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rainbowjo86 By rainbowjo86

Liverpool, England • Visit

"Every corner you turn in Liverpool you will see hints to its history, to its religion and to the continued development of its cultural celebrations."

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In the North West of England, on the east bank of the river Mersey, with a population of less than 500,000; Liverpool ranks 9th in city size in England, UK. It's a vibrant and exciting city with everything you could ever need close at hand. A student population of approx. 70000 there is always something fun and exciting to get involved in. But it's the cities wealth of history that makes it a cultural gem of the North West. Famous for its manufacturing and being one of the UK’s largest docklands since the late 19th century; famously known for The White Star Line shipping company registering the's hard to believe that Liverpool’s Culture wasn't officially recognised until 2008; when the city won the European City of Culture Award. It's not only maritime history the city is known for, it would be rude of me to forget the musical genius of the "Fab 4" who are probably the most famous musical stars to originate from the city. Being a book lover, as well as a knitting addict, my two favourite shops have to be Reid of Liverpool; a second handbook store with floor to ceiling book cases and every possible title you can think of. I'd also suggest that the 'activists' amongst you to take a trip to News From Nowhere on Bold Street where you can pick up political books and magazines.

Having a great group of knitters at work, I was quickly introduced to Abakhan which is a stone throw from the office. Not only is it a great space to relax on your lunch break, but the friendly staff are experts in yarn craft, are super friendly and the prices are excellent!

The first Thursday of every month sees University Square on campus become a bustling farmers market where shoppers can sell their home made, home grown produce. Regular car boot sales both in and outdoor are held on weekends from March - December as well as a Liverpool vintage fashion fair being held in September.

Be Inspired

The architectural contracts of the city can be summed up between its two biggest cathedrals; the Anglican and Metropolitan. Not only great places to visit and experience their sheer size, but both beautiful structures and are always a great place to start when looking for inspiration. Both places of worship are complete contrasts to each other with the Anglicans gothic revival design, it's tower standing over 300 feet and resembling the shape of the famous Red Phone Box, is the largest cathedral in the UK and the 5th largest in the world - the views from the tower are truly amazing (there's also a lift to the top!) The Met in contrast is circular, glass crowned and on a sunny day, its stained glass pillars throw a beautiful kaleidoscope of colour across the pavements and the 86 steps to the door of the cathedral. With both cathedrals at either end of Hope Street, it's a great place to sit and consider the next crafty piece.

15 miles north of the city, in the small town of Crosby, is the permanent home of Antony Gormley's 'Another Place'. A piece of modern art; consisting of 100 6ft iron casts of the artists body stand facing the sea, spread over a 2 mile stretch of beach. Probably one of the most beautiful and haunting piece of site specific art, if you time the tides right, you'll be able to see the statues in different states of submission as the tide comes in. It's an amazing thing to see at night when there are fewer tourists around and the moonlight makes for an incredible photo opportunity. It's also a great spot for a bit of yarn-bombing.

As for photos, the top of the Anglican is an amazing spot to take panoramic photos of the city; some of my favourite photos of Liverpool have been taken from there.

Eat & Drink

For a quick, tasty and relatively cheap burger dinner, you can't go wrong with Free State Kitchen. For those pickle lovers the range of additions is not to be missed. A good Sunday roast with your friends or when the family visit has to be at Camp and Furnace where the main eating hall is filled with trestle tables and diners eat together. There's nothing better than carving your own roast chicken!

If you want something sweet, head to Patisserie Valerie in the centre of the city which maybe part of a wider cafe brand, but oh my goodness, I can't ever walk past their window without stopping and looking at their amazing cake. I'd recommend the chocolate Éclair every time!

Working in the centre of the University campus, there's always a busy student bar to have a quick after work pint in, the Cambridge is your nice traditional English pub, the Font is great for affordable pub grub and cocktails as well as the Guild of Students having a huge refurbishment including a sleek modern bar overlooking the cathedral.


Calderstone Park in L18 is a great space for a peaceful knit, especially in its Japanese garden, where is you're lucky, you'll be able to grab a seat and relax on a lazy afternoon.

I've yet to join a knitting club, but both Purlesque and the Happy hookers are really active craft groups whose yarn-bombing can be seen around the city. Currently, the cancer reach North West are seeking volunteer knitters for a Christmas craft fair that a few of us at work are involved in.

Oomoos is not only a great place for a coffee and a slice of amazing cheese cake, but also has a small library of knitting magazines as well as spare wool and needles for you to have a quick knit over coffee.

See Something Special

As part of the cities celebration for their 2008 city of culture award; statues known as Lambananas were erected around the city. Some of these still exists, some are dressed as the Beatles, or theirs are covered in Poppies, it's well worth seeking them for a photo. John Kings "A Case History" is another piece of art that is dotted around the city; you can find it and an information poster on Hope Street by the initiate of performing arts who commissioned it.

Take Home A Souvenir

You can get the, in a number of sizes from key rings to 8" statues whichever you decide, I'd suggest getting yourself a lambanana in its famous yellow which you can either admire in its original form, knit a woolly hat for or even create your own stencils for.

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Craft Room Tour

Posted August 28th, 2014 10:00


We go behind the scenes at Mayholic in Crafts, to tour May's craft room in West L.A. where she makes handmade cards.

"My favorite thing about the space is a full long wall of windows. That makes me enjoy the views while crafting. I also love that my craft space is located in the living room so that I’m so close to all the action that goes on in my place. "

Tell us about your space

My craft space is technically part of the living room in our apartment. I placed a white book shelf to separate the living room area from the rest of the space. It solves as my craft space, my husband’s place to work, and as our living room. So naturally it’s the room where we spend the most time in, be it to work, craft, sit with friends. It's about 10 feet by 13 feet and it faces a full long wall of windows. It is where I do everything from cardmaking, sewing, blogging, and taking photos of my creations. Oh, I currently moved my sewing table to the bedroom so that I have plenty of space for only paper crafting. This is my main work spot! My computer is in here, as well as my printer/scanner, cutting machine, and wrapping supplies. Picture editing and blogging happens here, too, as long as the desk isn’t flooded with all kinds of craft supplies.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

Even though my furniture is mostly white/light, I like to add a bit of spice with colors. I fill the space with colorful craft supplies on display here and there. I just let the supplies decorate the space for the most part. They are a great source of inspiration and it makes me happy just to look at them. I also keep my space with inspiration on the walls, and hang my cards as well. This gives the room a personal touch and gives me the opportunity to be delighted by my creations. I also change things around every now and then to keep it fresh and interesting.

How do you keep organized?

I’m definitely a messy crafter. I usually go through cycles of being messy and organized. I start with a very organized space so I can find everything I need and be inspired by my crafting supplies. If I’m in the middle of a project, there is some creative chaos. I don’t even bother trying clean up after myself until it’s finished. So often you can’t even see the table tops for the giant tangle of craft supplies. Once I’m finished though, I try my best to tidy up in order to make space for the new project. I have a lot of plastic baskets to keep finished projects in.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

I have a system that works for me: drawers and open shelves. I store most of my supplies on open shelves and in drawers. If things aren’t easily accessibly, I’m less likely to use them. I also try to recycle things I already have such as baby food jars, food tins, and cardboard boxes. A little paint and fabric/paper can make them pretty and practical as well. And they work perfectly for storing all the little things crafty. I keep certain supplies in the same spaces so I don’t have to dig through things to find that one piece I need. Just have a definite place for everything and once you’re done using it, put it away. If you have pretty ways of storing things, you’ll be happy to clean things up and you’ll like the way things look when it’s tidy.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

I must have stamps, papers, and dies. Besides that, my favorite possession is a rolling kitchen cart from IKEA. I keep my most used supplies storing in it, so they are easily accessible. It makes my crafty life so much easier. My creations are everywhere. Especially I have some of my cards on display on the wall, called May’s Card Gallery.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I have a few mini notebooks for scribbling down ideas and making small sketches. I love looking back into the notebooks and being inspired all over again. I also use my iPhone to collect the ideas as soon as they come to my mind. I use my wall to keep inspiration on display, and everything I find on the internet goes onto one of my Pinterest boards.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Inspiration comes from everywhere. But I have to admit that the internet is an endless resources such as Pinterest, craftgawker, Etsy, and designer websites. I also really love looking at Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, and Free People as well. Sometimes new ideas come to me by just looking around my home.

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

I really couldn’t wish for more in my space, because I’m already very lucky with my craft space. However, if I had to wish for three things it would be…1. That we owned the space instead of renting. 2. I’d love to have a big crafting table that I could stand and create. 3. Bigger room(I guess I can never have too much space), it would have gorgeous clean white walls with lots of storage spaces.

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Rosie M. By Rosie M.


Rosie from DIY Couture recreates the desert-chic style of comic book character Tank Girl:

"What's not to love about Tank Girl. Once described as "Mad Max designed by Vivienne Westwood; Action Man designed by Jean-Paul Gaultier" she's a rude, kind hearted anarchist with a mutant kangaroo for a boyfriend. Her clothing is a little bit riot grrrl, a little bit 80s hair metal. As well as looking cool, her clothing is extremely practical. It's all about hard wearing fabrics and plenty of utility pockets. I love you Tank Girl."

See the list »
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Staticmap?center=51.4977088, 0.2179108&maptype=roadmap&markers=%7c51.4977088, 0
A bite to eat

73 Blythe Rd, London W14 0HP • Visit

We head to Betty Blythe vintage tearoom in London to learn how-to make homemade lemonade and a bergamot teacup crème caramel:

How did you get started?

Betty Blythe is five years old was was created when I needed a platform for my style of events and catering and somewhere to house all my vintage crockery, we started out selling very fancy foods,but it quickly developed in to a tea room which now is fully booked with hen parteis and baby showers, adored by so many peole for its Quintessentially English charm with a hint of Hollywood glamour!

Where are you located?

As the name sake was inspired by the name of the road, Betty Blythe can be found on Blythe Road in Leafy Brook Green in west London, and is easy to get to from hammer smith tube Station.

What are your specialities?

Betty Blythe can take you through the day, start with our delightful Brunch menu, coffee with croissants and granola, cheese and hams. Stop by for Lunch and have a soup or a traditional favorite of all - cheese toasties, relax with a good book and take a lazy pot of one of our fine teas delicious served with our amazing carrot or lemon cake, or book a party in where we look after your guests with champagne and a vintage style afternoon tea menu whilst you look in the dressing up box for something to wear to tea!

What's your personal favorite thing on the menu?

I love our Homemade scones with clotted cream and fine Jam, I can never seem to resist!

What's on the stereo?

FATS WELLER,GLEN MILLER Ethel Waters, Bessie Smith and the Boswell Sisters

Where else should we visit in your area?

Secret back street pub called The Pear Tree w6, a great place for a cosy evening with friends, drinking read wine, sitting by the fire and candle light and eating some good hearty food and Charm thai restaurant chiswick, great food, striking decor.

Do you host any special events?

We shall be hosting a speak easy in Betty Blythe very soon, and we have brought a Gatsby menu to the tea table, from £35 you can have savoury tea and champagne from coup glasses.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

Want to share a bit of Betty Blythe with friends? We have created our own biscuits which are available for delivery to anywhere in the UK

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73 Blythe Rd, London W14 0HP • Visit


Quiet Lion By Quiet Lion

Allison from Quiet Lion Creations recreated the look of Taylor Swift and gives her a bohemian beauty makeover:

The great thing about Taylor Swift is her natural beauty. With minimal makeup and that great curly hair, her style is all about All-American glamour. I wanted to give her style a makeover to something more moody, more gypsy-esque. I think that it would be a great contrast from her otherwise sweet, girl-next-door persona!

Classic Look

I love T. Swift's confidence and her ability to be comfortable without a face full of makeup. This classic look is a great everyday makeup look because of its simplicity, and it lets your natural beauty shine.


This makeover is a total contrast to ordinary Swift. The dark, smoky eyes and the deep lip color add a lot of attitude and a bohemian flair to her look. I think it's a great alternative to her usual preppy-meets-retro style!
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Sailesh is a freelance digital designer by profession, but his heart lies in doodling. He currently spends his allotted doodling time, on an iPad, using the Paper by 53 app. It’s a challenging yet satisfying experience. He encourages everyone to give art a go, especially on the Paper app, as he curates a #MadeWithPaper blog celebrating artwork created on the app by other artists - is where you can find it. Follow Sailesh on Twitter! - @SaileshVaghela

Have you always been creative and artistic?

I think so, I remember when I was really young making a mess in my granddad’s room, painting butterflies (you know when you fold a piece of paper in half and paint one side, and then re-fold it and open it, and be in awe of how good you are at art? Genius.), along with being an avid viewer of Tony Hart’s Hartbeat on TV back in the day. I think those two things were my foundation in what I creatively do today.

How would you describe the style of your work?

Currently, my style is dramatic, fantastical, and eyes. I get bored really easily and my style changes from time to time but I’ve noticed that I find copying from real life is extremely boring, so I like to twist reality in a way that makes my pieces stand out. That’s the power we have to abuse I guess. Also I have this weird thing for eyes, I usually tend to make them standout quite a bit on my pieces. I’ve always focused on character design throughout my doodling life, I think it’s due to being awe-struck by the Mahabharat on BBC2 in the 80s, and fascinated by anime in the late 80s, and loving Street Fighter in the mid-90s. Cool, over the top, wild characters were something that I liked a lot. I guess that’s why a lot of my art is like it is, focused on a character.

What’s in your pencil case and what’s your favorite tool?

My favourite tool right now, a part from the iPad, is my stylus. I’ve used quite a few iPad styli, but the first one I bought is my primary stylus. It’s Applydea’s excellent Maglus, it’s perfect for my chunky hands, has a good heft, and works amazingly well for what I do. It’s also magnetic so it’s less likely that I’ll lose it.

Who is your favorite superhero?

I like the idea of superhero comics but I haven’t read enough to give a solid answer. So I guess I’ll be going on from what I’ve seen in films, which is less than ideal for such a question. If I’m honest, it’s not a hero but a villain. It has to be Loki! Tom Hiddleston plays him so well, and his dialogue delivery is so cool. And even though Loki is not a ‘hero’ he’s not totally evil either, there are hints of grey in his character and I think that adds depth. He’s someone you love to hate and smile at whenever you see him.

If you could have one super power what would it be?

This is a hard question as there are so many. Perhaps teleportation? So I can go places without having the headache of transportation. Airports and planes are usually such a bane before going somewhere exciting, so ideally it would be cool to cut that out.

Where do you look for inspiration?

I think my inspiration comes from various places; Tumblr, mythological stories, video games, music, fashion, random faces in a crowd… I like to think I drink it all in without knowing and it somehow pours out onto the canvas.

Who are your favorite artists or comic book authors?

I’ve always had a thing for pop art, Robert Rauschenberg and Roy Lichtenstein are probably my faves. I’ve also come to appreciate traditional art a lot more these days, I trip to the Louvre last year brought that out of me. I did say I wasn’t too sure about comic books, but I’ve been trying to get myself into that realm a lot more recently. I’d say favourite author is Kieron Gillen, he’s excellent, and the combination of Gillian, McKelvie (art), and Wilson (colour) is just fantastic and makes me very happy. Their past work on Young Avengers was awesome and their new series, The Wicked + The Divine, is perhaps the best thing to happen in 2014 - it’s really mind blowing stuff.

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Posted August 23rd, 2014 10:17

Are you going to The Sewing Party? We've got our machines fired up and can't wait for this event:

"The Sewing Party is the first ever online-all-day DIY event in history! On November 8, 2014, join thousands of attendees for a fun-filled day of sewing and crafting classes taught online by leading bloggers and educational experts. It's all about Connecting. Crafting. And Creating. Let's Party!"

You can find out more info at The Sewing Party website »


Erica L. By Erica L.

Outfit Details

  • Striped menswear button-down shirt - thrifted, with a DIY Peter Pan collar (see below)
  • Charcoal high-waisted shorts - Forever 21 
  • Black crocheted tights - Betsey Johnson 
  • Black studded oxford flats - c/o Le Bunny Bleu 
  • Silver cameo necklace - from my Italy trip a few years ago; a gift from a friend

Thrifted Mens Shirt With Diy Peter Pan Collar

Recreate the look with Erica's Peter Pan collar shirt tutorial:

How would you describe your style?

My personal style is feminine and vintage-inspired, but I do like incorporating modern trends and silhouettes into my outfits to keep things fresh. I'm also a huge fan of quirky novelty prints and bright colors.

What's your favourite piece in your wardrobe?

Oh, that's a tough one, but I am rather attached to my navy sailor dress by Dear Creatures.

Who are your style icons?

Audrey Hepburn, Blair Waldorf, and Wednesday Addams.

Do you have any favourite designers?

Sretsis, Betsey Johnson, Erin Fetherston, Luella Bartley, and Marc Jacobs, to name a few.

Where are your favourite places to shop for new clothes?

I usually just head to the local mall and browse, but I just started thrifting (late to the game, I know) and have enjoyed checking out the thrift stores and estate sales around LA. I'm also a huge bargain shopper and will go to off-price stores like Marshalls and TJMaxx quite often.

Do you make or customise your outfits?

Occasionally! I enjoy crafting and making things with my hands, so every now and then I get an itch to create something, whether it's a vintage charm necklace, a bow headband, or even a knit maxi dress. Sometimes I see something online or in a store that I like and realize I can create something similar quite easily. Once I have an idea in my head, I have to make it right away.

Do you have any great tips for mixing up and personalising an outfit?

It's all in the details and the styling. Small accessories likes tights, headbands, and hats can instantly transform an outfit and make it your own. If you're crafty, you can even try personalising your outfits with handmade jewelry, scarves, and clothing. DIY is the ultimate personlisation.

Which other fashion blogs do you love to read?

There are quite a few that I read on the regular, but I've been digging October Rebel, Holly Dolly, and The Pineneedle Collective lately.

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Maya K. By Maya K.


"Skopje is one of the most entertaining and eclectic cities in Europe. It breaths with an interesting mix of ancient history with a modern vibe to it. It is quite unique and will make a strong imprint on any traveler. You don’t want to miss experiencing it!"

View Skopje City Guide in a larger map


I always buy my yarn from Teteks’ shop which is in the center of the city and all other craft supplies from the shops at the Old Bazaar. There you can find small but well stocked shops with all kinds of craft supplies. Especially haberdashery.

There are many craft shows organized throughout the year at the Skopje Fair. There’s the MKC (Youth Center) which organizes exhibiting and selling craft events, craft bazaars organized by various organizers and the city of Skopje.

Be Inspired

Nature is an everlasting and unfaltering inspiration. I love getting out with my family and enjoy the change of seasons, so the nearest spot is the mountain Vodno and the Church of St. Pantelejmon (dating from 1164 A.D).

Going to the Millennium Cross by a cable car, sipping a cup of coffee at the bosom of Canyon Matka or strolling through the streets and alleys of the Old Bazaar. My family and I love (re)visiting historic places around Skopje, so I must mention the Aqueduct, the Fortress, The Feudal Tower, the Memorial House of Mother Teresa (Skopje being her birthplace), the city square, the Daut Pasha’s Amam, just to name a few.

Any of the aforementioned places would be great for a memorable and one of a kind photo shoot.

Eat & Drink

Macedonian food is a feast for even the choosiest of the palates. For breakfast I recommend you visit Mekicite od Straza where you can grab a traditional fried pastry called mekica with a glass of yoghurt or one of their pitas with spinach and cheese. Have lunch in the restaurant Pivnica An situated in the captivating atmosphere of the Kapan An, while you can spend the evening at the Lira restaurant ( where you can try one of Macedonian traditional dishes and enjoy in the fabulous atmosphere created by their live bands.

Many sweet-shops offer great cakes and cookies. My personal favourite is the sweets and ice cream shop, Eskimo – they absolutely have the best ice-cream in the country and you may want to tickle your palate with some of the cakes at the Oh la la’s (

My husband and I love going for drinks and great live music at the New Orleans café, or the Brewery (both located in the Old Bazaar).


The best place to sit and craft would be the City Park and there are also coffee shops at the Old Bazaar where people can sit, chat and craft together.

If you want to join a craft group check out MATA Craft ( and the Trade Association.

See Something Special

To see something special, go to The Old Bazaar, which is the hub of trade and merchants as early as the 12th century, nowadays it represents an iconic heritage site for the city. It is a vivid representation of the country's past and its inheritance from the Ottoman empire. There are many authentic shops for jewelry and handcrafted products and it can be a paradise for collectors of original arts and products, so I often seek inspiration there.

Take Home A Souvenir

There are many souvenir shops strewn around the city center and the city square (not exclusively though) and at the City Malls (Ramstore, GTC and City Mall). Miniature versions of opinci, old type of leather footwear, is an interesting and eye-catching souvenir for tourists as well as pottery and kitchenware, clothing and jewelry depicting characteristic Macedonian motifs and colors.

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Craft Room Tour

Posted August 21st, 2014 10:00


We head to Winter Park, Florida and go behind the scenes at Sarah Hearts to see how Sarah organizes her craft supplies.

"My favorite thing about the space is that it’s filled with all my favorite things: bold florals, inspiring quotes, horse decor, and of course all my supplies! "

Tell us about your space

My craft room is the first bedroom you see when walking down the hallway in our home. It’s about 10’ x 10’ and is the smallest room in the house. I’m a bit spoiled and don’t have to share the room with my husband and I’ve been able to use it for work, although my projects usually spill out into the rest of the house. This room functions as both my office and my studio. So I’m constantly juggling craft project clutter and clean desk space. One side of my L-shaped desk, which I built into the wall, houses my iMac and the other, longer side is used for creating. I most often am creating projects for my blog here but I also used the desk space for sewing, which is one of my favorite hobbies.

What have you done to make your space cosy, beautiful or inspiring?

The walls are painted in Glidden’s Soothing Green Tea, which ironically enough is pretty soothing! I’ve try my best to fill the space with colorful things and cute details that I love without making it feel too busy or cluttered.

How do you keep organized?

This is tricky when I’m constantly working on multiple projects at once. I try to keep most of my supplies in the closet, which I added shelving too. Creating a space for everything and labeling it has been really helpful too.

Any tips & tricks for organising supplies?

I love the stackable containers from The Container Store. They are modular and all stack. I’ve also gotten in the habit of cleaning up my supplies every time I complete a project.

Which are your favourite possessions and are there any of your own creations on display?

I love my framed print by Emily McDowell. It’s a funny quote that’s a great daily reminder for myself. Most of my own creations are displayed throughout the rest of the house so there aren’t really any of my own creations on display in my studio.

How do you organise your inspiration and ideas?

I have a small cork board above my desk that I constantly update. I use it as my tangible Pinterest board and often display inspiring quotes on it and favorite photos (like the one of my husband with our horse and dog).

Where do you look for inspiration?

I get a lot of inspiration by traveling and seeing new places. I’m also inspired by our 1960’s Florida home. It’s pretty much been a blank canvas in which I’ve been able to shape and create just the way I want!

If you had three wishes, what would you do to make it the dream space?

- I’d love to have a space that had at least 3, large windows! - I’d love to have a large space that has lots of desk space and a large worktable (large enough to cut large pieces of fabric on) - I’d love to have a space large enough to host workshops and events in! Maybe one day!

Whose craft room would you love to explore? Send us a message!

DIY The Look

Small tankgirl

Tank Girl