Recreate the look of Taylor Swift in #MakeoverMonday with Nicole from Makeup By Nicole and then create a warm glittery makeover.

What I love about Taylor's style is that it is classic and timeless. I love that she has her own signature look!

Classic Look

This look was super easy to create! The key elements to Taylor's look is her black winged liner, rosy pink cheeks and most importantly, her bold red lip that she always rocks. I really love this look. If is such a classic glam look that you can (seriously) wear to any event! You can make it less complicated and more simple, or you can add some glitter, darken up the eye shadow and make it more bold! It is super customizable and super classic.


I decided to give Taylor this makeover because as much as I love her signature look, I would love to see her switch it up a bit and start drawing more attention to her beautiful features!

I decided to give Taylor a warm, glittery copper eye look since she has the most stunning blue eyes! Blue and orange are complimentary to each other, so this will really make her eyes pop! I also decided to not add any liner (since she usually does) and give her some va va voom lashes instead! She tends to wear very simple lashes, if any, so I thought the bigger the better for this makeover!

Taylor's face always looks so porcelain and doll-like (which she totally pulls off) but I would LOVE to see Taylor with some color in her skin and her perfect bone structure enhanced! I decided to bronze up the skin and give her a sharp contour to emphasize her already high cheekbones! The bronze glow is something Taylor doesn't usually rock but I feel could totally pull off!

I finished up by taking her classic red lip and substituting it for a peachy nude glossy lip! The color compliments the rest of the look, and the shine in the gloss will emphasize Taylor's already big luscious lips!

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