V. · Laguna Hills, California, US · 9 projects
Just be sure your skin isn't dry and try it out Happy
Honey is GREAT for your skin, and the abrasive of salt should exfoliate... While the lime makes it fresh and tones the skin Happy)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
aaaaaw so sweet of you, thank you!!
i have two cats, one has to stay in a bench for almost two months, she has had a broken bone in her leg and has got an operation.
in that leg.
so she don't may walk to much, sooo sad, but too for me, she kept me awake during the night.LOL
i'm her nurse and specially during the night she need some help-S
Last time (her leg was broken 1.5 years ago 3 bones, and it was very complicated, so she had to stay an half year in the bench.
but sadly the pin that must keep inside the bones together was no longer adjust and began to move, and thats why her bone was broken again and had damaged her knee.) she had to stay too long in the bench.
so i hope that she is alowes to go out side over one or two months.
And yes the computer is fun, but my work too;-D
i'm working at home;-D
hey have a nice fun weekend;-D
Mildred C.
Mildred C. · Albany, New York, US · 5 projects
Thanks for adding my button bobby pin to your favorites!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
OOOh thats lovely , i'm agree with you that they are easy to handle'=D
i have found two old ones ( with out the step , so they are only moving by hand) on the street to trow away and i thought noooo way, thats sooo aweful to trow such a beautiful machine away.
i will use one for my art projects for heavy jobs, like sewing on thick layers paper;-D
the other is very beautiful , of a great brand too
so i like the pretty look on him.
in my next home i will have a lot of windows too'=D
so he will stand there.LOL
i heard not such a great news from my md , i will spend another 6 months at home to recovering from the whiplash.
and must take more meds for my asthma.
but it's hellping too because i can make a plan for my to long staycation again.;-D
and my helping friend came and helped me with my computer and i have now a very big extern harddisk so i can upgreade on this computer too. so i have less problems with cok anymore, but i must still do a lot.LOL
computer, are great when they working well.LOL but. when not... it's a crime.LOL
hey i must phone my appointment off for to day.
have migraine and some sightproblems and for tomorrow i must do a lot of work too-S
hey have a nice day and much love and hugs and crafting fun;-D
Masha V.
Masha V. · Laguna Hills, California, US · 9 projects
Hey- thanks for the fave on my face scrub Happy
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, I'm more of an academic person- I can write an essay in an hour, but tell me to play a piano or basketball? Erm, definitely not hahaha!
Oh, yeah, she ended up being alright. Besides having the needle in her finger she kinda puked, so she was more embarassed than anything. They just took her to emergency to get it fixed :]
Yeah, I'm going to Ardene's today, so I should be able to pick up something cheap there. I can always fall back on OPI, which I love, but $10 a bottle, for a colour I'll probably rarely wear, sounds a bit much hehehe.
Oh wow, haha, that's like cosmic! Somehow you knew to bring up the extra drink- good thing too ;]
Not much, haha. I'm a very boring person! I got my GoCard today, which is like picture id for high school students, you can get a cheaper rate on public transit, gets you into school dances, etc. And on my picture, which also goes in the yearbook, you can see my awful tan lines!!! I was mortified, haha. I didn't even think I had very much of a tan cos I hadn't spent a lot of time in the sun!! And my friends were saying that it wasn't noticeable that day, but I guess the flash from the camera made it brighter? And I look kinda burnt too, it's awful :| But my smile looks nice Happy So yes, that was my day lol. How was yours?
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
no, you don't need a pattern. Just straight pieces of fabric Tongue
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
i have my grandma's handsewing machine still too, but my sis got him first and she lost importend srews so i have only the parts-S
soooo sad, because my nana had saved every week in the early 1900 every week 25 cents as a kiddo for paying him off.
she was a great sewer.
as a child when i was visited her with my family i was alawed to play on the steps of him and the wheel tram.
my brother was always the tramdriver-S
i would liked that too.LOL
I have an old birnina, that's a inbetween machine for household and industry , i love him and glad t hat i have such a one.-D
LIke the idea of your etui, but there all ready a lot of how to, take first a look why your's is much special, it cost a lot of work to make an how to. i have seen a lo t tute's that are allready made , sooo bad of all the work, i always think.
but i love to see your etui;-D
i'm working on a cat house for my cats, it will be a very dutch one.LOL
hey have an awesome day;-D
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, my auntie gave me her old machine and I cannot figure it out. The instructions are ancient, no idea what they're talking about lol.
A kid in my class sewed his finger to the material- I always thought that only happened in movies :o It was quite disgusting! I stick my fingers alot doing hand sewing, and I hate blood so I always get a little sick Happy
That'll be a really good how-to, cos I have a lot of vacation tees that my cousins have gotten me, and they're huge Tongue Plus I have a Marianas Trench shirt from a concert, and they only had guys shirts left so I bought one, but I dunno if I wanna mess with that lol. Maybe once I get a new one, I'll fiddle with this one? Don't wanna ruin it hehe, I'd never forgive myself ;)
I'm not musically inclined at all- can't sing or play an instrument. I was seriously the only kid in music class in elementary school who couldn't master the recorder, which pretty much anyone can do lmao. And we learned guitar, but my hands are hopelessly small and it never felt comfortable.
Hahaha, yes, my little Indy has very dark hair (my profile pic lol) and it's always on me. It gets stuck to my tights, which I hate. And my bfs cat Marshie is an orange tabby, which always looks lovely on black or white shirts. You'd think he'd be a white cat, but nooooo his family had to do things differently ;P
And yes, definitely turkey then as soon as I find brown polish!!!
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Oh, thanks for the fave and the comment by the way :] I haven't figured out what's next hehe, it's only a couple of weeks till Thanksgiving here so it might be time for TURKEY ;)
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, I don't like them either. I'm afraid of blood and needles, so I really tend to go into my own little world whenever I'm around one Tongue
Oh wow, I just took a sewing course at school a couple of years ago! Awe, I'm sure your stuff is good, it's usually better than what you think it is :] I made a pair of boxers at school, but my teacher helped with them so they don't really count hehehe.
I can't wait to see the how-to, I'm sure it'll be awesome!
My day was alright, I nearly hacked up a lung but I needed to do the Bio test so I went to school. My throat feels like it's on fire, lol, but I got to see my friends so it kinda evened out ;P How was your day?
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
that sounds like my granddaughters cat, was nursed by one of their dogs, would only eat dog food, and dog treats, and snuggle with the are so funny.
Maggie sounds like she has had a great time..
I like it when they have fun..
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
maggie sounds so daughter has a 4lb poodle that will stand up and put both frot paws togather and wave them up n down that is her way of say ing please , please, its so cute.
my daughter taught her to do that.
I had a dog once many years ago, I taught to say his smart he was , I miss him.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
So far things are so
im glad that boot pattern will help.
I printed out a few patterns to make small animals, cant wait to sew them.A dolphin for a friend of mine..she will love it.
I have made my yorkie a vest n cap will be posting pic of it doggie
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Haha, it was a scaphoid fracture I think? Don't really know, I didn't pay a lot of attention to the doctor ;P
Yeah, I sew a little but not a lot. Can't do straight lines lol. What do you sew,like clothes or just like plush animals and stuff? My cousin makes all her own clothes, they're gorgeous!!
xNatje · Lede, Flanders, BE · 32 projects
It's not that difficult. You have to take the measurement of your hips, take it a bit larger (5cm) so you can put it over your waist. At the bottom, you simply have to add ruffles. I took them from an old large tshirt.
At the top part, you have to stitch a elastic band. I took also a part from the shirt to put the elastic in. It's diffictult to explain.
I also linned the skirt with the same white fabric because it was a bit transparant.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects

try this link about doggy boots, I think they even tell you how to measure

good luck..
Happy PJ
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL that is such an improment all ready.LOL
Learning new things is always some struggle, but wiht tiny steps you becoming a great one. don't forget that.
My neigbhours told me this when i had to learn moving my wheels outside. It's like children walking is starting with first standup and then one stap and fall down, and some days later two and so on.
We people , we always forget that it takes a lot of eford and struggling to learn new technics.;-D
And sewing allready a pencil case, awesome!!! You must keep that so you can see him when you having a not so fine crafting time behind the sewing machine. So you know that it's only just this day and all of learning and becoming better.
i like that kind of theory to feel myself a little better, when i must learn new things too;-D
I have still a pencil case of my sis when she had just her own sewing machine , now adays she tells everyone she can't sew .LOL
and then i show her the pencil case and we both must laugh.LOL
hey have a fun fine day and small things are fun too. (tiny steps to the big goal.LOL)
Joy K.
Joy K. · Garland, Texas, US · 80 projects
Thank you for the comments~ They're highly loved ^^ For the sailor moon pillows, I've been thinking of trying to sell a few. I could really use the money right now too, haha. For the how-to on the skirt, I might just do that next time I make one ^^ <3
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Oooh, that sounds quite nasty! My da bit through his lip once but that's not quite as good a story haha. I've never had to have stitches, but I have fractured my wrist. Which is a pretty good record, cos I'm really clumsy Tongue
Oh wow, I'm gonna write those down cos there are a lot there! And, if you think it'd be good, I'll definitely try the turkey leg. Hmm, I'll have to find some brown nail polish- I have the weirdest colours since I started doing designs ;) They're super easy to do, and when I do a how-to or a creation I just do a couple nails anyways, so it takes a little longer to do all 10 (my right hand always looks so bad cos I can't draw to save my life with my left!) but the end result is worth it!!
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
It prob wont be posted till ck my profile then and it will be there, she is so cute in her
there are lots of places for boot patterns..
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Yep, 3 hours in emergency and all they tell us is "Yes, it's broken" (which we already kinda figured) and "No, there's absolutely nothing we can do for it" Erm... thanks for wasting our Saturday afternoon haha.
Hehe, little brothers...
Officially published my snowmen nails, although it'll take a while before it's on the site. Just did it since I replied to your last comment, so they aren't very good haha. But I really wanted to try it out, it looks better in person because it's not as glaringly obvious that the circles aren't really circular :o And I'm gonna try some other themes too, so we'll see.
Oh, well atleast you try! I'm too self-conscious to do a class, I have awful balance and zero co-ordination, quite embarassing actually ;)
Possibly a leaf for fall, a turkey leg (I kid haha, that might possibly be weird) some holly, snowflakes? The possibilities are endless heehee.
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
ok the pic of her n her pink pajamas i made her for winter are up , just has to be approved..she looks so
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
no the outfit she is wearing I bought..she is very tiny.But i love making her
I look online and see pic of clothes I like and make it like them , or as close I can..
they usually turn out pretty cute, I also make doggie diapers.They look so cute with ruffles, I will put up pic of her in the pjs I made her..
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Oh no, thats awful :/ I wish I could dance though, I'm really, really bad Tongue
My brother just broke his toe playing soccer, so he has to hobble around everywhere. And I have this weird mutated cold, and I can barely breathe so I didn't go to school today. And I have a bio test tomorrow so I HAVE to go. Sucks haha. Ahaha, sorry for the rant.
But yeah, I hate feeling like I'm too busy for stuff. Just wanna pause the clock sometimes and have some extra time to finish everything I want to do. Like get a creation done for snowmen nails! :]
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Yes I love spoiled doggies and cats..
they should all be
the pic is of my smallest poodle..her name is
gypsy.I make my doggies clothes and this little one has to wear pajamas all winter cause she gets
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
Maggie is really a cutie, my 6lb poodle is scared of thunder..she climbs
I have 6 girls and 1 teeny tiny little bitty have 2 poodles , 2 yorkies, 2 maltese, and the male is the teeny one..hes a have pups now they are maltese..5 of them sooooooo little and cute and they love the tiny fluffy toys..Im just now washing them for them..I love my babies they all sleep with me
heycinderella · Vancouver, British Columbia, CA · 6 projects
Thanks for the fave on my Watermelon Nails! Happy
And yes, I've been trying some different ideas out, some have worked others not so much haha, but since I've had a lot of schoolwork I haven't really had a lot of time.
Possibly some new how-to's or creations next weekend? Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi, i think it is a kind of training your creativity and love to find and make solutions.;-D
i'm used to this in real life too, so i must think everyday think of a lot of sulotions, because i'm a wheelie.LOL
And living in an very old town that isn't driveable makes my more creative in my solutions.
so don't give up, you will be soon better too.
and my work demands me to make those solutions too;-D
or i must use more normal material.LOL
hey ,you you will see after a while you that you make progress too;-D
but thank you for you big complement i appriciate it.;-D
hey have an awesome fun week;-D xxx
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects
yes I want to order some dogs love them
they get them out I think i can make them different so they cant get them are suck stinker..have fun
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Emily, thank you for your comment on my calyce beads project.
I saw a tute, and thought i must try this out, and after a lot of melting and burning and still flat flower beads, i thought i can't stand this.
i had done allready a lot of experiments with the normal plastic wraps of boxes and packages and saw that when you use such a heathing gun it melt again, and so it hought of it.
too of i must make a molt for them to push inside, and because i will move i'm agger to use recycling materials.
because i didn't know i've glay or other things would work too, i thought of using wood, i use that too for the recycling beads of new shapes.
so after some hours crumpy of the not working shrinky dinks i found this solution and thought i must share this, but still have a lot of computer problems.-S
i hated when things don't work well, i'm used to think of other ways and solutions.LOL
hey have much crafting fun when you try it out and have a lazy sunday too;-D
PJ · Avondale, Arizona, US · 96 projects