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Costume diy
Another costume that I made for my sister. There are many tutorials on the internet about Edward, and this one is mixture of them. The tricky part was to find suit, which is of course made from second - hand stuffs. I use old fake leather pants, old biker jacket and lots of belts which are additionally studded and embellished with metal buttons. I use glue gun for that, but I think that some other, strong glue would be better. Belts on the jacket are attached with glue, but on the pants, they are just wrapped without using any glue. As for the face, I used a lot of light colored face powder, but first I use paper glue stick for making the scars and for covering eyebrows. And than purple eyeshadow for sad eyes contours. Lips are covered with liquid face powder and than drawn with black eye pencil. The most important thing - scissor hands, they are made from leather working gloves and a halves of the real scissors which are attached on the gloves with glue gun. And finally don't forget messy hair and combat boots and there you have home made Edward. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :)

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