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As a reasonably skilled knitter, I've always struggled when it came to crochet, but thankfully, the Rowan Crochet Workshop looks set to fix that.

The first thing that will strike you about this book is how clearly laid out the instructions are, with step-by-step photographs detailing every step, making them really easy to follow. Consisting of six different workshops, to teach you everything from shaping and textures to embellishing and creating garments, the book keeps a steady pace ensuring that you've picked up all of the basic skills before getting too complex.

As well as guides about hooks, yarn, and techniques for a wide range of stitches, there's a selection of interesting projects to try out with your new skills. Beginners can start off with some simple Four-Stitch Coasters and then work their way up to more complex projects, like Crochet Buttons, Felted Pots or a gorgeous Baby Dress. It's a bit like having a private Stitch N Bitch in your own home, where you're free to learn at your own pace. Learn how to make some beautiful and intricate projects and become an expert with the hook.

Pick you your copy from The GMC Group or on Amazon.




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