Snippets Issue 20 : The Happiness Issue

Mr Warwick Ave

Service with more than a smile on the London Underground.

Mr Warwick Ave

By Annie Mole

The Tube's one of those places where everyone's in are in their own personal bubble, rushing from A to B, trying to get to their destination as quickly as possible. People rarely smile - why would you? Surrounded by thousands of strangers rushing for seats and bumping into you with huge ruck sacks. Then there's the staff. All you ever hear about them in the press at the moment is making demands for pay & going on strike. Where's the happiness on the London Underground.

Amazingly if you look carefully and are lucky enough to travel through Warwick Avenue, you might come across Tim Pinn. He's one of the happiest staff members on the London Underground and tries to spread that happiness though cartoons and phrases that make people smile. It's not just trite phrases pulled from greetings card archives, but acknowledgements that your working week is tough, but there's always an element to look forward to.

Many visitors to my blog had taken pictures of his cheery signs and said not only do the signs brighten up their day, but Tim himself is a naturally cheerful man who's happy to have a chat. So for those times when you think the Tube is run by miserable faceless bureaucrats, take time out to remember Warwick Avenue. It's not just a place where Duffy is miserably reminded of her ex-boyfriend, but the source of happiness for many a rushed commuter.


Yay! I love the eccentric tube people... unsung heroes in many ways. Keep your eyes open on the tube because cheery signs, comic announcements and even lovingly tended flowerbeds are there and too-often ignored.

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