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Annlouise from Sequins in Pink recreates the chic style of pop princess Taylor Swift.

What I love with Taylor Swift's style is that she one day can have a black, tight, sexy dress and the next day a floral skirt and a cute bag. No matter what she wear, she is always well-dressed and her outfits are always perfectly composed.

Learn how-to make a flap envelope with Pooja from The Craftables.

Holly Olivia Cook recreates the red carpet look of actress Jennifer Lawrence and gives her a bronze goddess makeover.

Jennifer is the perfect balance of girl next door effortless with movie star glam!

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We head to Phoenix, Arizona to meet LizzyLovesSatan who loves costume making.

How did you find CO+K and why did you join?

I found this place many many years ago when it was just Cat! I joined much later after I saw it became a big, great community for crafting!

What projects are you currently working on?

Right now, I'm decorating a pair of converse. I've dyed them purple, added some metal spikes right at the back, and am using Angelus leather paint to decorate them with symbols and writing. I will post them here when I finish!

As I mentioned, I'm also decorating a denim vest. I have already put a load of patches and buttons on it. I plan to add spikes as well, and I am decorating lots of the vest with rhinestones!

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DIY T-Shirt Crafts

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We chat to Adrianne Surian, give you the chance to win the book and learn how-to make a Floral Bib Style Necklace, Braided Yarn Bowl and Knotted Hanging Planter.

Hi, I'm Adrianne. I'm a crafter, artist, writer, and all-around DIY-er. I live in Grand Rapids, Michigan with my husband and two kids, and I pretty much survive on coffee and crazy ideas. (I wish I were just being clever, but that's actually true.) I started blogging craft projects in 2011 at my website, happyhourprojects.com, and having that outlet really led me to craft more and write more and really pursue my creative side that I had kind of neglected for a few years.

Cook some traditional Svícková Na Smetane, a sirloin in cream sauce, with Teri in the Czech Republic.

Heather recreates the gothic style of Morticia Addams home from The Addams Family.

When I was growing up I loved watching the Addams family and Morticia Addams was who I dreamed of growing up to be she oozed class, was a strong confident woman and had hair to die for (I'm fair and curly :( ) she was also quite a crafty lady, with her love of gardening, knitting and sewing. Even after all these years I still think she's an awesome character so I have hopefully made a list that she would approve of :)

My name is Katie Chappell. I am an artist living in Berlin, Germany. I grew up in North East England, received my foundation degree in animation from Newcastle College and my BA(hons) in Illustration and design from Sunderland University. I live on the 4th floor of an old German block of flats overlooking a canal with ducks that I like to listen to while I work. In amongst the plants on my desk I create playful drawings and paintings that have been described as 'innocent, with a hand-rendered feel'. During my time in the UK I founded the urban sketching group, Sketchcrawl North East, started Illustration Bandits magazine and co-animated a film for the Angel of the North's 15th anniversary. Most recently I have worked with Newcastle University to illustrate a series of short stories about future sustainability and eco-friendliness in the city.

Outfit Details

  • Vintage Dress - When I saw it I had to have it!
  • Necklace - a store in the Philippines
  • Earnings - my sisters
  • Shoes - BCxShopBando and I got them at BCfootwear.com
  • Purse - DIY made using pom poms (see below)
  • Sunglasses - Claires!

DIY Pom Pom Purse

Recreate the look with Liv's pom pom purse tutorial:

Check out Pom Pom Purse on Cut Out + Keep

We're experimenting with The 56 and Coconut Vodka from 55 Above for today's #CocktailHour and mixing up a coconut cosmo, Vietnamese coffeetini and candy coconut ices.

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