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Scrapbook Paper Crafts

Things to make using Scrapbook Papers

Top Projects

Surprise! Photo Box

Surprise! Photo Box

A box Bursting with memories!

♥ 255
Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)
Beads >

Basic Paper Beads(Instructions)

Cheat sheet anyone? :)

♥ 215
Origami Water Bomb Fairy Lights

Origami Water Bomb Fairy Lights

Make your fairy lights even more whimsical with a bit of colored paper!

♥ 169
Mini Book Earrings

Mini Book Earrings

mini book earrings.

♥ 130
Decoupage Clothes Pins

Decoupage Clothes Pins

What can't you decoupage?

♥ 113

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Paper Organizer

paper organizer made from cearel boxes

♥ 1
A Beauty Mini

♥ 1
Faux Leather Bracelet

A bracelet that looks like leather but is not!

♥ 1
Adventure Book (Up)

♥ 0
Avg Portrait

♥ 1
Paperboard Valentine's Heart Banner

With some pretty pink paper and pretty Valentine's doilies, make a paperboard Valentine's heart banner!

♥ 2
Brown Paper Package Cards

A great card for one of your favorite people.

♥ 1
Paper Heart Garland

Why not get started on some Valentines Day decor?

♥ 1
Paper Pumpkins

I think these paper pumpkins are just sooo fun! Even better, they're affordable! There's a good chance you already have everything you need.

♥ 18
Paper Mache Bowls

Who knew paper mache could be so fun?! And cute?!

♥ 10
Lucky To Have You Mixed Media Canvas

Mixed Media Home Decor

♥ 1
Blood Flow

♥ 0
Children's Art Gallery

Feature your child's art in your home!

♥ 1
Mason Jar Sugar Dispenser

DIY with Mason Jars

♥ 4
Cake Pop Display

A simple and cute display for cake pops.

♥ 0
Clipboard Bulletin Boards

DIY Clipboard bulletin boards

♥ 4
Miniature Hogwart's Travel Trunks

For the little witch (or wizard) in all of us!

♥ 45
Memory / Altar Chest

♥ 1
Heart Shaped Corner Bookmarks

Heart Shaped Corner Bookmarks

♥ 0
Altered Journal

Old Book to Fun Journal

♥ 7
Triple Pocket Mini Album

Each page of this mini album has 3 pockets!

♥ 7

♥ 0
Repurposed Tissue Roll

♥ 2
Decorated Matchboxes

For my Wicca Altar :3

♥ 3
Paint Stick Fridge Magnets

Turn paint stick into magnets

♥ 6
Greeting Card Mini Album

Save all your special greeting cards!!!

♥ 1
Decorated Notebook/Planner

♥ 1
Photo Bookmark

A great personalized gift!

♥ 3
Scrapbook Wall

Why be limited to a page? Take a wall!!

♥ 2
Sleepy Hollow Configuration Box

Make a configuration box for your favorite TV show!

♥ 17
Alternate Mini Tp Journal

Another fun and easy journal.

♥ 2
Mini Tp Journal

So simple and so fun!

♥ 2
Bumble Cards

Have an abominable holiday!

♥ 8
Contact Paper Wallets

A better way to gift cash.

♥ 32
Bottle Cap Jewelry

An advent that becomes beautiful jewelry to keep all year round

♥ 9
Polka Dot Wall

a really simple way to spruce up a plain wall

♥ 0
Cookie Sheet Magnet Board

Turn a $1 store cookie sheet into a decoupaged magnet board!

♥ 16

The @book mini album coils up like an @ symbol. It unrolls to be nearly a yard long!

♥ 14
Doctor Who: Evil Harlequin Mask

Remember when the Doctor saved Madame de Pompadour from harlequin faced robots?

♥ 7
Hair Tools Holder

♥ 4
Glow In The Dark Key Toppers

Make your keys easily findable in your purse with glow-in-the-dark key toppers!

♥ 9
Sky Themed Birthday Card

♥ 1
Sewn Shut Treat Bags

The cutest little treats bags, sewn-shut for an added vintage look.

♥ 4
Whimsical Paper Flower Poppy

Tutorial Paper Flower Poppy DIY

♥ 12
My Altered Heart

Wear your Mixed Media!

♥ 4
Recycled Tile Coasters

♥ 4
Make A Lip Palette

Customizable palette, colors, and flavors!

♥ 22
Mini Envelope Message Board!

A cute and unique way to send messages to others!

♥ 1
Bengals Name Sign

♥ 0
Owl Always Love You Card

A great first Father's Day or Mother's Day card personalized with those precious baby foot prints!!

♥ 3
Paper Scraps Flower Wall Art

Turn those scrapbook paper scraps into a work of art!

♥ 31
Bound Notebook

♥ 0
Modular Cardboard Wall Pockets

Make a wall pocket

♥ 57
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