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Keeps food as hot (or cool) as it looks!

Goodbye brown-bag lunches, there's a new bag in town! There's nothing like noshing on a lunch you've lugged in a trendy tote - that keeps food as hot (or cool) as it looks!


Extract from

101 Great Ways to Sew a Metre: Look How Much You Can Make with Just One Metre of Fabric! by Rebecca Yaker

Published by David & Charles

This title features 101 projects specially designed to use one metre of fabric - so crafters can stop hoarding and start sewing! It provides diagrams showing how to position patterns on your fabric to use the metre most economically. Fresh, modern fabrics used throughout promote having fun with your fabrics, and make the photography inspiring and eyecatching. Easy to follow techniques and diagrams make it a breeze for sewists of all abilities.

© 2015 Rebecca Yaker / David & Charles · Reproduced with permission.


  1. 1

    <b>Quilt the Fabric</b>

    With wrong sides together, fold your fabric in half lengthwise matching up the selvages. Sandwich the 22" x 36” piece of insulated batting between the layers. Pin through all three layers and mark your choice of quilting lines using a disappearing marker, washable fabric pen, or tailor’s chalk (you could try diagonal lines at a 45-degree angle, 2" apart). Machine-quilt the layers together, following your lines. You may want to use a walking foot, if you have one.

  2. How to make a lunch bag. Quilted Lunch Bag - Step 2 2

    <b>Measure, Mark, and Cut</b>

    Measure and mark the following pattern pieces directly on the quilted fabric, then cut them out:

    <b>Body of bag</b> 9 1/2" wide x 27 1/2" tall (cut 1)
    <b>Sides of bag:</b> 5 1/2" wide x 10 1/2" tall (cut 2)
    <b>Pocket:</b> 5 1/2" wide x 9 1/2" tall (cut 1)

    Note: Place "tall" dimensions along the grainline of your fabric.

  3. How to make a lunch bag. Quilted Lunch Bag - Step 3 3

    <b>Prep the Pieces</b>

    Encase one wide (top) edge of the pocket with bias tape and stitch. Do the same at one short end of the body piece and one short end of each side piece. Stitch the loop side of the Velcro to the center of the body piece 1" below the bias tape. From the top, mark the body piece as shown along both long sides at 10 1/2" and again at 14 1/2".
    These marks will be your pivot points for attaching the side pieces.

  4. How to make a lunch bag. Quilted Lunch Bag - Step 4 4

    <b>Attach the Pocket</b>

    With right sides together, pin the raw edge of the pocket to the body piece at the 14 1/2" mark with the bound pocket edge pointing toward the Velcro. Stitch along the raw edge. Flip pocket over and press so the right side is facing out and the seam is covered. Baste in place along the side edges.

  5. 5

    <b>Stitch the Sides</b>

    With wrong sides together, align bound edge of body piece and one side piece. Pin in place and stitch to the 10 1/2" mark. Pivot to turn the corner, and stitch the pieces together to the 14 1/2" mark. Pivot again and stitch the pieces together to the top edge of the side piece (the remaining body section will become the flap). Do the same with the second side piece.

  6. How to make a lunch bag. Quilted Lunch Bag - Step 6 6

    <b>Bind the Edges</b>

    Press under one end of the remaining bias tape 1/2". Starting at the top front of one ofthe side seams, encase the raw edges with bias tape and stitch. Continue working your way around the entire raw edge of the bag, neatly folding the bias tape (mitering the corners) at the top of the bag. As you approach the opposite end of the bag, trim the bias tape and turn under 1/2" and overlap the beginning raw edge of the tape for a neat finish. Stitch the hook side of the Velcro to the center of the Flap underside, 1" below the bias tape. Add a decorative button on the outside if desired.

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