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Caravan Cookbook by Monica Rivron is a must-have cookbook to take on your travels, whether camping or caravaning. 

We've got three copies of the book up for grabs along with two sample recipes including lettuce soup and a tomato & basil tart for you to try out on your next trip.


Win A Copy Of The Book (Worldwide)

For your chance of winning the book, simply leave a comment telling us your favourite recipe to make when camping?

Congratulations to caittylee, Dragoness and Midge.


 Lettuce SoupTomato And Basil Tart




Frances B.
Frances B. · Kansas City, Missouri, US
I don't go camping unless I can fish,, So fish and potatoes are you best cooked out in the open
Green Duck
Green Duck · London, GB · 17 projects
I love making simple roast potatoes. I wrap up cut up potatoes and seasoning into aluminium foil. I then throw into the foil into the fire and let it cook for awhile. So simple yet so yummy!
Anna S.
Anna S. · Kirkland Lake, Ontario, CA · 9 projects
We do some hardcore camping up here in northern Ontario! My favourite on-site recipe is reliant on successful fishing. For four people, you need 2 medium sized pike or walleye, two large bass, or 4 medium bass, butter, a bag of potatoes, a red onion, fish crisp (or pre-made flour and spices mix in a zipper bag), a two-burner propane camp stove, and two equal sized frying pans that fit together on your stove.
In one pan, fry coated fish filets in copious amounts of butter. In the other pan, fry sliced potatoes and onion in copious amounts of butter. Best eaten after a hard day of fishing Happy
Jenn T.
Jenn T.
I don't know a lot of camping recipes, so this book would help a great deal.
a tip i can share is that I like to make chili ahead of time, freeze it in zip lock bags (portioned). then i used it as an ice pack and all i need is a pot to warm it up in on the fire. voila! Happy
Dragoness · 28 projects
pigs in blankets Happy full of pork goodness Tongue
Hella · Rotterdam, South Holland, NL · 60 projects
I am going on holiday tomorrow. I don't know what we are going to eat. We'll eat takeaway dinners I think. But I can make a tropical bean dish with beans in tomato sauce, pineapple, peach and luncheon meat. Everything comes out of a tin so it is really easy to make but unfortunately by sister hates it.
Sandra L.
Sandra L. · Newark, California, US · 38 projects
By far my favorite camping dish is Chè. It's a vietnamese red bean soup with boba. It can be eaten cold, room temp, and warm. We usually camp in huge groups so we make a giant pot of it, spoon it into cups, and sit around the fire with it.
Birgit · Leuven, Flanders, BE · 35 projects
My favourite food ever when camping is 'salsicce con finocchio', it's Italian, and it's a sort of sausages with herbs in it, we put them on the barbecue, they are delicious! Even cold, we always make too much on purpose haha.
Midge G.
Midge G. · Langley, British Columbia, CA
My favorite food while out in the bush is comfort food things like spaghetti, mac n cheese with tuna, and salad. Camping isn't about gourmet dining its about bring a family closer togethr via the little things.
Serena P.
Serena P. · Clarkson, Kentucky, US · 5 projects
I'd have to say smores. I don't think you can beat the classics. I happen to use Sweet and Sara Vegan Marshmallows, which work wonderfully and are vegetarian friendly!
caittylee c.
caittylee c. · Mountain View, California, US · 6 projects
I just love making Shakshuka when I'm camping.
I always bring with me fresh tomatoes, herbs, hot peppers and eggs.
Light a fire and put a large pan for all the guys, this is a winning dish Happy

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