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Burns Night is a tradition here in Scotland where everyone gathers for a meal of haggis, neeps and tatties, while reciting poems by Robert Burns, wearing tartan and drinking whisky. To get you in the mood (wherever you are in the world), we've put together a little DIY guide of things to make and do.

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Here's our top ten DIY gifts for women and girlfriends who have everything:

  1. Send her to Paris with Macaron Plushies.
  2. Pompourri Rug will brighten up any floor.
  3. Keep her gadgets safe and retro with a Polaroid Phone Cosy.
  4. Tape Measure Rosette Brooch will look great on any crafty chic.
  5. Treat her with a designer style Knuckle Duster Eyeglasses Case.
  6. Melted Crayon Art will make her room the coolest of them all.
  7. Keep her place with Ruby Red Shoe Bookmark.
  8. Lady Goo Goo Cake Pops are the must have snack of the season.
  9. Keep her chic and on trend with a pair of Lace Sunnies.
  10. Make her an Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet to match with her Christmas party dress.
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Need a quick gift for your boyfriend or best male mates? Here's our top ten DIY picks:

  1. Tetris Lamp will look so cool in any room.
  2. Keep him musical with Pencil Drumsticks
  3. Record Notebook is sure to keep him organized.
  4. Revoluzzzionary Monster are any guy's best friend.
  5. Embeliish his phone with a Beer Cap Mobile Charm.
  6. Mario Quilt Block will keep him warm through the cold winter nights.
  7. Dress him like a star with a Rock Star Wristband.
  8. Angry Birds Whoopie Pies are the ultimate geeky treat.
  9. Protect his gadgets with a Domokun iPod Nano Case.
  10. Scrabble Bean Bag Trays are both practical and entertaining.
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DIY Guides »

You may not be able to afford the latest games console but there's loads of great gifts you can craft for boys:

  1. Knitted Bear is the perfect bedtime companion.
  2. Comic Box makes for handy and cool storage.
  3. He'll never lose his place with a Giraffe Book Page Holder.
  4. Monster Guard Spray keeps scary monsters at bay.
  5. Keep his gadgets protected with an iPod Sandwich Cover.
  6. Make Homemade Gummy Bears in all kinds of shapes.
  7. Bring computer games to life with an Angry Bird Plushie.
  8. Let him draw rainbows everywhere with a Rainbow Crayon.
  9. Brain Cupcakes will freak out his friends and taste delicious.
  10. Keep his cash safe with a Retro Nintendo Controller Wallet.
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Don't forget your pets this Christmas. Here's our top ten crafts to make them:

  1. Dress your cat up with a Kitty Cat Pirate Hat.
  2. Rodent Hammock makes for a cosy bed for small animals.
  3. Treat your doggy with Cheese, Carrot & Parsley Dog Biscuits.
  4. Make sure your kitty doesn't get lost with a Simple & Easy Cat Collar.
  5. Groovy Pet Bow will look cute on any animals.
  6. Your cat or dog will love a Suitcase Pet Bed.
  7. Kitschy Cardboard Box Cat House is the purrfect new play home for your kitty.
  8. Haute Couture Dog Lead & Collar is exactly what every posh pooch needs.
  9. Watch your kitty go wild over a Cat Nip Mouse.
  10. Terra Cotta Birdbath is an essential gift for any bird.

Grandad can be even tricker than Dad to find gifts for, so here's our top ten things to make him:

  1. Pencil Keychain is sure to come in handy.
  2. Keep him organized in the garden with a Easy Peasy Gardening Apron.
  3. Loose Leaf Tea Bag Envelope is perfect to send him in the mail.
  4. Keep the cold out with a Doggy Draft Excluder.
  5. An Owl Matchstick Holder will keep those matchsticks handy.
  6. Tell him to note down all his favourite stories in a Leather Journal.
  7. Antique Spoon Plant Markers are a great way to remember what's planted where.
  8. Fill up a Wellington Boot Christmas Stocking with lots of lovely little presents.
  9. No Bake Fudge is sure to please any sweet tooth.
  10. If your Grandad's a bird spotter, keep them in his garden with a Pine Cone Bird Feeder.
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