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This chocolate mousse looks delicious and only takes 5 minutes to make!

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These flannel lanterns look amazing!

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This is a really cool way to recycle unwanted t-shirts.

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Need a quick snack or a gift? Here's some tasty caramels.

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Kaelah Bee, the blogger behind Honeybean Boutique has put together a new PR & Marketing ebook to help bloggers.

Here's what Kaelah had to say:"My PR + Marketing E-book was written to help the dozens of bloggers and small business owners that I get emails from every month. While I don't feel any more "successful" than the next person, I understand the appeal of seeking advice from others who are in similar situations. Personal experience and insight can really go a long way. I began brainstorming on this e-book in March 2011, but didn't actually start making it a reality until Autumn. I had read so many other e-books on similar topics that really only seemed like an outlet for the author to show off a bunch of pictures of him or herself. I felt like many of the e-books I had been reading took a "I'll teach you everything you know, but not everything I know" approach and I wanted an outlet to share what I had learned along the way. It's a first-person account of my varying experiences as a life + style blogger, as well as an indie biz owner. I touch on important topics such as choosing a name for your brand, dealing with criticism and haters, monetizing your blog and etiquette while working with large brands and companies. I wrote the e-book in the very same way I write my blog so there's still some grammatical errors here and there, and anecdotes sprinkled around. Hopefully if this e-book does anything, it'll help you realize that your blog can be a huge asset to your personal branding and business!"

Win a copy of the ebook

We've got three copies up for grabs and to be in with a chance of winning, simply leave a comment below telling us what makes your blog unique with a link to it! 

Good luck.

Congratulations to our winners Johanna I, emilylynnharris and Catherine F.

You can find out more about Kaelah and pick up a copy of the book from Honeybean Boutique now. Cut Out + Keep members can get 20% ($5) off with the code CUTOUT»

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Brighten up your home with this adorable wrapped wreath.

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Need to make a quick accessory before you run out of the door? Here's a 10 minute bracelet!

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Yum, this strawberry cake looks delicious!

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We love this designed-inspired belt.

Check out the how-to from Fashion is Evolution »

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