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Thick spirals to make your hair really pop!
This is my original design for crocheted yarn falls! I actually did a lot of research using Google, and it appears that if anyone else has ever tried to make crocheted yarn falls, they haven't said anything about it on all of the Internet... until now! It's cool to feel like I've invented something new. :3

I'm very proud of these, and I think they turned out great! In the original photos I took of this project there were 16 falls, but I decided it would look more full if it were 20 falls. The falls naturally spiral, and it's fun to twist some together to make thicker dreads! The variation of length is about 16" to 16.5". To finish the project I also sewed in some Glow in the Dark/Blacklight reactive star-shaped pony beads for extra fun.

The main thing about these is that they took a lot longer than I expected to make. This project actually took a lot of time!

Posted by dæglo from Eugene, Oregon, United States • Published See dæglo's 19 projects »

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Staci  Fowler
Staci Fowler · 20 projects
That is awesome and I love the design. I will have to try this. The rainbow makes it look even better.
Unicorn Reality
Unicorn Reality · Kendal, England, GB · 96 projects
They are awesome!
Rachael G.
Rachael G. · 1 project
I love the colors!! are you going to make a How-To for them? I would love to try these, they look like they'd work pretty well for me to stash bust with. Good Job!!
Holden W.
Holden W.
Holden W.
Holden W.

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