I love making things. I have posted some of my many projects here on Cut Out and Keep, but if you see one that doesn't have as much instruction as you might like, or if you want to see what else I have been making, then check out my blog :

On me:
I like:
Matryoshka (I am obsessed)
Funny things
Spicy Perogy Pizza
Sour Cream
and anything creative
Gymnopedie by Satie
La Roux
Eric Clapton
Bayern Munich
Saskatchewan Roughriders
plus lots of music that would take up too much room here
Tim Burton
The Usual Suspects
Jane Austen
Mother Earth News
My Family
Singing and plenty more stuff

I dislike:
People touching my head
Yellow Mustard
Walmart (I am phobic)
Work for works sake
Holes in socks.

That is a long list.. I guess you can add talking to the likes list. Thanks for checking out my projects - hope you like them!

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Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi , hi dear lydia,
how are you?
i thought i must write you , only short because i'm tired out, i'm sleeping less hours for a week now because of muis.
she has been operated a month ago of her leg, it was still broken and the pin was not fixed anymore so a lot of damaging in her knee too.
so she must rest in a bench again now for 8 weeks, and then she had to go back to her orthopedic vet for xray and then i hope she is alowed to walk again outside.
wolfje is behaving her self badly she don't like muis anymore.
an she loved all the men that had to visite me at home. slut.LOL
i'm still stucked at home, but i have seen my new home to be in Haarlem because i had to travel to the community workers there to talk about my suplies i need to get a good driveable home;-D
it looks awesome and i'm more excithed about then before.LOL
hey hope you're okay , hey much love greetings and hugs with xxxxxxxxxxx
kookiegurl97 · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 5 projects
Hello!Hey,I was just wondering why you asked me to be your friend.That was really nice of you.But,do I know you from anywhere?You look kinda familiar... Luv,kookiegurl97
lolEffects · Fort Worth, Texas, US · 1 project
Thanks for the LOVE ADD! Happy
So · Hanover, Lower Saxony, DE · 65 projects
hi lydia!! danke für die comments und dass du meine uniform zu deinen favoriten zählst Happy nee, hab leider nur genäht, aber ich hab auch eine für mich geplant!! sobald ich irgendwie mal zeit habe zwischen den anderen projekten und uni...
Lolly.Bot · Enfield, England, GB
Thanks for favouriting me Russian Doll Pop Art <3
Angel Eve
Angel Eve · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 11 projects
No problem at all with you blogging about it. I will be posting your stuff on the newcomer board tommorow then anyways. im glad you liked everything, sorry if there was too much pink, but the fabric was yelling to be used :p
Angel Eve
Angel Eve · La Cañada Flintridge, California, US · 11 projects
Hey Lydia, the message system isnt working that good on here right now. But im just checking to see if you recived your part of your newcomer swap yet?
Kate G.
Kate G. · Waikanae, Wellington, NZ · 3 projects
Hey Lydia. Whoah slack reply haha whoops. Thanks Happy I love your "Men's Shirt Into A Chic Skirt". It looks amazing! Happy
Popsicali · 8 projects
hey sorry its late but thatnkyou very much for featuring my cake on your blog Happy I like your drawings also. x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi Lydia, did you had a great vacation? I hope so and did you saw many beatyful surroundings?
I have thought of you-D
hope and wish you a great comfy weddingparty;-D
When i was on those party's most at the time i had fun with my friends.
the last one was a very expensive one of rich friends, i couldn't believe that they paid so much for just one day.
strange, but i enjoy all of it, and i was very glad for my friend and her hubby.LOL
i had to stay with the diner next to her mother, i didn't liked her.LOL
i had heard a lot rumours but they where all truth.LOL
i had to sit next to her only for some hours but my poor friend much more years.LOL
Glad you be back , i had missed you,
i'm waiting today for the orthopedic vet of Muis, she has broken two years ago her leg and alast time when she had to cleaned by the normal vet her teeths i said to him will you make xray 's of her leg, and he said Jet you must go back with her so call them and let them show the xray's so i did and now she is at the clinic , mayby they must operate her leg again. not fine, poor sweet furry friend of mine,
Her leg was still broken on one place-S so that's why she was lumping for some while but she was yumping and climbing too!!!
strange that she still could do that!
Wolfje is neutred and must go this week to remove t he stiches and then i had to spend some attention on my own health, i must go back to my md for my feet and i'm looking tooooooo pale , my homeopatic md told me LOL
still suffering of the problems of the whiplash but i'm making still tiny progress-D Happy about it, i'm soooo bored of being stucked at home for now a half year.-S
but i have good news too, my computer the own which i could make uplouds with it, is fixed and when he is back i can uploud a lot of new work.LOL
a good start at your work and hope you will have a great week;-D
much love and kisses and hugs;-D
katcar~ · 27 projects
thanks for faves, too! sorry for three comments, i just go through things in my email in order, so i don't realize when one or more things are from one person, and i like doing things consecutively so... sorry if that doesn't make any sense! haha last comment, i swear.
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh and thanks for the nice comment on my spirited away tank top! <3 it COULD be used for matryoshka... hmmm there's so many possibilities!! i'm starting to love stencils.
katcar~ · 27 projects
glad you liked them! and thanks Happy theres tons more to come... but i'm straightening out some school stuff at the moment, so i have to postpone the fun stuff Happy i'm sure you could make much cuter personalized plates, but i just thought they would be a good reference or something Happy
miss cookie
miss cookie · Roma, Queensland, AU · 15 projects
wow that is a long list
ps your projects are cool
miss cookie
miss cookie · Roma, Queensland, AU · 15 projects
hi please add me as your friend and check out my projects
katcar~ · 27 projects
hi this is random but i remembered how much you said you liked matryoshkas and i saw these plates on fredflare.com and HAD to show you! http://www.fredflare.com/customer/product.php?productid=2721&bf=hs they're super cute, but for thirty dollars, i'm sure you could make them ;)
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi, good morning.
i hope you wasn't to upset that spain has won the cup.LOL
i 'm not , i had expected this, and i didn't like the strange game.
but most people are still crumpy .LOL
its just a game.;-D
yes about the scaffolding i didn't like it and the sounds was terrible too, i had the whole time closed the curtains to feel myself a little more on my own, and when they were gone i set them open.LOL
nuy i misses my balcony and Indy my lilac special birmees cat had died because of all the stress, i was upset and have cried a lot of her.
suddenly the broke down and 24 hours later she was dead , i had brought her to the animal hospital were she stayed on the ic and they didn't expeced it either.
That why i have now a young cat with a elderly cat.
wolfje has had her first period of mating behind her. it wasn't to bad she was sleeping a lot too so she didn't mauwed to much and to loudly .
but i like her normaly behaviour more.LOL
its still to hot here, mushy too and a lot of rain and thunder.
awesome to see that force of nature.;-D
like that.
my door system is still broken.LOL why a new mordern thing when the old one was working all the time?
i think its about luxery and house owner ship.LOL
so now all the people has to phone me LOL
and i will go down like a normal person in a normal house.LOL
but its not fine, it cost me a lot extra energie.
I'm feeling a little bit better then some weeks before the meds doing now their job.Yeaaaaah.
hey i hope you had a other wish too for your birthday. so it's after all not to sad for you.?
hey have a great fun week and lots of love and greetings and kisses and hugs;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear birthdaygirl!!!!
Congreatulations, wooow that's special. i was yesterday ofline the whole day to warm here.
so i haved slepted the whole afternoon and a part of the night. on the couch,LOL so i saw you had written yesterday.
sweet of you , i didn't look or watch the soccer team i hope they will have won the third place.
it will be a crazy day its all about soccer here.LOL
it will be funny when they didn't win, everybody will be crumpy i think.LOL i'm not i think when they all played a good game its okay.
there aren't much differends on the spain and the dutch team but i think the dutch are more a team. then the spains are.
yesterday i was furious about my neighbours above me they found that wolfje was mauwing to much , she didn't so they had splash her with water, and she was wet and come to me so i got with her outsid eand said above me that they were crazy and animale haters, they never say anything then only try to be very sillance. stupid because just before that she were bouncing on my frontdoor i didn't open because i knew they were it, so they closed above me the water tap i heard, but all the projects of mine were wet too.-S
not funny so i'm crumpy about that, and they must be behave to day because i will got furious of them , i m to n ice mostly. so ...
its over with that.LOL
okay. i hope you have a nice birthday party and got a lot of nice presents and visitors.;-D
its now warm too here, but a soft wind makes it all beter.
Last night ther was a lot of thunder. awesome i love the strenght of that,
hey have a nice fun day , much love and birthday kisses and hugs from me;-D

CO + K User

No problem. Can't wait to see yours. (=
Ruby · 11 projects
I will be patiently waiting for the pictures then Happy
SyntheticStars has kindly snapped me up now, and she's already doing two! So nice of her.
So I might see you in a later swap then Happy
Happy Crafting! x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL poor you, i heard it on the tele this morning and thought directly of you. so sad for you.
i thought too that they could won too. but you can yell for my country team.LOL
the doorbell system is just new , its a stupid luxury thing with a screen and a soft ring like a mobile or gsm is ringing.
so i 'm alwast look suprised were the gsm must lay.LOL
The flat is sold so all the new neigbours must buy their house i'm with a less few the tenend in the building, The owners would like to pimp the outside of the building so last year they have painted the outside , we werten't alowed to sit on the balcony for a half year and all covered with staffolding and curtains wraps and a lot of noise.
it wasn't very pleasant so this year i was hoping we become endly a good working elevator but we got a new entree with this stupid door system. and yes i'm crumpy about it.LOL
i must took the elevater to go down because i'm living on wheels.
and then i can open the door,
not much fun and it's not helping to have a fine mood. its disturbing me a lot from my work.
yesterday i forgot to eat, my stupid friend called me and was crumpy about a lot of things, so i had to listen and he told me that his new girlfriends was more tough then i was, so i said to him you must not compare people with each other but he became angry so i don't like that.
after two hours i thought shit i must eat, but i didn't have any hungry feeling, so i have only eat some desert.LOL yummy.
i hope the cake was helping for your mood.-D
i'm cleaning my house today, not fine, but it's better for m y self and muis my allergic cat.
so i having a resting time and must do the rest .
hope you have a nice day, and send you my love, and hugs for the better mood and some kisses;-D

CO + K User

Nope I haven't one crafty friend. On the plus side though I get all their old stuff to play with cos they can't think of anything to do with it=D
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh well belgian chocolate cake? makes sense! but i'm one of maybe 3 people who doesn't follow fifa. i don't really follow any sports, but i play volleyball.
the tundra? ever see any arctic hares or foxes? they're cute! <3
Stephanie · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 2 projects
Thanks for faving my zipper flower how-to. And for the comment as well. Happy

Your asparagus and smoked salmon wraps look delicious. I'm going to go look at the recipe!
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh, canada! i went to toronto for a while, like a week or two. nice city, really big! yeah i live in southern virginia, really close to west virginia so i know what you're talking about Happy the matryoshka potholders are super cute by the way!

CO + K User

Thank you, I have to admit I struggle mightily with that blog lol.
I have absolutely no crafty friends in real life so I agree it is good to meet crafters online=)
Ruby · 11 projects
Not yet, but I'm happy to wait so it's not a problem Happy Yeah that is good that someone picked you up straight away, then you can go onto all the others swaps yay! Hehe. I look forward to seeing what you and your partner have made each other so please post pics when you guys are done!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL your fanaticall , more t hen i'm .LOL
i heard suddenly yelling this eve so i thought huh are they now playing? And i saw the goal.LOL
but the movie i was watching was more fun to look so i have only watched the last part.
i found the adversary team really smart to set the fresh players in the field in the end so it was till the end very exicthing.LOL
Yes holland was only then in the finale and lost from Germany.LOL
Thats still a battle between the Germans and the Hollanders.
And we got only for many years in the half finale. so i was suprised that they had win this game.
And yes there was for a long time much noise outside.
its summer time so everybody has for a long time the door and windows open
But i was soo tired out yesterday that i wanted to sleep so i have closed all the doors and windows to have a good sleeping time.LOL
Yesterday they have hold up my old red big elektric chair, i was forgotten almost that the new doorsystem isn't working, the doorbell isn't working and the screen too not.
it was still a problem but it becomes more worse since we got this stupid thing.
so i must give everybody my phone number to call me so i know who is downstairs and will come inside, other is don't see nobody.LOL
not fun and smart, because i must go downstairs the whole time with the elevator to open the front door.-S
And that's take a long time.
i had bought for a time ago a play thing to make paper, i had just soaked for some day's paper and thought i can use t hat thing too insteade of my elektrich drillmachine. It worked very well and that for just one dollar.LOL
i make of it now my own paper mache. i have coocked it for an hour and now i must fitler it and but a lot of things in it, It's much work but i will have a strong material after all.
i like to do this. and i do a lot embroidery on my feltings , like all t he colours that i use.
i will look later to the link, thanks for sharing it with me;-D
hey much love, greetings and have fun , XO's
Kate G.
Kate G. · Waikanae, Wellington, NZ · 3 projects
Thanks for the friend request and the barrel monkey fave Happy I'm glad you liked the project!
katcar~ · 27 projects
oh thanks for accepting! i love your earring frames and the matryoshka potholders! i have this one cute matryoshka, but its cat shaped! i didn't make it, i don't have any wood carving skill whatsoever haha. but yeah, i live in a small (very small) town in virginia, usa. you? and why 6 months a year?
katcar~ · 27 projects
you have some of the cutest and original ideas! <3
Ruby · 11 projects
Not a problem Lydia Happy Thanks for accepting x
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
o,o you're like me too addicted on cok.LOL
hope you will have an awesome great fun vacation, were are you going to?
only in your country or as well to the neighbours or much further?
Vacations are awesome i know , i 'm staying here i can't still travel, but i'm glad with that too.
LOL that you will yell for our soccer team.i heard that most people think we will win, stupid the team has to play the game still.
it's now more crazyness around me of orange colours of cloths and banners in the street. and its funny to see.
One of the players was from this city and he had played it th e same club as my neighbour kiddo's they were good too.
the girl has played a long time in the netherland team of soccer for lady's Its was awesome, when she was a kiddo she always told everybody that she would like to be a soccer prof too.
but thats only for boys so when she was able to play in the netherlands team during her study's for md. it was a dream come trues.
yes thats funny fed up.LOLBut we say that really when we had eaten enough.LOL so at first i had to think a while before i knew what it really m eaned. LOL
it now fine the weather out here, and much nicer not to hot and not to cold just fine summer weather,
my old big chair is just hold up , so much more room now again.
i have say goodbye to it, it was for ten years a great deal of myself.
ten years is a long time.
i'm working on the felting projects but too of finsishing other projects. . Yesterday i have edited a bunch of pictures for when i have solved all my computer problems but too to send to friends . i had maked some picts of Wolfje she is now 1 year, and send some of t hem to her breeders, they liked that.
hey talk to you later, i haven't now to much to say .
much love , greetings and a lot of hugs and kisses for you too and have a great fun day;-D

CO + K User

Hi, thanks for favouriting my needlecase=)
Becsta! · Clarkefield, Victoria, AU · 3 projects
its k
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
LOL that is very sportmanlike that you yell for the others as well;-D
My country is afraid for the germans team.LOL they have lost to often the world cup title of them.LOL
like that.
Geramany has a dutch coach now and he spook german very strange. He uses to often proverbs that he translate directly in german and i have seen it too, i thought huuuh ? what does he mean by that. I thought oooh this is sooo stupid because he means the dutch proverb. You see the Germans often with flaber gasthed faces to listen to him.LOL
Yesterday i have done only projects to try them in a more finishing state. and i did some felting.
it was to mushy , outdoors there was a market on the conour i could here in my house the music.LOL
it were tearyearking songs but the people that came to this market were the differend type of loving it. so i t hought poor ones.
but at 3 o'clock it began to thunder and raining.
it was helping a little, my cats were the whole day a sleep poor ones.;-D and they came only for the food.LOL
Wolje was sooooo quited and lovely behaving.
Wolfje is a big talker, she give on every thing her comments
i had read about that before i would watching her brothers and sisters and parents and her
but i thought ooo that like t he normal birmees do but it is more then them.
she makes a lot of differend noices, so i know when in what kind of mood she is of the noices.LOL
its now endly a little bit colder.
Not so much musty inside and outside more. i'm glad,
about afke the md, I'm not afraid of her she is like all the other md's that i have to visit. Most of t hem can't do much for me , i know that so i must come to visited them only for the records.LOL
its silly because its not my duty to help others to keep their jobs.
but... its nessecarry so go to them once of twice in the year.
but just now this year a have a lot other problems so i had to go more often to her.
Its funny to have t he same proffesion we talk a lot on email about it. she make very large statues like me but from other material then i do.
beautiful , like them very much.
i think my cats want to have their food, its to early, iwe didnt sleep to much tonight because of the warmth.
so i was up at 4 o'clock this morning and now their body think its in the afternoon.LOL
Muis makes not noises but she sit aside of me and watch carefully that i have noticed her.but Wolfje is talking about only food, she i now sitting in the kitschen she now when she does this she has to wait longer. poor one.LOL
Gerard has learned me a trick to set her alone in the hal or at the balcony she hate to be alone. she is sooo smart she know how to make doors open.LOL
but it helped alot she is now much nicer and less spoiled.;-D I'm still in pj's my sis comes to me this afternoon only to knit and chat, love her for that.
so it will be a quiet sunday. The things on my work are done so i must do something of myself.LOL
its feeling like a vacation this summertime.;-D
There is a site of knitting where you can find too t he link of felting you see a lot of site with the two kinds of felting wooll I have found on there a lot of instructions to begin with and a lot of ideas and inspiration. i've you don't understand or can't find it i will give you the link.
i' have found a lot of methodes out of reading the books and try it out. thats helping too, and now a step furhter by the upwolving 3d felting on woollen fabric, sooooo awesome.
i have found out some solutions of myself allready. i think i understand what i did wrong the first times.
but i can use those experiments too.
about the tourist that's soooo true John didn't like that too not, when a buss tourist game in the same room he began to moo;-S
i couldn't apricated that.LOL

hey have an awesome sunday and a great fun beautiful week;-D
much love, kisses and hugs ;-D
Anke A.
Anke A. · Wernau, Baden-Württemberg, DE · 15 projects
Hallo Lydia,
vielen Dank fürs Schreiben! Gerne können wir uns auf Deutsch unterhalten, kein Problem. Deine persönlichen Infos sind schonmal super interessant, bestimmt finden wir einiges, über das wir schreiben können.
Gleich mal eine Frage: Was bedeutet "Hawadäre"?
Grüße aus Deutschland
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi,
thank you of the congreatulations i heard outside a lot of yellings and screaming and other happy crazy sounds and thought o are they playing their game.LOL
so i have only see the goals. but... i dind't had thought she couldn't win from the Brazil they are soooo good.
Holland always comes to the half finals or sometimes in the final and they haven't won so i don't think they will.LOL
Germany is a great team. so don't bothering, i'm not so for my own country, i like the game to watch when they playing fairly but , that 's often not .
i'm feeling still not recouverd of the migraine but its better then yesterday. Its still from the seccond and third whiplash that i try from to recouver.
not a good line, but i think you will understand this too;-D
wooow so far away to work!!! not always fun i think. i have worked in other city's too nad then i had a room there to sleep and in the weekends i got to my own appartment.
but always glad to come home in my own appartment and my own envirement.
it's still hot here, i'm still in pj's and i;m already wet ,
about my feet i had to wear a bandage, for a week. and thought stupid i must look for a other sulotion so i have bought a elastic tube that you can put on much handyer to put on for me.
but i don't think it will help, and i must hold my feet high.
I think that my md knows already that i will do that only when i'm laying on my fave place at home on the couch.LOL
and in my bed.
but i try to sit more on the floor to work so that s better to my feet .LOL
and try to lay my feet something higher.
My md and i are friends she is an artist too. so its often strange when i come to visit here as my md. LOL one time i had to go to the hospital to stay there, and they asked me what Afke had told me and i thought only my goss we didn't spoke at it at all, we only were talking about our same proffesion.LOL
so i only told them oooh she said i had to go to your place so i'm now here.LOL
the rest of it.LOL...
Yes 7 years is a long time, when i can move its will be 8 years, i dont count any longer. i'm happy with my change to go to t here.
Yes amsterdam is a special town, but you must know what you would like to see because otherwise you only see the tourist actractions, and don't feel the special atmosphere there.
and Rotterdam is too a special city.
Much more new architecture buildings, because of the WOII
Amsterdam and other city's had les damages. Utrecht is too a touristic place, its not fun now in the centre.
but Utrecht has very special canals not like Amsterdam but it has a other history, much older.
Utrecht is now 888 years. silly but the celebreathe it.LOL
Haarlem is old to but smaller much kinder i think there is an other culture but the people are friendly too, and too free minded.
thats what i like.
My sis will comes to morrow to me its a hard time for me this weekend but today i try to celebreathe the birh of Wofje.
Wolfje is a birmilla its a birmees kind of cat but with the fur of a husky dog, And she is now just one year.LOL
they dind't sleep to night too. so we all are lazy.
Gerard was with me yesterday and wolfje was glad that he was with me. i'm always kind and nice but my elektric doors didn't worked anymore so we go down stairs to look what was now the problem and we went upstairs with the most ugly bad neigbour in this building and she said you're wrong and i went furious.
my sis said Gongreatulations for that.LOl i told later on why i was soooo furious to her.
he tought it would probebly something more then this disagreement.
now i have again two super working doors , its not a luxerours tool anymore, to have those special doors, but most people in this building don't get it. i understand that too.
but they don't know that is a big differends between standing with a normal key to open the door and sitting and don't turn any more the key to open the door.
so i'm stucked when the are broken, my house door couldn't close any more properly. so i had always to push hard to it.
so i'm lucky and less headages so what want a girl more.LOL
okay hope you had a great fun weekend ;-D
love, greetings and a lot of hugs and kisses;-D
CahrazzyMe · Willard, Ohio, US · 16 projects
Hey! Thanks for the friend request! (:
katcar~ · 27 projects
Thanks for the fave! I love your jewelry frames Happy
aneniine · 58 projects
Hi! Thanks for looking at our Etsy shops! And im the only one from family who is on Cut out + keep.
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi agian;-D
later on a the longer message i had promised for today.
just now a short one;-D
thank you for the nice sweet words on the comment of he blow out his brains.LOL
hey till later;XO's
Zina · Tasmania, Tasmania, AU · 32 projects
Hello Lydia
Thanks for your comment! I love CO+K so much its the best thing I ever found! It inspires me to get creative looking at all the wonderful projects people have made! I'm addicted to the chat boards its so great to find like minded crafty people! a place to fit in. everyone is so nice here!
Yes I'm from Tasmania its a great place to live, its very rural area lots of beautiful forests great scenery.
I've always wanted to visit Canada one day it looks like such a beautiful place.
I checked out your blog its awesome! your so creative! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
hi hi my dear friend, just a short note its almost eleven 'o clock in the eve and i m ust slow down now , i will write you a longer message tomorrow, i'm tired of and having a migraine, don't worry i have those oftenLOL i have meds for them, so ... not fun but not bad i will be beter soon.LOL
i like having the flu just because of the recouvering of it, that is soo strange that it 's just a week or so and then it over, to bad that is not for all the things, okay i must stop and tell you more tomorrow.
hey sleep wel and lots of kisses and hugs;-D
aneniine · 58 projects
Thanks for the faves! Happy
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi hi ,
wooow you're like me.LOL LIke that!!!!
i like long comments too.;-D
i'm a little in a hurry because i must go for my feet to the md, to let it checked i think its an inflammination. it doens't hurt because i can't feel my feets but it isn't good to think always that way.LOL
thank you of the compliments of my drawing work, Its not all my work that's on there i have still problems with that too.
i miss a good helping person. When my partner was alive he helped my with that.
but okay, i'm searching .....still.;-D
all on there is published in dutch magazines, one member gave me her trick to translate it to google. Not all but some of the comic are too dutch.LOL
we have our specialtys too.LOL
i believe in the humour when you must show an other the problems you have in your live you must tell them with humour the messages is still the same but people will think of it longer because of the humour. I had noticed a long time ago that most of them are crumpy when they tell their difficultys-S To bad, people don't like that and it make them crumpy too and not so much fun to find a solution with a crumpy mind.LOL
I'm try to save money because i must move, i need more care and helping hands then i can get in my own house.
i will move next year to an other appartment i live one my own and independent but i can call 24 hours to get the help and care which i need, it's a special form of helping for people like me that don't like to go to an nursery home but live freely Its called on here Fokus i 'm waiting for 7 years on such a kind of appartment.
Last year i could have an appartment but the indication institute had skipt my hours suddenly it was a stuppid mistake but i had to take a lawer to fixed the problems and it took a year of pj's.
not fun but it was stupid so i could take the appartment.
but now i will go to my roots I'm born in Amsterdam our capital city and next to that a smaller city the capital of the province Nord Holland is Haarlem it is an old town too and near the seashore.
And i'm fond of the sea it give my always the power and much inspiration, i can't go on the beach it self but i can ride in the dunes and see all the wild envirment and taste the salt smel.
Hey i saw your blog awesome , your a real prof!!!!
the felting try out are real good i make a picture of it , only i can't uploading it still its a fabric with little 3d knots on it, in two differend colours very pretty but i have seen that i must do it overdone then i will have a larger effect.
You're right about the langues but, i think when you like it and you give your english a try its inproving very fast.
at first i was to scared to talk with english people i make still a lot of mistakes.LOL but who's care about that?
so at first i good only give small comments of two words and later i was becoming better and now.... o, o.
i'm making for my new home to be, they must build it still curtains of milklids the soud side is at the gallery so i don't like that all the people looks to the windows the whole time so i have think of this silly project. i'm out of my lids now and haven't have enough but i have still some time to save them, i have others but they are for my friend sheila.-D
i see she is your friend too.;-D
like that.
Must you sleep to there or can you go everyday with the helicopter to home to sleep in your own place?
hey i must stop i'm still sitting in pj's and i must go to the md.
i know she is always to late , but you never can tell and i hate it when i'm too late at my appointments.
love , greetings and have a nice fun day, kisses
Zina · Tasmania, Tasmania, AU · 32 projects
Thanks for adding me! I love your projects! Happy
Sheila Squirrel
Sheila Squirrel
Hello Lydia. Thanks for the friend add. My all time favourite alliteration is 'prior preparation & planning prevents p*ss poor performance' Happy
z o m b i e
z o m b i e · Toronto, Ontario, CA · 5 projects
Thanks for getting back to me! I have a better idea now of how to make the roses with the circles, thanks so much for clearing it up. Now when my mom gets the sewing machine working again I'm going to make some pillows. Until then I can practice the roses until they are perfecto! Lol, thanks again!
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi dear friend ;-D
LOL aaaah so sad for you raining. i think in utrecht everyone love the rain. it is now very hot, yesterday was really hot, but a little colder is okay by my too.;-D
this is nicer, i love the warmth because all my projects needed less time for drying;-D i'm painting a lot outside too and some paper mache projects.
and felting.
but that can dry too inside the house.
yes it is fine to do you can do two methodes the dry methode with felt needling and the wet felting, i use both methodes together and its working great.
i've you want to some help please aske me i have great tips too.
and i'm in love of my new methode of 3d felting in the washing machine, i have learned it from a dutch felting artist, i've you like i can send you her link.
i had change her methode a little to be cheaper . i don't have much money like a lot of us.LOL
Sooo sweet of you the complements of my projects;-D thank you.!!!
and i'm agree that is fun to learn a lot other creative persons on here. I liked it too that they all live in other countrys
Hey thank you a lot for the fave and the nice comment of my inside out project;-D
i 'm using it still, only not for official frms but for my friends i do and they always must laught about the strange desings on it and the colours on it.
i like to recycling that is a good thing of the bad economy.LOL
Everybody try to recyling more to safe money. I do it for a greener world.LOL and too of the money.
Hope for you its dry again when you've done your work, oooh i'm a big writter so i've you don't like that , you don't have to answer all my writings.;-D
hey have a nice eve, much love , hugs and kisses;-D
Jet H.
Jet H. · Haarlem, North Holland, NL · 108 projects
Hi lydia, thank you for asking my as your friend, like that,!
okay yeaaaah we are now friends.LOL
you have make a lot of nice how to projects, awesome.
i will jumpted to that later on.
i must do now to much other things;-D
silly in the summer i do always more things, because i can work outside at my balcony and i must do then all the smelly projects and too the wet things, like felting . i make for now a lot of 3d feltings fabrics that i can do too in the washing machine it works great i have done 3 experiments ;-D
i think i make later of them little bags.
hey hop you have a nice awesome day;-D xxx
Kirsten B.
Kirsten B. · Las Vegas, Nevada, US · 40 projects
Thanks for the friend requestHappy
Cat Morley
Cat Morley · London, GB · 1432 projects
Thanks for adding me xo
Jolanda · Nederland, Colorado, US · 54 projects
I love your Babushka/Matryoshka Hot Water Bottle Cover!! it must be nice to hold on to!