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Learn how to make a toiletry

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Best Pimple Killer Ever!

Best Pimple Killer Ever!

Kill those zits and blast redness fast!

♥ 797
Amazingly Bright Colored Lip Gloss

Amazingly Bright Colored Lip Gloss

When you can't find the color you are looking for, you can make your own!

♥ 587
Homemade Pore Strips!

Homemade Pore Strips!

dont like buying expensive pore strips? make your own!

♥ 446
Coco Lip Balm

Coco Lip Balm

Make your lips taste delicious with some coco lip balm.

♥ 432
Bath Bombs

Bath Bombs

Fizz up your bath with a bath bomb explosion.

♥ 380

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Kinder Egg Lip Balm

How to make a lip balm in a Kinder pot!

♥ 1
Salt Spray For Beachy Waves And Texture

Easy DIY salt spray you can make at home!!

♥ 0
Diy Hair Chalk


♥ 1
Marzipan Body Scrub

An easy body scrub that makes your skin glow and smells like marzipan cake.

♥ 2
Easter Egg Bath Bombs

Easter egg shaped bath bombs that you can make in your kitchen.

♥ 4
Diy Himalayan Salt Soap

Learn how to make this pretty homemade soap in few easy steps!

♥ 3
Best Scrub Ever!

It's true it is the best scrub ever!

♥ 1
Diy Lemon Hand Lotion

Make your own hand lotion

♥ 4
Diy Lipstick

DIY lipstick from crayons

♥ 2
Diy Dry Shampoo For Blondes & Brunettes

soak up that grease from your roots with natural ingredients!

♥ 1

Dry skin no more!

♥ 1
How To Get Rid Of Acne

We All Hate Acne

♥ 1
Diy.. Make Mini Heart Shaped Handwarmers

Keep your hands warm with the adorable mini heart shaped hand warmers

♥ 23
Massage/Lotion Bars

Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil Lotion Massage Bars

♥ 6
Cinnamon Body Scrub

Winter sugar body scrub

♥ 6
Easy Diy Soap Making

No Soap Opera here! DIY hand soaps made easy

♥ 10
Diy Floral Body Scrub

This scrub will leave you feeling relaxed and uplifted!

♥ 4
Diy Anti Cellulite Coffee Sugar Scrub

Get your cellulite free skin again

♥ 20
Diy Lip Scrub

Who doesn't want to have soft lips?

♥ 1
Making Lipstick From Crayons! Super Easy.. And Fun!

This weekend, I made lip color! Out of crayons! You can too!

♥ 22
Oatmeal Sesame Vanilla Bar Soap

This bar of soap scrubs away all nasty dirts and oils, and is moisturizing as well.

♥ 3
Basic Bar Soap

Here's a way to get rid of annoying remnants of bar soaps!

♥ 2
Homemade Nail Wraps

Customized nail wraps made from dried polish!

♥ 1
Diy Facial Steam

Use steam to clean your pores!

♥ 10
How To Make Herbal Bath Oils

Organic, hypoallergenic Bath Oils

♥ 4
Diy Face Scrub

An exfoliator that's quick, cheap, and really works!

♥ 2
Beachy Hair Spritz

This all natural and vegan hair spritz gives you beachy waves!

♥ 13
Easy Cuticle Oil

Organic, vegan and totally all-natural. Great for the earth and your nails!

♥ 5
Salty Foot Scrub

all natural body care for cheap!

♥ 5
Cosmetic Cupcake

♥ 0
Cat Sleeping Mask

♥ 3
How To Make A Nude Lipstick

In three super easy steps!

♥ 1
Diy Microwavable Rice Heating Pad

How to make microwavable rice heating pads

♥ 7
Beautiful Bath Oil

♥ 3
Diy Face Primer!

Make your own primer

♥ 50
Make Your Own Lemony Sugar Hand Scrub

Super Easy! How to make your own Lemony Sugar Hand Scrub

♥ 9
Yummy Brown Sugar & Vanilla Body Scrub Recipe

Easy Recipe for Brown Sugar & Vanilla Body Scrub

♥ 7
How To Hand Felt Soap

How to Hand Felt Beautiful Soaps

♥ 8
Diy Homemade Vicks Vapor Shower D Isks

The perfect remedy to clear your stuffy nose!

♥ 9
Homemade Lotion Bars

Make soothing lotion bars for Valentine's Day!

♥ 52
Cloth Menstrual Pads

environment friendly pads :)

♥ 7
DIY Sephora Inspired Express Nail Polish Remover

The perfect Beauty Product for all the Nail Polish addicted!

♥ 2
Stained Glass Soap

Soap Crafting

♥ 2
Diy Sugar And Honey Lip Scrub ! Yummy! =) (Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub)

The perfect and yummiest way to have Lipstick-ready lips!

♥ 18
Rice Heat Pack

Make your own Rice Pack to keep you warm or cool and soothe your aching muscles.

♥ 35
Diy Mint Lip Balm

This refreshing, minty will wake you up and moisturize your lips.

♥ 9
Healing Coconut Oil Containers

Miracle Salve

♥ 5
Diy Lush Bathbombs With Surprise !!    Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The perfect Valentine's Day Gift Idea for your friends, BFFs, mum, sisters or any Lush lover ! =)

♥ 8
Diy Greek Yogurt Mask

This cheap and easy face mask exfoliates and moisturizes your skin.

♥ 8
Diy Lush Sparkly Bathbombs With Glitters   Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The perfect Gift Idea for your friends for Valentine's Day =)

♥ 9
 Diy: Luxurious Argan And Rose Facial Oil

Make your own facial oil

♥ 8
Diy Whipped Shea Butter Rich Body Lotion

Make your own shea butter

♥ 12
Chocolate & Peppermint Body Scrub

Make your own body scrub

♥ 3
Diy Bentonite Clay & Green Tea Face Mask

Make your own face mask

♥ 5
Contouring And Highlighting Chart

A handy contouring and highlighting chart- for everyday or a more makeup'd look!

♥ 7
Soap With A Surprise

A great way to get kids to wash their hands.

♥ 8
Coconut Lime Sugar Scrub

Exfoliate & moisturize your skin with this delicious smelling scrub

♥ 15
Poison Free Deodorant

Make your own deodorant that really works!

♥ 49
How To Make Your Own Nail Varnish!!!!

Out of spare or old eye shadow you don't use!

♥ 2
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