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Learn how-to increase, pick up stitches and create an invisible seam with Yarnia in Portland, Oregon.

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For me it's the family atmosphere. It's a great place to raise a family and to go to create a new family. You know the saying, family aren't always those who are related to you? That's very true here. It seems everyone has a created extended family of people who are just always there for you.

Come behind the scenes at Flossie Teacakes and tour Florence's serene sewing room.

I really love how much natural light there is in my sewing room. It's part of a recent loft conversion, so I was able to have some input into its design and my main wish was that as much of the roof as possible should be taken up by windows. Even on the gloomiest day, the light up there is fantastic for sewing.

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Anna Bean recreates the bohemian look of Penny Lane from the movie Almost Famous.

Penny Lane, from the movie Almost Famous, takes on a very Bohemian, 70's, Rock Star look. Her character is very care free and wild, and spend most of her time making friends with famous bands while they tour.

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We learn how-to make a tofu scramble and biscuits & gravy with Salt Lake City's Vertical Diner.

Caldwell Tanner is a New York-based writer and artist. He is currently a freelance writer for the Cartoon Network series, Teen Titans Go! and the Head Illustrator for CollegeHumor.com. In addition to producing several of the site’s most popular articles, he has helped write, storyboard and voice a number of successful video series, such as Dinosaur Office, Pokemon Rusty, and Bear Shark. Caldwell’s work has also been featured in Nintendo Video, The New Yorker, CollegeHumor: The Website: The Book, and on Drawfee, a popular Youtube channel which he co-hosts. His personal website and comic portfolio can be found at Loldwell.com.

Check out Caldwell's new web show Drawfee where he draws daily requests from his audience.

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DIY Messy Braid Updo

Recreate the look with Amy's messy braid updo tutorial:

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Learn how-to make your own lampshade and applique lampshade pannel with Make and Do in Brislington.

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xandria, Louisiana •

It’s hard to pick the best thing about living in my city .Along the banks of the Red River, deep in the heart of Louisiana, Alexandria is known as the Crossroads of Louisiana. Close by are the beaches and bayous of the surrounding National Forests, where you can go hiking, camping and fishing. For those who aren’t into those activities there are the museums, plantation homes and shopping. There are also a fabulous zoo and great golf courses. I love the accessibility to all those activities that Alexandria provides.

Kym from Bitty.and.Bunny recreates the bohemian chic look of Nicole Richie:

What's really special about Nicole Richie is that she takes a bohemian chic vibe reminiscent of the 70s, and injects it with a modern twist. Her laid back, effortless style is attainable and so easy to relate to. She isn't afraid to take fashion risks (lavender hair and elaborate headpieces, anyone?), and executes them to perfection. Yet in her down time the girl can make a simple t shirt and jeans look downright fabulous. She's a little luxe, and a little rock n roll, and a whole lot of stylish.

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