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2 Roxburgh Pl, Edinburgh EH8 9SU • Visit Website »

We're being inspired by Hot Brown Honey at the Edinburgh Fringe in #CraftInTheCity and painting Queen Bee Nails!


Address: Assembly Roxy (Venue 139)
Phone: 0131 510 5511
Website: https://tickets.edfringe.com/whats-on/hot-brown-honey

Learn how-to colour an embossed background with a brayer in #TechniqueTuesday with Tracy May from Bedlam & Butterflies.

28A Great King St, Edinburgh EH3 6QH • Visit Website »

We're being inspired by the Edinburgh International Magic Festival in #CraftInTheCity and making a rabbit in the hat abracadabra necklace for you to recreate at home!


Address: 28A Great King St, Edinburgh EH3 6QH
Phone: 0131 226 0006
Website: http://www.magicfest.co.uk
Exeter, United Kingdom • Visit Website »

Come behind the scenes at verykerryberry for a #CraftRoomTour and see Kerry's sewing room in Exeter.

This room has great light, double glass doors that open towards the back of the house which is south facing. Our cat and dog come through this room a lot too on their way to our little garden and will come and sleep in here too.

I'm a cartoonist from Glasgow, and I run Team Girl Comic, a collective for women comic artists from all around Scotland.

I make a lot of wildlife-themed comics and in 2014 my short graphic novel 'The Beginner's Guide to Being Outside' was nominated for a British Comic Award. I also create humour comics with Adam J Smith as well as various other projects.

Outfit Details

  • Dress - Made by me! (See below)
  • Handbag - Vintage
  • Headband - Modcloth
  • Necklace - Gift, from Magnolia
  • Vintage Gloves - Modern Millie Vintage
  • Shoes - Delicious

The Counterdanse

Recreate the look with Kara's dress tutorial:

Check out The Counterdanse on Cut Out + Keep

We're experimenting with Ambar Tequila for this week's #CocktailHour and mixing up a Strawberry Smash, Candy Crush Margarita and Tequila Citrus Cake.

Come behind the scenes at Intentional Hospitality for a #CraftRoomTour and see Gina's blogger studio in South Carolina.

It's scheme is modern, white and organized which helps clear my mind when I walk in so I can be creative.

Edinburgh, United Kingdom • Visit Website »

We're one week in to the Fringe Festival here in Edinburgh and we've been running from venue to venue, trying to see as many previews and shows as possible to bring you our top recommendations for hilarious, creative and awesome shows while there's still time (and hopefully tickets) to catch them!


Address: 180 High Street Edinburgh EH1 1QS
Phone: +44 (0)131 226 0026
Website: https://www.edfringe.com

Book of the Week »

The Jewelry School

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We chat to Carolyn, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to make an After Eight Cuff.

My name is Carolyn and I am a freelance craft designer and teacher. I love to teach and share my creativity with anyone and particularly beginners. I just love the look of joy and satisfaction in their eyes when the make something they didn't really believe they could! I have been working in the art and craft industry for over 30 years and the last 20 years I've focused on jewelry design. I have written a number of books as well as editing and contribution to magazines. I have worked with television networks to promote and sell kits and materials and over the last year have been producing kits to go with my books, making it easier for beginners to get their hands on the materials needed to make gorgeous jewelry! I was born in California but have lived in England for the last 44 years. I travel to the USA six or more times each year to visit my mother and use these opportunities to keep abreast of the trends in the US to share and compare with those here in Europe.
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