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Learn how to make a piece of clothing

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T Shirt Shrug
Shrugs >

T Shirt Shrug

How romantic.

♥ 3782
Burlesque Bustle Skirt

Burlesque Bustle Skirt

ruffle and bustle to your own leg-kickin' tune!!

♥ 3377
Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Jumper Skirt Out Of A T Shirt

Make that big baggy shirt into a cute stylish jumper skirt.

♥ 1932
Peasant Top From Men's Button Up Shirt

Peasant Top From Men's Button Up Shirt

create an easy peasant top from a man's shirt

♥ 1759
How To Make A Tutu
Tutus >

How To Make A Tutu

Tutus make everything more fun!

♥ 1057

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Patchwork Jeans

♥ 0
More Polka Dot Shorts!

Wonderfully cute shorts that are perfect for summer.

♥ 0
Denim Bow Tie Top

Turn a plain denim top into a denim top with a denim bow tie!

♥ 0
My Darling (Diy) Denim & Tulle Vest

The perfect outfit topper!

♥ 1
Cage Dress

Create a cage dress from your old little black dress.

♥ 6
Faux Leather Sweater

Sew a faux leather sweater using recycled parts.

♥ 3
Nursing Tank Top Conversion

Convert standard tank tops into a nursing style tank!

♥ 0
Crochet Baby Cardigan

♥ 0
Pink Vintage Dress

♥ 1
Diy: Pom Pom Jeans

How to Refashion Your Denim with Fun Pom Poms

♥ 0
Little Mermaid Crop Top

Ariel's Seashell Bikini Shirt!

♥ 15
Camisole Crop Top

Turn your lace tank top into a cute crop top!

♥ 0
Cargopant Top

♥ 1
Corset Top

♥ 2
Suspender Kilt Skirt

Whats better than Plaid? NOTHING!!

♥ 30
Long Linen Skirt In Green

Long, Linen, and the Green Monster of Jealousy

♥ 4
A Cutout Dress With Heart

How to Add a Cute Heart Cutout Detail to a Basic Tank Dress

♥ 2
Table Cloth Skirt With Pleather

old table cloth to adorable old style skirt

♥ 0
Diy: A Little Lace Dress

How to refashion a simple little black dress by adding lace.

♥ 21
Diy: A Scarf Print Sweatshirt

How to refashion and old sweatshirt using a scarf.

♥ 6
Diy Origami/Asymmetrical Skirt

Trendy and cute!

♥ 0
Diy Tailcoat

Ever wanted a tailcoat?

♥ 6
Diy Loose Summer Dress

Cute and loose summer dress!

♥ 0
Diy Mini Skirt With Draping

Cute and simple skirt.

♥ 1
Diy: Cutoff Shorts With Flair!

How to refashion you old jeans into cutoffs with flair.

♥ 2
How To Make Leather Panel Shorts

How to make leather panel shorts like the ones at ASOS, and

♥ 4
Rockabilly Dress

a 50s inspired day dress

♥ 7
A Diy Floral Kimono

How to sew your own kimono using a pattern.

♥ 4
Womens Tops

♥ 0
Crossback Cami

Great project for total t-shirt reconstruction

♥ 3
Diy Fashion Tweak : Bcbg Maxi Dress

From Frumpy & Dumpy to FABULOUS!

♥ 1
Snatch ‘Em & Patch ‘Em Jeans

Flower child flair in a jiffy!

♥ 0
Flamenco Dress

How to make a flamenco /Sevillana dress pattern

♥ 9
Old Flare Jeans Into Dark Blue Skinny Jeans

Take your jeans from the 2000s to the 2010s.

♥ 0
Full Length T Shirt Dress (Tie Dyed)

Take 4 dingy t-shirts and turn them into an amazing dress for the beach

♥ 0
Punk Rock Prom Princess

For Fiona

♥ 5
Up Cycled T Shirt

a simple way to add style and edge to your t-shirts!

♥ 10
Lace Ruffle Top!

An elegant and vintage-inspired easy lace top.

♥ 2
Mary, Mary Cardigan

♥ 4
Green Pleated Skirt

make this quick and easy skirt to pair with your favourite top.

♥ 2
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