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Knit a bear.
Once you have mastered the Basic Bear, take a look at our book Knitted Bears (Search Press, available to buy from our website) to knit 20 bears all dressed up in a wonderful range of knitted outfits!

Work entirely in Garter Stitch, unless otherwise stated.

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  • Bear_head_scaled.eps 411 KB [ Download ]
© 2024 Val Pierce / Search Press · Reproduced with permission.
  • Step 1

    Cast on 30 sts.
    Rows 1–4: GS.
    Row 5: K2, skpo, knit to last 3 sts, K2tog, K1.
    Rows 6–7: GS.
    Continue to dec in this way on every third row until 8 sts rem.
    Next row: K2, skpo, K2tog, K2.
    Next row: K2, skpo, K2.
    Next row: K1, sl1, K2tog, 
psso, K1.
    Next row: K3tog.
    Fasten off.

  • Step 2

    Body and legs (make two pieces the same)
    Cast on 12 sts.
    Rows 1–2: GS.
    Rows 3–8: inc 1 st at each end of rows 3, 5 and 7 [18 sts].
    Rows 8–33: knit.
    Row 34: divide for legs. K8, cast-off 2, knit to end [8 sts].
    Proceed on these 8 sts for first leg.
    Rows 35–52: knit.
    Row 53: K2tog, knit to last 2 sts, K2tog.
    Row 54: cast off.
    Return to stitches left on needle, rejoin yarn and complete to match first leg.

  • Step 3

    Arms (make two)
    Cast on 6 sts.
    Row 1: knit.
    Row 2: knit twice into each st to end [12 sts].
    Rows 3–6: knit.
    Row 7: inc 1 st at each end of row [14 sts].
    Rows 8–27: knit.
    Rows 28–30: dec 1 st at each end of rows 28 and 30 [10 sts].
    Row 31: K2, (K2tog) 3 times, K2 [7 sts].
    Row 32: knit.
    Cast off (this is the top of 
the arm).

  • Step 4

    Making up
    1. Make up the head by folding the three corners of the triangle into the centre; the fold lines are shown in the top diagram opposite. Sew the two side seams either side of the nose, and across the corner lines to form the ears, as shown in the lower diagram.
    2. Sew a little way along the neck seam, just down from the nose. Stuff the head firmly to give it a good shape. Stitch on the nose and mouth with black thread, and sew on 
the eyes.
    3. Stitch the back and front body pieces together using a flat seam on the right side of the work. Leave the neck edge open for stuffing. Stuff firmly and then close the neck opening. Attach the head to the body.

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Indu T.
Indu T.
Thanks for the pattern. I am going to make one right way.
quirky been v.
quirky been v. · U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado, US · 8 projects
ohhh! i love bears!!! i love love love it!! im gonna make that the next chance i get!! thx 4 sharing!!! great tut! srry if i seem a little ovrjoyed, im just like that

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