Snippets Issue 20 : The Happiness Issue

DIY Wedding

Vanessa Irino talks about the happiest day(s) of her life.

DIY Wedding

It happens once in a lifetime... well twice for me! Our first wedding took place on May 3rd. Because my husband is from Japan, we couldn't bare to be away from each other, so we had to have a quick ceremony so he could stay in the country. Our proper wedding took place on July 6th, when we had the chapel and everything else booked. This time, all the family were flying in from Japan, which made it really specail, and my mother flew in from Texas (my home state). We were ready for our 2nd wedding...

It happens once in a lifetime... well twice for me!

I didn't want a wedding dress that anyone could buy, or to look the same as any other bride. I had to make it unique and different, just like my personality. I love Japanese culture and fashion, and of course marrying a Japanese man helped influenced my decisions a bit. I designed my wedding dress almost like a kimono. One of my favorite colors is red wine, so I added it to the design and it looked good and I also added touches of gold. I love collars, so the Mandarin collar was a perfect touch!

Of course my groom had to match me, so I made him a burgundy vest, with gold pockets. People liked to call it the Iron Man vest! I wanted to make a gift for our mothers, so I made them fabric flower pins to wear.

My bouquet was a bit of a challenge, as it was my first attempt at ever making one. I had to match the flowers perfectly and arrange them nicely, as each stem was individual and a different size. I added rhinestones everywhere!

I'm sure that our wedding impressed all of the family from Japan. We even had The King himself, Elvis give me away! It was the happiest day of my life and now I get to spend the rest of my life with my man from Japan.

What has been the happiest day of your life so far?


Gorgeous work! You both look lovely. My fiance and I are getting married on September 18th and I'm making lots of things myself, too.
And then we're headed to Memphis and Graceland for the honeymoon! Happy
Congratulations! What a fabulous dress, it's great that you made it yourself. I'm home-making stuff for my wedding right now (COAK surfing for ideas!) - it's so much more special when you make something yourself rather than just buying it in.
awesome awesome, i really like the bouquet
Fantastic work, your dress is so fantastic. Great time to run into this post too, i was thinking about wedding DIY this morning Happy
thanks sooo much Jet and Michelle !! Happy
Congreatulations!!! beautiful dress you have made!!!
wish you all the happynes and good luck too with each other.
My happyest day was when i hold up my diploma of t he art academy , I was at that time very illl and it cost myself a lot effort to hold the finishing of my study, and i noticeted that i was the gratuead with honour so i was soooo happy and proud of myself;-D
you did an amazing job

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