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Bias Tape Crafts

Things to make using Bias Tapes

Top Projects

Recycled Denim Corset

Recycled Denim Corset

Recycled Denim Corset Tutorial

♥ 939
Convertible/Infinity Dress

Convertible/Infinity Dress

An awesome dress that you can wear a MILLION ways!!!

♥ 473
Repurposed X-Large T-shirt Into Fabulous Cover Up!

Repurposed X-Large T-shirt Into Fabulous Cover Up!

Reconstructed t-shirt

♥ 412


rosette tute[tte]

♥ 360
Circular Bag

Circular Bag

I can sew circles ... not!!

♥ 344

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Diy: Bias Tape
Sew >

How to sew on bias tape

♥ 2
Flounce Dress

Easy to wear, easy to sew dress.

♥ 1
 Black Corset Top

Lace up dream

♥ 13
Another School Bag

Made out of 2 pairs of old school trousers and an old shirt that was too small :)

♥ 14
Sailor Inspired Shoe Redo

Upcycled shoes found at a thrift store

♥ 11
Thrifted Mens Shirt With Diy Peter Pan Collar

Add a super cute Peter Pan collar to an otherwise ordinary mens button-down shirt!

♥ 21
Diy.. Make A Colorful Vinyl Cosmetic Pouch

Pouches, pouches, pouches!!

♥ 11
Office Chair Up Cycle

♥ 0
How To Make A Hoop Skirt

How to make a hoop skirt (crinoline)

♥ 72
Felt Heart Wall Decor

Happy up your walls with these little felt hearts!

♥ 2
Bag For My Sister

she loves baking!

♥ 4
Reshape A Shirt Collar

Create a Peter Pan collar from a standard shirt collar...

♥ 32
Old Scores Diy Clutch

Give old scores a 2nd life!!

♥ 57
Cut Out Boots Diy

Dare to cut your old boots!!

♥ 11
Plaid Flannel Skirt

Sew a flannel skirt

♥ 10
Fabric Gift Box

Use gorgeous holiday fabrics to make your gifts look amazing & keep wrapping easy

♥ 5
Millefiori Quilt

Hand Quilted With Love

♥ 7
Beltable Lace Top

♥ 2
Threadbanger Recon

♥ 7
Lace Top T Shirt

Add a lace yoke to make a plain t-shirt pop!

♥ 68
Laminated Messenger Bag

The beyond versatile bag

♥ 27
Galaxy Underbust

♥ 33
Polka Dot Overbust Corset

♥ 8
Takuya Angel Inspi' Outfit

♥ 5
Knit Blouse With Tucks

Stylish Dress Book

♥ 61
Flash Card Bunting

Brighten up a room super quickly, super fun!

♥ 0
Filigree Fairy Quilt

♥ 10
Colorful Bag

♥ 0
Neku Sakuraba Shirt For Cosplay

Neku Sakuraba, The World Ends With You

♥ 9
Diy Blouse Recon

♥ 3
Cut Out Shoulder Blouse

Cut out the summer heat!

♥ 54
Girl's Bicycle Dress From T Shirt

Easy to make girl's dress from a t-shirt and scraps of fabric

♥ 9
Mini Top Hat

♥ 2
Jingle Dress

♥ 8
Studded Statement Jewelry

Studded statement jewelry DIY

♥ 63
Pokémon Corset

♥ 37
Short House Coat

♥ 0
Satin Nightgown

♥ 2
Hand Made Sewing Kit!

Simply sewn sewing kit made with scrap fabric! Organize all your sewing gear!

♥ 25
Homemade Pot Holders:]

homemade pot holders you can make&give or keep:]

♥ 30
Thread Jar

♥ 4
Crochet Hook Case

For crochet on the move

♥ 13
Make Your Own Piping

Make you own piping out of your favorite fabrics!

♥ 25
Flowery Skirt

♥ 3
The "Minnie" Coat

♥ 2
Diy Sequin Bow Hair Clips

So sweet, so easy!

♥ 4
Black Waist Cincher

♥ 20
A Bow And Whimsy Top

A Sleeveless Blouse with a Really Big Bow

♥ 6
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