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Print Workshop is filled with every kind of printing technique to create dozens of exciting projects. We've got a sample project to potato print your own veggie picnic set below.

Win A Copy Of The Book (UK Only)

We've also got three copies of the book up for grabs and for your chance of winning, just leave a comment below telling us what you would like to print?

Congratulations to Helen, HotPinkCrayola and PencilAndPaperAddict.


Veggie Picnic Set

Reader Offer: Print Workshop 9780307586544, RRP £14.99, offer price £11.24 plus p&p. To order please call 01273 488005 or go to www.thegmcgroup.com and quote code: R3607. Closing date: 30th June 2012. Please note: p&p is £2.95 for the first item and £1.95 for each additional item (different rates apply for delivery outside of the UK)




Hedvig M.
Hedvig M.
I rarely have birthday parties, this year I want to have one. To make it work I want to make a large picnic blanket, and print that.
Chocolate · London, GB · 12 projects
I recently saw the most darling bunny print dress and I'd really love to make my own bunny print fabric to recreate it. Now that I've seen the beautiful feather print I may have changed my mind...
PencilAndPaperAddict · Polesworth, England, GB
I would print some casual shirts.
Similar to how you find funny t-shirts with slogons etc.
It's something that doesn't seem to be done, and as an everyday shirt wearer it would be nice to have some funky shirts Happy
Dragoness · 28 projects
I would like to print shirts for my hen night! My face and single Tongue
And one for my future hubby with our faces on it.
Lizzie M
Lizzie M
My boyfriend and I are moving into our first house soon so I'd love to make something to make it homely, probably a nice tablecloth or something.
Shaz B.
Shaz B. · 1 project
I'd love to learn different ways to print my own cards and bags
Vampiress · Stoke-on-Trent, England, GB
I would love to print my own curtains for the bedroom.
Delicate Stitches
Delicate Stitches · Powfoot, Scotland, GB · 61 projects
I would like to print a lovely door screen for the log cabin I work in so that I can enjoy the afternoon sun pouring in without us all being blinded!
Sus g.
Sus g.
I would print on my coffee table, making it a memory table, with words and images that remind me of family and places I have been too. Happy
HotPinkCrayola · Holmfirth, England, GB · 97 projects
I'd like to recreate Lady Gaga's meat dress in fabric, and print the fabric to look like the texture of meat (I hope that makes sense!) Happy

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