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Risa.Hanae (JapZilla)
Risa.Hanae (JapZilla) · Mt Pleasant, South Carolina, US · 180 projects
Hello fellow Michigander. I'm stopping by to say that your guitar backpack is really cool. Happy
Kiko · Arcadia, Florida, US · 14 projects
Cool! I think I can see another version of it! This looks pretty cool!
Yza J.
Yza J. · Montreal, Quebec, CA
Thank you Kiko for your comment. It's a course I took over the Internet at www.willowing.ning.com.

Wonderful course.

Have a great day!
Kiko · Arcadia, Florida, US · 14 projects
The Twins
The Twins · 9 projects
thank you!
i could say the same about yours Tongue
by the way.. i love your picture!
reminds me of summer!
Alyssa O.
Alyssa O. · 14 projects
Hey! To get a paste, you literally need a droplet or three of water per about a heaping spoonful of salt. It's not going to be a perfect paste as salt is grainy, but it should be thick enough to apply to your skin and have it "stick".

Hope that helps!
House of Pook
House of Pook · New York, New York, US · 56 projects
gasoline to remove gum from hair isn't as uncommon as you may think.When my mom was little, thats what the school nurse actually used.Pretty crazy.Needless to say, my gramma was angry.
michelle G.
michelle G. · Antigonish, Nova Scotia, CA · 1258 projects
I am planning on making more of those bracelets! yoi should buy one

SewDanish · 6 projects
Hi Kiko. Thank you for your comment. I'm so pleased that you like my woven bowls!
It is an old Scandinavian basket weaving technique that I was taught in school many, many moons ago. The only written instructions I have ever seen was in a Danish book that is now out of print. I will get around making and posting instructions here, hopefully pretty soon. A lot of peoples has asked me, but lifes been/is very busy Happy I don't know whether there are other instructions out there on'line. I have never come across them when looking at craft sites, but then again I haven't done a specific search.
Take care
Scandinavian Textile Art, Unique Handmade Supplies
nicci A.
nicci A. · New England, North Dakota, US · 10 projects
Your welcome thanks for your comment.
I will add more. her hair is a to her shoulder in the back now but I can still do most of the tricks we did. I got all the mini elastics at the dollar tree.