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Show off those pretty bras WITHOUT being arrested for indecent exposure!
Those molded cups bras can be very pretty and come in a variety of styles and fabrics. So they're tempting to buy even if you're big up top and have no business wearing one. That's the category I fall in. I bought a few of these when they were on sale and never really wore them more than once because I look ridiculous in them.
One day a few months back I was gathering up items I didn't wear anymore to donate to a thrift store or charity. A pink zebra striped molded cup bra literally jumped out of the piles I was carrying and landed at my feet. It landed with both cups together and the straps sticking up at the top. I thought, hey, that looks like a little purse. And then the lightbulb went off inside of my head.
It took me a while to figure out how to do this as sewing the cups together is impossible because of the underwire. And I wanted the underwire in there to form the purse.
I still need to tweak the process because, as it stands, it's a frustrating and smelly process, lol.
I did this for a holiay bazaar for a local charity and did not take step by step photos.
I am planning to do the pink zebra striped one this weekend.
So, what do you all think? Should I do a "how to" step by step for this? Would you all be interested? It's pretty inexpensive except for the epoxy. The trims and embellishments change from purse to purse. I let the bra tell me which way to go with embellishments.
Just wanted to put this out there to see if there is any interest in me doing a "how to".

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Laretta A.
Laretta A. · 2 projects
these are just great
Laretta A.
Laretta A. · 2 projects
can i please get the tutorial for these
Dar's Doodles
Dar's Doodles · Johnstown, Pennsylvania, US · 3 projects
Sorry, Naomi, I didn't see your comment until just now. I put the tutorial on the back burner because I didn't think anyone wanted one. But now that I see you've requested it, i will work on the tutorial steps and a new bratastic purse over the next week and try to get it posted shortly thereafter. Glad you like it. I've worn that one out a few times and I get mixed reviews, Some absolutlely love it and some snicker at it. To each his own tastes.
So keep checking, I should have the step by step in about a week.
Naomi T.
Naomi T. · Mississauga, Ontario, CA
PLEASE PLEASE do a tutorial. My daughter works for a lingerie store and must have about a 100 bras...how much fun would it be to make some up?

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