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Dragon Plushie Wire Cosplay
For my Cho Hakkai cosplay I finally sat myself down and made a Hakaryu plushie. I used white fleece, polyester stuffing, white thread, a pink buttons and red seed beads.

I used 12 gauge wire for the neck and 20 gauge for the wings but after I completed it I realized that I should have used 12 gauge for the wings as well.

I shaped the body as a long pillow so he could drape over my shoulder. Due to his little feet and evenly stuffing Hakaryu perfectly balances on my shoulders and my head. The tail and neck/head were separate pieces that I whip stitched on after stuffing and adding the wire. For the nose point I had to snip away a triangular bit from where his "jaw" met the neck so that it would be more of an accute angle and then I sewed the neck and the head together before stuffing.

The ears (my favorite) are just cut shapes with pointed ends folded over and sewn onto his head. The horns are basically long, thin strips of fleece sewn straight stitched across and then sewn onto the head. His eyes are two layered with a pink button underneath a red seed bead.

The wings were a bit difficult since I never before had done plushie wings before but I pretty much cut two wings out of two layers of fleece, sewed the edges and did the decorative straight stitching, then sandwiched the wire between them and sewed it closed leaving enough wire poking out from the end to connect it to the wire of the neck and center it on the torso.

Once I readjust the wings with the correct gauge wire Hakaryu will be much easier to pose but otherwise he came out really great especially since this was my test run. He also is a fun partner for doing the tango down a crowded street.

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Nerwen-chan · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 5 projects
Thanks <33333
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
this is sooooo cute x
Jaymi Ann
Jaymi Ann · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 55 projects
aawww this is adorible.

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