Snippets Issue 20 : The Happiness Issue

Book Of Awesome

Win a signed copy of the Book Of Awesome from blog 1000 Awesome Things.

Book Of Awesome

Bringing smiles to thousands of people on a daily basis, Neil Pasricha founded the award-winning blog 1,000 Awesome Things, where he posts one awesome thing in life every weekday. He explains, "Awesome is just an escape from the sad news and bad news pouring down everyday. It’s a place where global warming, terrorist threats, and health care debates sit backseat to warm underwear out of the dryer, the cool side of the pillow, and popping bubble wrap.”

Launched on June, 2008 and currently at #442, here are a few examples of awesome things:

  • #999 That last, crumby triangle in a bag of potato chips.
  • #995 Finding money you didn’t even know you lost.
  • #805 The smell of crayons.
  • #749 The quiet satisfaction of settling the group bill after dinner.
  • #687 Turning off all the lights during a thunderstorm.
  • #651 When the phone rings and it’s someone you were just thinking about.
  • #591 Sitting on your freshly made bed and admiring your work after cleaning your room.
  • #511 The moment on vacation where you forget what day of the week it is.
  • #465 When a work friend becomes an outside-of-work friend.

The blog has now been transformed in to a gigantic Book Of Awesome and we've got two autographed copies up for grabs.

How to enter:

Simply post a comment below sharing one of your favorite awesome things about life.

Closing date: September 14th.


Getting home from a long day at school, in the middle of winter and taking a hot shower and then curling up in the corner and watch the snow outside your window as you let your creativity explode on a piece of paper.
hanging out with a group of friends and being silly
eating cupcakes for breakfast!
Naw, just kidding
The "Haha! In your face, hackers!" feeling when you rid your computer of a virus.
when your having a horrible day and all of a sudden for no apperent reason you
here from the person you really like and it makes everything so much better even if its a simple hello ;}
Having a heartfelt conversation with that person who isn't perverted, mean, or judgemental and loves you for who you are despite looks. Then making him laugh his hearty laugh that's as warm and filling as hot soup when you clumsily trip over something and fall in the dirt, pulling him down with you to the ground, and you laugh some more together. Best friends. (:
playing in the rain!Happy
To come back from the snow and I have tea or hot chocolate <3
The first sniff of woodsmoke out of a chimney on a sunny autumn day, when the leaves on the trees are turning yellow and red.
Never knowing what is going to happen next,
The thrill of surprise about the day/week ahead Happy
Never knowing what is going to happen next,
The thrill of surprise about the day/week ahead Happy
The smell of freshness after the rain Happy
licking your finger tips after eating a bag of cheetos Happy
Lying on the trampoline as the sun goes down and realising just how amazing life can be while the stars come out and the air turns cold
My most awesome favourite thing about life right now... three generations of my family laughing and crying with releif when i told them my chemo is working and the tumour has shrunk into non-existance ^_^
Watching a movie with your dog Happy
The changing of seasons between summer and autumn I just love how the leaves change colour
Just got back from an incredible trip to the mountains and had to say - it's truly awesome to sit beside a huge, still lake in the dark, upon a flat rock and look up and realize that out there you can actually see the stars and discover that the milky way does exist.
The smell of your Dogs fur on the top of her head when she cuddles up close to you.
My grand daughter telling me my wrinkles are beautiful!
When I get out of bed my 5 animals run to see me.
when you laugh cause you got such a cute text from a friend and you don't care that your sitting by yourself anymore
Standing out in the rain and the sun watching the rainbows fill the sky with beautiful colours!
this book is so weird!! it's perfect for me!
the person you like texting you first, because then you know that they were thinking of you <3
going for a walk in the rain/puddle jumping =)
my favorite things about life is getting home to do some making and baking.
Being curled up on your sofa with a mug of hot water with a slice of lemon, and just sitting for a short while before you start your day
When you finally learned that new hairstyle youve been wanting to do
Getting to wear sneakers, jeans and sweaters again after an incredibly hot and humid summer!
The feeling of a crisp fall breeze blowing through my hair.
Waking up in the morning with your pet nuzzled against you. Happy
Waking up with my dog on side of me and my boyfriend on the other Happy
Making someone smile.... even if its only a cup of tea!
Making someone smile.... even if its only a cup of tea!
Making someone smile.... even if its only a cup of tea!
creating a giant splash in the pool with great friends on a warm summer day
creating a giant splash with great friends on a warm summer day
When the bath water turns red after you've just dyed your hair Happy
In bare feet feeling the sand squishing up in my toes.
Watching the sun coming up after a fantastic night Happy
Walking on fresh snow and pretending it is clouds
Walking on fresh snow, pretending it is clouds.
going outside on an overcast or rainy day and blowing bubbles!
What I think is awesome about my life is that I have a little sister. She's adopted and she's the most fun little thing a person could have.
Biking home in the rain
When people you were scared you'd lost touch with come back into your life like they'd never been gone.
life is awesome when your dog wakes you up in the morning ready to play
Finding a new favorite song.
The smell of freshly baked bread Happy
Turning your phone on after a bad day at work, and finding a message from a (you thought) 'long lost' friend saying they are back in town.
Curling up with your favorite book while waiting for peanut butter cookies to bake. That's awesome.
that look of pure joy and satisfaction on your dogs face when you find that one perfect spot to itch.
Losing yourself in the soft fur and purr of your cat after a hard day.
walking in the rain without an umbrella and your i-pod turned up on max
to feel connected to life by memories that light my day and give me new inspiration
Finding that that one old movie you love that you lost.
sewing, panting and drawing all day long insted of doing homework or school.
resting with Batman (my cat) in my lap. his purring is the best sound in the world!!!
going up in a plane, looking out the window, and watching the little toy cars speed down the road.
Getting kisses from your dog.
The first snow of the year
Dancing in a summer rainstorm. Happy
When the first pair of jeans you try on fit you like a glove.
boinging curls
When you get a present in the mail
Taking your first bite of food you have just bought/made and fully realising it is the EXACT taste you were after at that moment.
The sound of a kitten purring near your ear as you fall asleep
Coming away from an argument feeling like you BOTH won.
going to sleep knowing that you survived for that day
The fist bite of a piece of fresh mango.
Reading this book to my sick boyfriend
The times that a pin goes into the right place, first time and you HAVEN'T pinned your finger to the fabric.
Staying up all night so you can enjoy the hours when everyone else is asleep then sleeping when everyone is awake; 5 am is about the most beautiful time of day in my little piece of New Jersey.
the satisfying scratch of the hairbush on your scalp as you brush your hair Happy
Being given that last rolo xx
Sitting on the beach in the sun and knowing you don't have to do anything or go anywhere all day.
taking a deep breath of rain fragranced air
eating chocolate vanilla pudding in the morning
Seeing the streetlights turn on.
walk with your boyfriend when is raining, don't caring about to get sick
going for a walk on a spring morning.
Finally realizing you don't care what others think, and decide to start being yourself.
The sparkle and beauty of an untouched blanket of snow. <3
having someone tell you that the thing about yourself you hate is one of the reasons they like you.
riding with the windows down and the radio up after a bad day at work
snuggling up with a big warm blanket sipping on hot cocoa when there is a cold winter storm outside.

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