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Sometimes monsters can be cuddly too
This is a bit of an odd one as you can plainly see but the story is a wee bit odder. Alrighty, a friend of mine has a garage full of large machinery, lathes, drill presses and my personal favorite the Bridgeport Milling machine named after my home town :) Long story short he started cleaning out the years of clutter and he came upon a deteriorated skull and immediately thought Jon would love this and wouldn't you know he was right lol. The only salvageable parts of this skull was the lower jaw and upper jaw, basically the teeth and pallet and some of the nasal cavity. I took it home and cleaned it thoroughly and since it was bone dry (did you just laugh? I did lol) I used a little super glue on the fragile bits and they soaked up the glue and hardened them right up. I glued the bones to the plastic ball and filled in the gaps with clay, allowed this to dry and filled in the cracks. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a se'irim a kind of furry goatlike demon. His body is made up of 3 pieces of wood that looked a bit like xmas trees, I filled in the center with clay. His arms and legs are wire from an old broken umbrella. His first incarnation was horribly rickety and hung up in my workshop by a window and served as a creepy wind chime lol. I wrapped his joints in floral wire once he was made a little more rigid. His forearms and thighs are a seed pod of some sort my mother had in a flower arrangement, I spread rubber cement on them and cut out some rabbit fur and attached the fur to the pods. I blobbed on some quick cure gorilla glue in a few places where I wanted globules of blood, I misted the glue with water which started the expansion of the glue neat trick huh? His feet or rather hooves are made of air drying clay and all of his little muscle fibers are red hemp and his hands are just funky shaped twigs. I brushed his fur with a water and white glue solution so he would look a little more dirty.

I recently sold it to a friend who loves him as much as I do :)

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pittysoares · 6 projects
awesome *3*
kw · Plano, Texas, US · 17 projects
It makes me think of the story Raw head and Bloody bones. Love it!
Mousey · Parañaque, Metro Manila, PH · 85 projects
This is fantastic! Really creative Happy
OMG hes soooo cute! I love him! I've always been too nervouse to try out any of your stuff but I NEED this little guy in my bedroom ;)
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Awesome use of materials. Wouldn't look out of place in my house...I live next door to a grave yard and I'm fascinated with bones Happy
DarkAshHurts · 119 projects
Thats absolutely amazing. O.O I love him!!!! <3
TakeMe2Tokyo · Roma, Queensland, AU · 4 projects
very cool! kudos to you Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
woooow this is cool and neat!!!! awesome job!!! hugs

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