Well I'd like think that I'm an artistic gal with lots of vision and possibilitys! I love to draw, design, sew, craft, paint, crotchet, sculpt, sing, write music (songs) and create something new out of something old and forgoten! I'm also a makeup artist and love color! LOL DIY is the best thing cuz it came from you with passion.
I went to Fashion Design Ins. School when I was younger and learned Alot there. So I've been sewing since I was like 11 or 12years old! I would cut everything in the house! LOL I remember cutting a knitted blanket it was beautifull ... I made it into a modern hoodie with flare sleeves and my mother almost killed me! LOL
Now I'm trying to start my line of dresses and tops with accessories on Etsy and start working on a website aswell for my creations.
My style is very Retro meets Gothic so I call it Gothabilly! Love it!!
I'm here to learn and spread a lil of craftiness aswell.
; )

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KoraWho · Chicago, Illinois, US · 7 projects
yeah, it just didnt work out living here, its a nice place but not really for us. yeah im a christian its pretty cool