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New York City never ceases to amaze me. One minute you’re in a busy thoroughfare, the next a quiet park. You can find busy bars, quiet museums and quirky cafes. When it comes down to the core of it, the best thing about NYC is the people. It’s a true mixing pot of every kind of person you can imagine, young and old, rich and poor, cheery and snarky. It’s a mix of races, religions and beliefs unlike anything I’ve seen in any of my travels outside of the region. Some people think we are a bit brash, but we are also friendly and honest.

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Learn how-to make a Spring Pinwheel Bouquet and Grapevine & Burlap Wreath with Pat Catan’s in Strongsville, Ohio.

Come behind the scenes at Little Pincushion Studio and tour Annabel's sewing studio in Warrenton, VA. (Photography by Sunny King Photography.)

I love that my studio is housed in such a historic building. My studio used to be a beauty shop in the 50's. The facade and windows of the building allow great light to filter in.I also love that the space is big enough for all of my students but also cozy enough to create a feeling of warmth when we are all working together.

Come behind the scenes at Creative Khadija and tour Khadija's craft room in Islamabad, Pakistan.

My Craftroom is not a very big place though but my favorite thing is it's big window which is passing good light in the room whole day, I have placed my craft table near the window & it simply filled my room with perfect brightness! It also pass fresh air in my room & makes me feel good while working on art & craft projects.

Meesh from Right Where I Left Off recreates the chic look of actress Lucy Liu.

Lucy Liu has great style, especially in her show, Elementary. She’s able to dress chicly, but also warmly for that New York cold weather. I love that her style in that show is professional yet relaxed and practical because she spends the entire show running around the city solving crimes with her partner. She keeps it simple, stylish and classic.

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Cook some spinach risotto, a pork chop and gravy meatball sliders with Little Owl in New York City.

Learn how-to stitch a sleepy face for your amigurumi with Jennifer from Squirrel Picnic and then make her adorable sleepy bear.

We're experimenting with Driftaway Coffee for today's Craft Test by baking a simple coffee cake and making a chalkboard tea & coffee chest to keep our beans organized.

Nichol from CholFable recreates the makeup of Lana Del Rey in her Born To Die video and gives her a 60's makeover.

I've always loved Lana Del Rey's old fashioned style and her ability to mix and match different aspects from various time periods.

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Knitted Rabbits

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We chat to Val, give you a chance to win the book and learn how-to knit a rabbit with a carrot.

I am a self taught passionate crafter, learning to knit at just 5 years old. I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t knitting something for someone. My love of crafting grew and I progressed from knitting for family and friends to knitting for designers and spinning companies, making test garments and pattern checking. After some time I began to design small projects. I then contacted various magazines and offered my services as a designer. I was very fortunate to be accepted and from then on my career took off.
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