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You may not be able to afford the latest games console but there's loads of great gifts you can craft for boys:

  1. Knitted Bear is the perfect bedtime companion.
  2. Comic Box makes for handy and cool storage.
  3. He'll never lose his place with a Giraffe Book Page Holder.
  4. Monster Guard Spray keeps scary monsters at bay.
  5. Keep his gadgets protected with an iPod Sandwich Cover.
  6. Make Homemade Gummy Bears in all kinds of shapes.
  7. Bring computer games to life with an Angry Bird Plushie.
  8. Let him draw rainbows everywhere with a Rainbow Crayon.
  9. Brain Cupcakes will freak out his friends and taste delicious.
  10. Keep his cash safe with a Retro Nintendo Controller Wallet.




Lorna at Knits for Life
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Great collection!
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