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Learn how to make a garden project / plant

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Light Bulb Vase
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Light Bulb Vase

a nice-looking vase for little flowers

♥ 510
Moss Terrarium

Moss Terrarium

Make a Cemeterrarium

♥ 266
Antique Spoon Plant Markers

Antique Spoon Plant Markers

How To-sday - Antique Spoon Plant Markers

♥ 168
Gnome Terrarium

Gnome Terrarium

David the gnome

♥ 163
No Glue Newspaper Seedling Pots

No Glue Newspaper Seedling Pots

Free, easy, plantable pots for your seedlings!

♥ 147

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Sew A Picnic Set

Sew a tablecloth, napkins, and placemats

♥ 0
Painted Planters

Add some color to your plants!

♥ 1
Fairy Bouquet

Homemade bouquet, you don't have to buy it in the store!

♥ 1
Fairy Garden

♥ 0
Diy Campell’s Soup Vintage Vase

Add a retro twist to your succulents

♥ 6
Planted Ampersand

Make an ampersand planter

♥ 1
Cactus Bowl

♥ 3
Fabric Pot

Create unique terra cotta pots using fabric for a customized look.

♥ 5
Copper and Clay Vase

Create a copper and clay vase to show off your Spring blooms.

♥ 1
D.I.Y Twig Windchime

Fun craft with dry twigs

♥ 3
Button Stepping Stones

Button Stepping Stones

♥ 40
Recycled Book Planters

Convert old books into beautiful planters

♥ 32
A Live Miniature Summer Garden

Were you 4 inches tall, you could take a stroll here

♥ 3
D.I.Y Concrete Planters

Make rustic gold-patterned planters

♥ 9
Cheery Porch Décor-  Salvaged Faucet Planter

Create a whimsical planter from salvaged parts!

♥ 1
Egg Carton Garden

I'm a junk gypsy!

♥ 4
How To Bonsai A Juniper

How to make A Juniper Bush look like a bonsai tree!

♥ 8
Paint Dipped And Speckled Soup Can Planters

Paint dip soup cans to get a vintage, industrial look for cheap

♥ 1
Diy Bee House

DIY Bee House

♥ 6
Sparkly Painted Wine Bottles

Turn those empty bottles into holiday decor!

♥ 0
"Anthro" Knock Off Vase

Create this easy Anthropologie inspired Vase just in time for Spring!

♥ 1
Diy Crate And Barrell Spin Vase

This DIY cost almost nothing to make and the glossy see-through look makes the flowers look fresh.

♥ 0
Support For A Climber (Willow)

A very easy and simple yet pretty support for your own climber plant!

♥ 2
Flower Wall Hangings

Bring a little bit of happy to any room!

♥ 23
Hinged Trellis For Beans

Give busy beans something to do!

♥ 1
Tin Can Hanging Planter

Giving trash a new life

♥ 19
Bulbs In A Cheese Pot

Simple Flower Arranging

♥ 2
Diy Yarn Wrapped Bottle Vase

Use leftover yarn to make a beautiful bud vase

♥ 6
Upcycled Roped Vase

Create a vase from a recycled container.

♥ 0
Decorated Vase/Tip Jar

♥ 2
Diy Vase

Here is an easy idea to display flowers!

♥ 1
Reindeer Trellis

♥ 0
A Lucky Indoor Rock Garden

Turn a planter into a relaxation station.

♥ 6
Gilded Reindeer Vases

Transform dollar store glass vases into a designer-style trio of snowy reindeer

♥ 6
Charlie Brown And His Crew

♥ 1
Super Easy Seed Bombs

Only 3 steps!

♥ 8
Mario Planter Box

Video game craft = win #12

♥ 20
Diy Faux Terrarium

Make your own Terrarium

♥ 18
Entwined Planter For A Windowsil Herb Garden

Because a ledge full of yogurt containers would be tacky!

♥ 3
Diy Terrarium Ornaments

A beautiful gift that's perfect for a handmade Christmas.

♥ 49

Just wanted to share my TARDIS :) Its bigger on the inside!!

♥ 6
Dreamy Teepee Tutorial

Sew a Dreamy Teepee

♥ 9
Stenciled Butterfly Feeder

Use an old bottle to make a pretty butterfly feeder for your garden

♥ 2
Faux Hobnail Milkglass

Create a collection of hobnail milkglass with a secret ingredient

♥ 15
White Rim Pots

Jazz up those boring terracotta pots with this project

♥ 2
Painted Garden Pots

A creative way to spruce up boring indoor garden pots!

♥ 8
Recycled Book Planter Diy

Create an unusual and fun planter for a small succulent.

♥ 10
Tissue Paper Decorated Vase

A tissue paper decorated vase that's easy and inexpensive to make.

♥ 2
Fragrant Fire Starters For Free!

Snappy little fire starters smell amazing!

♥ 9
Peony Wellies

♥ 0
Sea Glass Vase

♥ 0
Seed Packet Printable

Print these cute seed packets to store your seeds for planting next year or to give as gifts to your friends.

♥ 4
Flower Press

Present for my daughter.

♥ 6
Halloween Bat Pot For Your Plants

Lovely home decor from a yogurt/pudding container

♥ 7
Anemone Flowers

Anemone Recipe 3: Special Occasion

♥ 2
Carnation Flowers

Carnation Recipe 2:On Its Own

♥ 6
A New Flower Pot In 5 Minutes

a flower pot from any can you have at home.

♥ 12
Aquarium Lightbulb Vase

♥ 1
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