Layla from Bellisima Lolita Makeup recreates the chic style of Kourtney Kardashian and gives her an avant garde makeover.

I love how chic and put together her style is, but it gets sort of boring because it's so consistent. You can count on her to be wearing the same look or variations of it. It's beautiful and it suits her well but I'd love to make her over to try something just a bit different.

Classic Look

Her classic style is smokey. grungy and bronzey and I love the combo of colours, especially on her almost-tan complexion. The way she wears her makeup plays very well off her skin tone.


My makeover look is dark and sultry and extreme. It's still smokey and grungy but extremely so. Very avant garde and almost tribal alien. I think she'd rock the hell out of this look for a shoot and blow everyone away!"

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