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I've always loved Taylor's style because she constantly looks put together (even at the beach or going to the gym), which in my books is a major goal when it comes to any outfit. I have yet to see a candid photo of her where she looks anything but amazing. I especially like how she pairs a classic hair/makeup style with all of her ensembles, never looking over the top. Plus, even though her style continues to change over the years, she never let's go of her red lip, proving that a classic look never goes out of style.

Limassol, Cyprus •

Learn how-to make a pair of summer sandals in #AroundTheWorldIn80Crafts with Theano in Limassol, Cyprus.

I'm from Houston, Texas and moved out to Los Angeles for college, and I have been living here since. I work at an animation studio called Wild Canary, where I get to design cute aliens and travel the universe on a scifi adventure show. In my spare time, I like to go sketching, paint with my plein air group, dancing, trying new restaurants, and taking naps. I'm really good at naps.

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Come behind the scenes at Baked Bree for a #KitchenTour and see Bree's kitchen in Falmouth, MA.

Our home is a rental. We are a military family and move frequently. Until we settle down we will not buy a forever home. So we make the best of the kitchen that we have then. My favorite thing about this kitchen is that is has an amazing view of our backyard. I like standing at the kitchen sink and being able to see the kids playing and the flowers blooming.

Second Hand Susie recreates the style of a Beatles fangirl for #DIYTheLook

I've always loved The Beatles' music and their style, give me jangly guitars, yellow submarines and flowers in my hair and I a happy girl! The Beatles' sixties style was all about kimonos, huge flares, hippy beads and beautiful, crazy, colour clashing outfits. And don't forget the peace and love, man!

Come behind the scenes at Infarrantly Creative for a #CraftRoomTour and see Beckie's craft studio in Pickerington, Ohio.

I love my craft table, which is a generous 40 square feet. I refer to it as my craft island! There's plenty of space for crafting with my kids or gathering with friends for a craft night. I love opening my home up to others so this is very important to me.

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Collage and Keep

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We chat to Eleanor, give you the chance to win the book and learn the basic principles of collage.

I am 24 years old and living in London. I studied illustration at university and since then I’ve been freelancing, working with great clients on exciting projects. I’m also the artist in residence at a school, where I have a wonderful studio space to work from when I’m not running workshops. I love being busy, but when I’m not working I’ll be out and about with friends and family. I love running, reading and good food. I am particularly enjoying and embracing the opportunity to travel and would love to explore more new places, as well as revisit some of the amazing cities I’ve been to recently!

Kelly from amourtera recreates the look of Rihanna and gives her a bold red makeover.

Rihanna infuses streetwear with island style, I love everything about her look.

Jolene creates her dream guest room for today's #DIYTheRoom

It's my dream guest room, with a mix of modern and vintage elements. A simple colour palette of grey and white, with pops of copper, teal and wood tones keeps the room calm and inviting. What I love about this room is the simplicity and the inviting decor.

Amy from Amy Is The Party creates a festive backyard picnic soiree, perfect for summer for today's #DIYTheParty

One of my favorite parts of Summer is enjoying some time in our backyard, especially after the heat of the day has passed. We have a large backyard and I always thought it would be fun to have friends and family over for a picnic. I’m talking about spreading some picnic blankets on the lawn, enjoying a cool beverage, a good pasta or potato salad (or both!), and maybe some BBQ. You could even add some festive DIY touches like giant tasseled balloons, hand stamped napkins, and floral crowns for patrons.

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