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Nice 'n' Simple

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Indpls, US, United States
Square small dscf4372
Square small oct.nails
Square small dscf4472 1299536865
Square small cakepop2 1287745047
Cheat sheet anyone? :)

I saved this from my sketchpad/journal. I was in a jewelry making class in high school and heres a sheet that my teacher handed out to all of us. It pretty much explains its self, for the ones with more that one strip of paper you simply layer the other pieces. Have fun :) Im hoping to see some different paper beads used in jewelry other than the cylinder ones.



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    I personally prefer coffee stirs to roll the beads onto, but you can use about anything just remember the gauge/size you roll it on that will be how big the hole for the string is. This is a great way to cure boredom, recycle, and make a new. :)

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