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Make a personalized Barbie of yourself.
After seeing the gorgeous Tarina Tarintino Barbie, my friends and I decided we wanted Barbies of ourselves, so I decided to make myself one.

Posted by Cat Morley from London, United Kingdom • Published See Cat Morley's 1146 projects »

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 1
    Step 1

    First of all, buy a Barbie that looks somewhat like yourself. I got mine on eBay and I picked the first one I found with dark hair - it's rather tricky finding a doll that isn't blonde.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 2
    Step 2

    Next up, pick a photo of yourself to work from.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 3
    Step 3

    First of all, I gave my doll a hair cut. I wear my hair at a side parting, so to give the doll the same, I cut off a small amount of her hair, glued it in the center of her head, folded it down to the side and then added a little bit of glue just above her ear, to hold the hair in place.

    I also cut her hair shorter and layered it a little - Barbie's have seriously long hair.

    To get the correct colour, either use permanent marker pen or semi-permanent hair dye. If you're going to be dying your own hair, you can use a little bit of this to do your dolls hair too.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 4
    Step 4

    To make your doll clothes, draw around her body on to paper and make your patterns like you would for real clothes. A great way to make clothes would be to trace around existing Barbie clothes and use these as a template to make your own ones.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 5
    Step 5

    Pin your patterns to the fabric but leave a hefty margin around the edge - you can then sew the clothes straight on to the doll to get the perfect fit.

  • How to decorate a Barbie doll. Cat Barbie - Step 6
    Step 6

    I made my doll my favorite kitty ear hoodie and star skirt - because I make a lot of my own clothes, I have lots of remnants to make Barbie some matching clothes.

    I also made her a miniature version of my Blinging Name Choker, using the same instructions but on a much smaller scale.

    I added little bindi crystals to the corner of her eyes because I love wearing bindis.



CookieBird Lover
CookieBird Lover · 25 projects
u should have put the crystals on the corner of the of her eye on the other side
Saar O.
Saar O. · Groningen, Groningen, NL · 7 projects
Cool! a tip for the hair colour: normal hair dye doesnt really work on syntetic hair. Use those powder textile dyes instead! works very good, even if your want a very drastic colour change!
lauren x
lauren x
wow i might try making my own clothes
JJ S. · Arizona Village, Arizona, US · 5 projects
omg, you make your clothes??!?!? i made a pair of pj pants once...and they have paw prints!!!
Lydia H.
Lydia H. · 20 projects
Check out the black dress edition barbies - they are like $24.00 and have barbies with ALL hair colours, skin colours and they are pretty cool too!
Zina · Tasmania, Tasmania, AU · 32 projects
I see from everyone's comments dark haired barbies are hard to find,
Barbie makeovers are my specialty!
You can simply color a blond barbie any color you want by using watered down acrylic paint the stronger you want the color the longer you leave the paint in before washing it out!
Chuckee · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 15 projects
When I was little, anytime someone told me they would buy me a Barbie I'd start looking right away, because I refused to have blonde ones! And most stores didn't really "stock up" on the dark haired ones; This was before internet shopping...
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Have a look on eBay for brunette Barbies, they're not too hard to find Happy
Pomka Love
Pomka Love
You are so talented, Cat!
Amazing. :3
halseyisms · 1 project
This is cute and clever :3*Sigh* i have dark hair too :/ when i finally got a brunette barbie my sister ripped it's head off within the hour i got it.
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