I was born crafting. Living out in the country when I was small, my mother often had different and useful craft projects going. So I was weaned on crafts at an early age.
Later as a young adult with a young family, I found my crafting roots to be a blessings and a neccesity. If I saw something I like or we needed that was too pricey, I would try and figure out a way to do it myself.
To supplement my income as a single mother I often sold my various projects at flea markets and craft fairs.
I have done everything from flower arranging to hand painting and decorating furniture. I've done plastic canvas, embroidery, cross stitch and other needlework crafts.
I had a period where I decorative painted on everything that wasn't nailed down, lol.
In the last ten years my crafting all but stopped due to time constraints and working more than one job.
Now, I've found myself grounded at home because of a medical problem and unable to work right now. Also, I am a recent empty nester as both of my young adult kids have moved into their own places.
So, I took the initiative to change my son's room into a craft studio of sorts. It's still a work in progress. I have found quite a few unique storage items and projects that I am planning on posting here.
I found this place and am totally thrilled and amazed by it.
So very nice to see that recycle crafting is not dead but very, very much alive. It makes me SO happy to see all the young people on here with such creativity and willingness to create something rather than buy it!
I was having trouble getting inspiration. Not anymore. This place ROCKS! I already have some great ideas to do some unique purses. Unfortunately my vintage Singer is in need of repairs right now. So, I guess it's either hand sewing or using that iron on webbing tape you use to do seams.
Well, I'm off to get lost in the site again. And I promise some projects soon!

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