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Bunny hat, bunny feet, bunny bow
This is easily the most complicated costume I've made. Alice's clothing has a thousand little details: ruffles, ribbons, pockets. There are also a lot of pieces to move around: I did a photoshoot of Harley Quinn and Alice on the same say, and I could fit my Harley costume into my handbag, but Alice took up about two shopping big bags.

Knife: The knife is made from jablo, covered in craft foam and paper mache. I used hot glue and wool to add texture to the prop, and painted it with spray paints and acrylics.
Skirt: The skirt is made of white satin, and decorated with hand made bias tape. The buttons are covered in satin too.

Petticoat: This petticoat was made by recycling another skirt. The material was double hemmed on all edges, gathered, and sewn into a petticoat. The waistband is edged with a satin ribbon, and closes with hooks and eyes.

Waistcoat: The waistcoat was made by altering a white cotton shirt significantly, and dying it using turmeric (a kind of spice), and adding polymer buttons. The buttons are non functional, and the real ones are hidden beneath,

Jacket: Based on a Burdastyle pattern. I officially hate notched collars. And the lining is a little bulky. But hey, it looks good.

Foot paws: These began as a pair of fake converse. I glued foam to the shoe, shape it into toes, and covered it with fake fur

Hat: The hat is made of builder's card, and the brim is cloth stretched over wire. The ears have wire inside them, to hold them remain rigid.


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