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How to make and use your own eyebrow templates!!!

Some honesty here: NO woman has the perfect eyebrows without doing anything for them.

Some girls - like me - have no or just very few eyebrows for whatsoever reason. Other girls have eyebrows which grow wild. Or they are very light blonde, so you can't even see they've got some.

How to get rid of this problem quick and easy? Daddaaa, stencils!

P.S.: I didn't want to upload a photo of myself because today's a bad hair day ^^ So I just took a pic of my eye I edited some time ago. Go, photoshop!!! :P

P.P.S.: I guess today I'm not so good in explaining things. My language sucks. ^__^ Still tired. *yawns*


  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 1
    Step 1

    First of all, get your stuff and decide how you want the eyebrow to look:
    - If you just want to support your natural shape, draw your shape as exact as possible on a piece of paper.
    - If you are one of these girls who loves very artificial liquid liner brows in the craziest shapes, let your imagination run wild.
    - Same thing if you want a really exaggerated, high and pointy arch. Yay arches!

    Just think about which shape will suit you.
    Draw the shape on a piece of paper. make sure it's a little bit less wide than it's supposed to be in the end!

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 2
    Step 2

    Put your piece of strong foil on your drawn shape. You can tape-secure it so it doesn't slip.
    Take a pen which can write on foil and just redraw the shape.

    This really does not have to be pretty or something... Now, if you want to, you can trim of a little bit foil so the template is not too big...

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 3
    Step 3

    The next step is a little tricky. Cut the inner shape away! Use a very small and exact pair of scissors. Make the stencil as even as possible.

    Now you could already use it.

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 4
    Step 4

    To make sure your stencil will last longer, support it with two layers of transparent tape on every side.
    Trim off the tape in- and outside the stencil.

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 5
    Step 5

    Okay, your stencils are ready. Now let's use them!
    You either can use eyebrow powder ( which is avaiable in any shade of brown. Use darker brown for events and a glam look, lighter brown for all-day-makeup IF you are just supporting your natural brows. If you are building up brows, always use the shade which is nearest to your own hair colour. ). You will need an eyebrow brush. This is a flat, angled brush with usually rather hard hair.
    Or you use an eyeliner, liquid or khol. Both are much more obvious than powder but great if you need to build your brows.

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 6
    Step 6

    If you use powder:
    Use a light moisturizing cream on your brows and slightly around.
    Fit the shape onto your face, hold it tight with two fingers of your left hand ( uh, or right if you are a lefty *rolleyes* ), dabb your brush into the eyebrow powder and just lightly brush over the eyebrow shaped part of the stencil. Take the sencil off and slightly smudge the outer end of the brow down with a finger.
    Clean the stencil, flip over, repeat on the other brow, and here you go!!!

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 7
    Step 7

    If you use eyeliner, you don't need the moisturizer. You'll have to be way more carefull!
    Fit the template on, hold down and draw reeeally tender. Don't just draw a line but do short little strokes.
    Take the stencil off and see if you have to correct or fill parts. Afterwards, take a smudger ( little piece of hard foam on a stick, reeeeeeally usefull ^___^ ) and smudge about the inner 2/3 of the brow. Finished!!!

  • How to makeover an eyebrow. Custom Eyebrow Templates!!! - Step 8
    Step 8

    Just another hint for a great makeup: Lightly brush some off-white eyeshadow directly under the brow with a big, soft brush.
    This will lift your brows and give you a open, clear look. I love it, I almost never go out without this!

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winter F.
winter F. · 4 projects
you want no eyebrows, i dye my hair black, i have blond eyebrows, now i have none, thanks for the awesome idea
Apricot · Sacramento, California, US
Fabulous idea... Im a redhead and my brows are light... almost blonde!!! Sucks B@LL$! This will save me the time of drawing them on by hand everyday! Yay! My boyfriend will love that Happy tehehe
Brooke E.
Brooke E.
Awe I really can't tell you how much I love this one! Geez :] I have very light eye brows but I always leave them that way due to the fact I refuse to pay for such expensive stencils like Anastasia Brow sets
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 14 projects
I have perfect eyebrows, too.
No, not really. But they're not too far off...
But, still, methinks that there's more kooky shapes to draw with this...
PIN-UP ^alex^
PIN-UP ^alex^ · 20 projects
i have perfect eyebrows!
i swear when i was little people thought my mom would pluck my eyebrows haha!
my brothers too, lol
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Yah, it was just a brow brush in photoshop. xD I guess I could upload a pic from where I actually used the templates... Hmmm...
Kiko · Arcadia, Florida, US · 14 projects
This is a really cool idea, but the first eyebrow pic looks a little small. The eyebrow, l mean.
Madison :]
Madison :]
Yeah, sorry.
I used it and now I love my eyebrows.
Thanks Happy
FrolleinKram · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 132 projects
Ahm... Do you think I'd post stuff that I did not try or that doesn't work? I mean, seriously? ô.Ô
Madison :]
Madison :]
Anyone try this?
Does it work?
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