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You asked for it, and here it is!
Lots of people asked me for a tutorial on how to make these, and they're surprisingly easy, so I'm gonna show you how~!You can buy tube crin from ikickshins.com or doctoredlocks.com. I prefer Doctored Locks, just because I find it to be higher quality, but ikickshins is cheaper. They both have their ups and downs~ Check them both out.

Feel free to ask me specific questions about your set that you're making, especially about length. It's hard to guess. sometimes

Posted by Momo from Burlington, Vermont, United States • Published See Momo's 6 projects »

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 1
    Step 1

    Buy the amount of crin you would need in the colors you want. For shoulder length, I used about two ten yard bags of each color. For fuller falls, I'd get 10.5 yards of each colors, it's really up to you. Use your disgression.

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 2
    Step 2

    Measure out the length you'd like and double it. If you want 15" falls, measure out 25" of crin. Cut at the length you want with sharp scissors.

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 3
    Step 3

    Now, take the end of each strip of crin. You'll see it looks all gross and cut up. Nobody wants that. >:

    Take the end and fold it in, so that the frayed part is now inward. You can also twist the ends so they come to a point.

    This will stop the crin from unraveling.

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 4
    Step 4

    Line the crin up in an order you'd like them to fall in. You may need to do some tweaking after. Put your elastic lace or band directly in the center of the strips.

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 5
    Step 5

    Fold the elastic over and loop it through itself.

    If your using lace just tie it like you would any other knot.

  • Step 6

    Adjust your falls so that the colors you want are showing and layered where you want them to be layered.

  • How to make a dreadlock / fall. Cyber Lox Tutorial - Step 7
    Step 7

    And there you have it! your own cyber lox. Easy, right? The tough part is getting them the right length, and getting the colors to sit right.

    I know they're springy, but if you want your falls to remain bouncy forever, DO NOT PULL ON THEM. This will stretch them out and make them sag. Keep them hung up somewhere safe so they won't get squished or tugged or ripped. I have mine on my wall hanging by hooks.

    Have fun~!

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Elise T.
Elise T. · Gibbon, Nebraska, US
Love the tutorial!! A quick question, if you dont mind... >~< When my hair is in pig-tails, the ends of my hair fall a few inches past my shoulders. If I wanted to make lox that were long enough to be the same length of my hair, how much would you suggest I get?
 <3TwIsTeD rAiNbOw <3
<3TwIsTeD rAiNbOw <3 · Justin, Texas, US · 3 projects
Where can you buy tube crin?
Devin B.
Devin B. · Frisco, Texas, US · 1 project
I freakin' love these things!!!

Just wish I could preview the crin colors before I buy... Happy
stichripr6 · 18 projects
is here a place u know of tht u can buy the tube crin thts not online?
Lil Gaga
Lil Gaga · 27 projects
oh to satisfy the doctored hair lover in me <3
Mickie · Grand Junction, Colorado, US · 43 projects
so you think we can't get them at a store? I want some but like to try around town. i hear micheal carry some for christmas.
MummyMiao · Melbourne, Florida, US · 4 projects
I've been looking into making some for ages & now i got a goo how to. Cheers babe!

Any suggestions on how to actually attch them to my really short short hair?????????????
I really cant tie anything in it & i need to be able to dance & run around in them=)

Any suggestions?

Kara A.
Kara A. · Bedford, Massachusetts, US
oh my! this looks like uber fun... i have to try!
Momo · Burlington, Vermont, US · 6 projects
No problem Holly. Happy They're wicked fun to make as well, so have fun!

As a note: if you're buying material, I suggest buying from Doctored Locks. They're large crin is only $5.99 each.
Holly I.
Holly I. · Olympia, Washington, US
Thanks for the How-to Happy I was getting sick and tired of having to pay at least 60 bucks for the things.
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