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Here's our top ten DIY gifts for women and girlfriends who have everything:

  1. Send her to Paris with Macaron Plushies.
  2. Pompourri Rug will brighten up any floor.
  3. Keep her gadgets safe and retro with a Polaroid Phone Cosy.
  4. Tape Measure Rosette Brooch will look great on any crafty chic.
  5. Treat her with a designer style Knuckle Duster Eyeglasses Case.
  6. Melted Crayon Art will make her room the coolest of them all.
  7. Keep her place with Ruby Red Shoe Bookmark.
  8. Lady Goo Goo Cake Pops are the must have snack of the season.
  9. Keep her chic and on trend with a pair of Lace Sunnies.
  10. Make her an Easy Ettika Bow Bracelet to match with her Christmas party dress.




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