The Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook is filled with recipes sure to please any sweet tooth.

We've got three copies of the book up for grabs along with two sample recipes for cookie dough crispie treats and invisible cookie dough ice pops.


Win A Copy Of The Book (US, Canada & UK Only)

For your chance of winning the book, simply leave a comment telling us how much you love cookie dough?

Congratulations to Swag Stylez, Ali B and live2create.


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Hayley  Shay
Hayley Shay · Haltom City, Texas, US
Omg!! Cookie dough is the best! You can eat it raw or baked and they both taste great! You can make a batch of cookies to share or just take it in your room and hide! ;) I love to eat it when it's just fren out of the oven and ooey, chocolatey, and gooey!! You can crumble in onto the top of a cake or icecream to add more flavor and decoration, make it in a mug, chocolate chip cookie dough bites, ice cream sandwiches, and soo much more!! It really has an endless amount of options of its use, which is GREAT!! It's a great comfort food that you can eat when you're sad to make you glad, lol ! You can eat it when celebrating something special or just because you want to. I love to sneak little pieces of raw dough out of the fridge when I'm bored, hungry, or craving something sweet. Cook dough is also great to make with kids or younger siblings on Holidays. I make cookies with my younger cousins and little brothers when it's Christmad time and we decorate them with icing and sprinkles and then eat half of them while doing so!! Tongue I would love to know how to make more cookie dough treats for the holidays ! Hopefully I win, Lol! HappyHappy
Green Duck
Green Duck · London, GB · 17 projects
Cookie Dough is my ultimate comfort food. After a long frustrating day, there is nothing better than curling up with some freshly made cookie dough and a good movie.
live2create · Ottawa, Ontario, CA · 13 projects
You know you've found someone you can spend forever with when you can snuggle on the sofa with a good movie and share a roll of raw cookie dough. Aaaaaaah, life is good. Happy
(but who knew it could be so much more?!?! that book would make us giggly with delight!)
SassyGinger_247 · Waynesville, North Carolina, US · 17 projects
Cookie Dough is one of thee best if not thee best raw desserts to make and eat when you're having a girls night at home. What woman doesn't love cookie dough, I am a pastry student who loves all her desserts but cookie dough is probably the number one year round dessert that I could eat non stop.
Ali B.
Ali B. · St Albans, England, GB · 1 project
"Do not eat raw cookie dough" is like the "Please read terms and conditions" instruction of the food world. Everyone ignores it! Because how could go not want to eat something so yummy and gooey and sweet. And then you get to cook what you've resisted eating and enjoy it all over again! Nom nom nom =D
Elaine T.
Elaine T.
Cookie Dough is one of my ultimate comfort foods that leave me feeling happy Happy. It also brings back childhood memories of licking the spoon hehe! I would love to win the book and enjoy more cookie dough.
Vicki W
Vicki W · Torpoint, England, GB
Loooooooooove cookie dough. I usually make it and freeze it with the intention of having fresh baked cookies all the time but it never makes it to the oven Happy I just eat it raw every time. NOM
Laura R.
Laura R. · Manchester, England, GB · 32 projects
I love cookie dough like Kel loves orange soda! I do I do I doooo-ooooooooh! Sticky, sweet and chewy Happy
Splieanne · Dordrecht, Zuid-Holland, NL · 3 projects
Sight... I'm not from US, Canada or UK ): But I love chocolatcookies Happy SIGHT
Angelshimmery · Inverness, Scotland, GB · 8 projects
Cookie dough ice cream... mmmmm yummy! Cookie dough from the mixing bowl even better. So indulgent, a little taste of heaven.
Joanne · Calgary, Alberta, CA · 39 projects
Cookie dough is amazing! It's so deliciously sweet and just so yummy. Would love to see what I can do with it!
Terri B.
Terri B. · Plymouth charter Township, Michigan, US
I did not know cookie dough was so versatile, I'd like to find out what you can do with it besides bake cookies
~-*animelover~-* · London, GB · 60 projects
People who don't love cookie dough please leave the planet,because cookie dough is the best thig ever! You can eat it warm,cold,raw but it stays delicous! You can but choco chips,fruit,m&m's,and different flavours to it and you can shape it however you want. Cookie dough is the best food ever and if it wouldn't be so much calories i would eat it every day ^-^ reasons enough for you Happy
Karen B.
Karen B.
cookie dough is the best comfort food in the World .. it can be frozen and baked whenever the urge happens. Whether its snowing, raining or the sun is shinning. Dunked in hot chocolate, nibbled with tea. Crunchy or crispy .. cookie dough ..... the best ever!!!
jljfrog · Bicknell, Indiana, US
I do LOVE cookie dough. The things you can do with it is AMAZING! mold it, shape it, decorate it, delight the kids, friends, family...and then...just when no one is looking...OOOOOOOo that's when I snatch a piece of it and eat it RAW!!! yummmy, yummy stuff! What else has the versatility to Delight so many, in so many countless ways!

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