Snippets Issue12 : Day Of The Dead Issue

Beauty Tips From PinUp Girls

Divine pinup, Leyla Rose shares her beauty tips for success.

Beauty Tips From PinUp Girls

By Leyla Rose

My name is Leyla Rose and I'm an international burlesque performer and model. I lead a busy life but glamour is my meditation. Eveyone has the right to take some time to indulge their appearance and treat themselves. This is how I do it.


I love to play with my look and do not adhere to one particular era or style of fashion, but, as a curvy girl, I am a fan of the cinch-waisted silhouettes achieved by 1950's fashion because they best suit my hourglass figure.

I feel ladylike and sweet in a full skirt with a crinoline and tight top, but love to vamp it up with a pencil skirt, or dress, and a bolero. I make many of my own clothes from vintage patterns but it is good to find classics on the high street or eBay. In the summer I love light natural fabrics such as cotton and adore the swing and pencil dresses of Vivien of Holloway, or combining a halter top with some rolled up high waisted jeans or capris. But I relish when winter rolls in because then I get to wear silk jersey, tailored wool, satin, velvet, faux fur, cashmere and angora, all in rich colours and embellished with sparkly accessories. For stage or general indulgence I wear custom corsets by my friend Alexia Westmore or plus size lingerie company Brazen Empress (site coming soon). The rock chick in me loves a bit of patent leather or leopard print and I always wear high heels.

Make Up:

I'm proud of very pale Irish skin and I like to take care of it by using products from Lush so that I don't need too much foundation. I use a very pale liquid foundation from Chanel with a light coverage, but achieve a soft matte porcelain finish by applying a dusting of pressed powder. The palest shade I have found is by Collection 2000. I keep it in a special rose patterned gold compact. I think neat eyebrows are essential for a perfect pin up look and my eyebrows are always shaped and pencilled. I have been achieving cat's eye points on my upper lids using black liquid liner from Rimmel since I was 12 years old. And sometimes, if the mood takes me, I wear eyshadow in deep jewel tones. Every day I wear MAC's Russian Red lipstick.

I finish with blusher from Benefit and plenty of black mascara. I wear a small set of flase eyelashes if I'm going out socialising and large ones onstage. On stage I also dab red glitter over my red lipstick and use irridescent glitter on my eyelids.


I help to maintain my hair's good condition by using Cynthia Sylvia Stout shampoo from Lush which keeps it full, smooth and glossy. And the occasional rinse with Guinness does wonders for the dark shine!

On lazy days I tie it up into a headscarf or sweep it into a quiffed chignon. I like to wear ribbons and scarves as alice bands or pin up one side over my ear and decorate with a crystal hair clip or bright coloured rose. My hair is naturally poker straight which is a blessing for my day look but a challenge to curl for stage or a night out. For that I use hot bendy rollers from Remington on dry hair with heat protective mousse and brush it out, when set, to achieve waves. I fix it with hairspray and generally it behaves.

You can find out more about the gorgeous Leyla Rose on her myspace. (Photography by Candee Photography).


Beautiful Happy
love it!
t's awesome to see some Scottish talent in Snippets! Wheee!
zI think your beautifull.
I really love snippets, especially the beauty tips column. I love burlesque and love the old school look, im glad someone else besides me takes interest.

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