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About this project

Did someone say TEA???

Lolita/Alice inspired tea cup toppers.

I have since removed my template from here because people were using it to make and sell these as their own design even after I posted a request not to do so. I do not own the idea of the tea cup hat and was not the first one to make them, but the template was mine and I lent it to those who wanted to make one for their own personal use.

I would still love to see everyone else's version of a tea cup hat though and I would not be offended by that at all.... just make it your own as I have done with mine :)

Thank you.



Tea Cup Hat

Tea Cup Hat

Great for tea parties!

♥ 21
Tea Cup Hat How To

Tea Cup Hat How To

cut and stylish hat for fancy dress parties or just to wear out in general!

♥ 13
Cappuccino Hat

Cappuccino Hat

cappuccino hat with saucer and choc chip cookies on the side

♥ 22
A Teacup Hat

A Teacup Hat

A hat made by hurry for Lady GaGas gig

♥ 33



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