We head behind the scenes at Ashley Ella Design to tour Ashley's inspiring studio in Kansas City.

I think my most favorite part of my space is that it is MINE. To have an entire room in my house that is my own and doesn't have to be shared with anyone else sounds a bit selfish but it's important to me. I love my alone time to focus and get work done.

Tell us about your space

My space is a room that actually got downsized when we remodeled because we added a bathroom to the master bedroom. It seemed a little too small to be anything else but an office. It doubles as my "dressing room" as well. My own closet and dresser are located in the space. I'm not as much of a crafter as I am a designer. I do blog, web and graphic design as a part time freelance job.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

Since this is the only room in my house that is only mine - I had the "thumbs up" to make it girly. I started by painting giant white and gray stripes on the walls and have a theme of gold, pink and white throughout the entire space.

How do you keep organized?

Labels and a once-a-day sweep.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

Labels. Labels. Labels.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

I love that my entire space is girly and fun. I have prints by other bloggers and designers that I follow. I have tassels and jewelry, stationary and flowers.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I'm a digital kind of girl. I work on my iMac most of the time I'm in the room. I organize ideas on Pinterest and in my Dropbox folders.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Either my most favorite bloggers or Pinterest are probably my top go-to's. I love Bloglovin' to keep up with all my favorite bloggers and marking which project posts that I like or am inspires by.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

#1 - I'd love to bring in a "professional" - someone that does interior spaces for a living to give me tips or tricks on how to make my space more incredible. #2 - I'd have more than the tiny little budget that I'm working with right now. #3 - New rug, chair and curtains!

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