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A couple of crocheted doom-machines...
Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a Dr. Who fan I found a pattern for a crocheted Dalek. It looks really good on the author's picture but my finished plushie was huge and reminded me more of the Groke from Tove Jansson's books (perhaps because of the yarn or gauge?), so accordingly I gave it another try.

The second version is based on the original pattern but with changes both to make it smaller and make it look more Dalek-ish.

I find the Dr. Who series a bit hectic and noisy and have only finished the first episode of the new series. And now I'm totally sick with Daleks even though I've never seen one in action (whatever these things are...). Rantrantrant. Oh well.

Btw. The "old" version was app. 30 cms tall. My version is about 15 cms.



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The Mad Hattress
The Mad Hattress · 5 projects
Oh my gosh. My brother, his gf, and i are like doctor who freaks. The dalek looks pretty good. Where did you find the pattern??

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