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Markee R.

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We head to Glasgow to meet Markee who loves all crafts, especially trying something new!

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I've been on here so long, I really can't remember! It was likely I just stumbled upon it during a google search for crafts, I know that isn't a very interesting answer.

What projects are you currently working on?

Too many, as usual! I'm knitting a lavender cable-knit oversized jumper with bamboo wool. I'm making a 1950s fitted wiggle dress out of tiki-style fabric. I'm working on a Victorian style costume, for my friend who runs Murder Mystery events. I've finished the skirt, just need to make the bodice. I'm adding crystals to my top hat, I'm about half-way there. I also have loads of projects in the queue, and lot of repairs and such to catch up on.

Edith Lebeau is a Canadian artist based on the north shore of Montreal, Quebec. She spends most of her time painting in her studio with her Evil cat named Jack. For some time, Lebeau lived in the countryside, surrounded by fields, forest and a distant horizon line. Lebeau tells stories through the portraits that she creates. She paints strong female figures intricately paired with fauna and flora elements that are facing their own insecurities.

In her newest body of work she is exploring through the eyes of different woman characters, the various fears and dark emotions that we have in the deepest recesses of our mind. These women are left alone with these feelings and fears that we ourself try to forget and try to bury.

She draws inspiration from her own experiences as well as from nature, pop culture, movies, music videos, fairytales and various mythologies. Her works has been exhibited in Montreal, Berlin, Rome, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Francisco and New York among other cities.

Outfit Details

  • Dress - Ted Baker, thrifted
  • Bag - Reed for Kohl's
  • Tights - Hue, Nordstrom Rack
  • Shoes - Sam Edelman
  • Rings - Kate Spade (bow) and Joomi Lim (skull)

DIY Ring Storage

Make your own DIY ring storage with #DIYFashionista Melissa from The Fashion Huntress.

Check out Diy Ring Storage A La Fashion Huntress on Cut Out + Keep

Come behind the scenes at Cassiefairy for a #CraftRoomTour and see Cassie's craft caravan in her garden.

I love how bright the space is - with windows on all four sides and a stable-door, the caravan always feels really light and airy. It's lovely to fling open the wide end window on sunny days and let the fresh air breeze through.

Create a boho fairy look, perfect for a festival, in #DIYTheLook with Carla.

I love this feminine, fun, eclectic look! It's cool and comfy, yet flirty, and sexy, all in one outfit. It just works for me!

Learn how-to fill very sparse eyebrows in #TechniqueTuesday with Lynneth from MakeupArtistMe.

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Surf jewels

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We head to Southend-On-Sea in England to meet Surf Jewels who loves to mak things, from clothes to jewellery and everything in between.

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

Love crafting and joined so long ago I can't remember how I found the site.

What projects are you currently working on?

Making some summer shirt PJs, a blouse, some saw pierced jewellery and a photo project.

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Paper Stars

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We chat to Karen-Marie, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make a ribe paper star.

I am a Danish paperdesigner since my childhood I have been playing with paper and I still by 61 years love to create in paper: Quilling, tearing, cutting, folding and drawing. In 1986 I founded the company Karen-Marie Klip & Papir. At the heart of my Company's concept is a deep fascination with paper and the endless creative possibilities it offers. My team and I makes the designs, and sell the tools and materials for them from my shop and webshop in Denmark. The shop, which is designed to look like a small village, also includes a tiny paper museum and a café. www.karenmarieklip.dk
Los Angeles, CA, United States •

Make an LA inspired food container in #AroundTheWorldIn80Crafts with Kepi in Los Angeles, California.

Recreate the style of an Icelandic living room in #DIYTheRoom with Justine from The Thrifty Girl's Guide.

I'm now obsessed with Icelandic style after a trip to Reykjavik last month. Minimalism, texture and natural wood were common decor elements everywhere from shops to homes, and this living room also reflects the warm hospitality and friendly nature of the people!

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