Snippets Issue 20 : The Happiness Issue

Happiness Tips

Beat the summertime blues with our top 10 Happiness Boosters!

Happiness Tips

Summertime Blues? Then look no further. Here are our Top 10 Summertime Happiness Boosters:

Number 10

Black may be the new *insert popular clothing colour* but it is proven that black absorbs the most heat, whereas colours like white,pale blues and pinks reflect more light and therefore absorb less light - thus less heat is produced! Perfect, this means we have an excuse to change our all black wardrobe to be more feminine and girly.

Number 9

"Out with the old and in with the new." But do you really do this? Make sure before summer really kicks in that you clear out your wardrobe and makeup! Throw out everything that isn't good and the rest can be either given to charities or sold online. Old makeup should be thrown away and unwanted makeup that is of a good quality can also be sold online. Another great idea is to wash out your makeup and hairbrushes to get rid of grease and oil. Another very easy clutter free technique is to sell all your old CDs, books and DVDs you don’t use anymore!

Number 8

Create some artwork and display it. Even if you aren’t a good artist, just splatter some paint onto a canvas and you have a homemade painting to hang on your wall! It’s fun, can be done outside in the lovely hot weather (hopefully) and adds a personal touch to your home. You may even get guests asking if you can make them one!

Number 7

Whilst the homemade touch is a nice feature you shouldn’t over do it. Buy a new home accessory, for example a large glass vase. You can fill this with fake flowers or decorative sticks, and then pour in some stones or glass marbles to add a twist. This could be placed on your dining table as a centrepiece. You could fill a basket with shells you have brought and collected and place this in the bathroom.

Number 6

A sun, sea and sand trip with your friends or family doesn’t have to be a holiday but can be a simple trip to the beach. Everyone can pitch in, bringing footballs, balls, bats and maybe even a picnic. Remember to pack the lotion and swimwear!

Number 5

Time for a romantic evening? Invite your partner, or a friend, over for a lovely glass of wine. Splash out on a good bottle and throw in some ice cubes and a little umbrella to make it extra special. You can sit outside in the garden or at your favourite location. Bring along snacks - you can feed each other strawberries, grapes or cheesy bites. This could soon progress into some summertime fun!

Number 4

Fresh summer = fresh start. Change your makeup look completely. Have a few friends over and you can all try different styles. Ask your friends which suit you. Try out each others makeup and share ideas. This will boost creativity and style. 

Number 3

What smells more like summer than a BBQ? Nothing! So get your sausages and burgers out and call over a few friends and family. Have a wonderful time, sunny or not sunny, play some of the latest tunes and eat food - perfect! You could also make your own potato salad and pasta to go with the BBQ. Later in the evening, offer around a homemade cocktail or orange juice for the kids. Competitions of the Nintendo Wii always go down well after a few drinks!

Number 2

Hair, hair and lots of it. With the summer just around the corner everyone will be getting highlights and lowlights. Did you know that just by blowdrying your hair after washing is actually damaging? Don’t be afraid to splurge this summer on the good products. You should buy some decent shampoo, conditioner and also some heat protection spray - this is great as it can be used before blowdrying and also before straightening. Remember, if you get your hair dyed, be sure to use plenty of conditioner to keep your hair in good condition. After all, we do forget how much our hair means to us!

Number 1

Who of us who have been losing weight to show off that perfect bikini? *raises hand*. Well why not treat yourself to a perfect little black dress to go with it? Nothing can go wrong! Evenings are cooler and you will look stunning. Remember, dress to impress. Literally - it’s a dress, and nothing is more sophisticated and impressive than the colour black.

Wish you all a happy happy summer!

What do you do to cheer yourself up?


I go for a walk in a local park, to a museum or a library... it's geeky I know but getting something 'new' doesn't have to mean shopping, a new idea, inspiration or favourite place is just as nice! Also I remember how lucky I am to live somewhere where there ARE free parks, libraries etc'.
I paint my toe nails and be sure to make time to hang out with friend or two for a new adventure each week.

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