Snippets Issue12 : Day Of The Dead Issue

Costume Competition

Win a Day Of The Dead inspired vial necklace by Strawberry Anarchy.

Costume Competition

To celebrate Day Of The Dead, we've got a gorgeous sugar skull inspired vial necklace by Miquette from Strawberry Anarchy up for grabs.

About Strawberry Anarchy:

"I'm very creative and I love to express myself by making jewellery, drawing, writing and playing music. Strawberry Anarchy is one of my creative outlets in life which makes me extremely happy."

"I love and have always been fascinated with miniature scale items. When I was a young girl, my sister gave me a necklace with a grain of rice inside that had my name written on it. I wore the necklace until one day the string broke and it got lost. I always wanted another one and this was the reason why I started making my vials."

"I love the fact the jewellery moves inside the vial and you can play with them, like tiny snow globes. They are only 1 inch tall. I have a passion for working with things so small and intricate. I also love toys and anything that reminds me of my childhood - anything that is very colourful, different, unique, eccentric, kitsch or Kawaii. However, in contrast, I also like the raw, dark side of life. It fascinates me and I don't like to limit myself to "cute", so the "anarchy" in my shop's name is there for a reason! I can do whatever I feel like doing and it gives me the freedom not to be limited to one look or style. I don't like to be put in a box or tagged, I like to be myself."

How to enter:

To enter, simply post a photo of yourself in your DIY Halloween / Day Of The Dead costume below. The costume can be from the present or past.

This contest closes on November 15th when Miquette will pick a winner. Good luck!

To see more of Miquette's work, check out her shop Strawberry Anarchy.


day of the dead sugar skull!
I was this year.
Small haaa 061 1257194764
Me(on the left) as a punk tinkerbelle, about 2 years ago. Me and my friends went bowling beforehand in our costumes, just to embarrass ourvselves! loti
Another picture just for kicks.
I was a killer "prom queen vampire" this year for Halloween.
I found last year's prom dress for $5 at a local thrift store and literally doused myself in fake blood and guts galore (both bloody concoctions were as a tutorial on this website!) Even with the fangs on, people kept mistaking me for Carrie.
I took a vintage 50's night gown and made it into a bubble skirt Fairy dress
Dia De Los Muertos Skull. A little clown make-up, eyeliner, and Roses.
sorry, re-post.

i was a rave fairy for halloween!!!
<img src="">

<img src="">

I was a Rave Fairy this Halloween! yay for colors!
alriiiiiight! why bother smiling when you can you just paint one on your face, effortless Happy
Here is my dog, Rona as a unicorn! A sad unicorn!
(it says a picture of yourself but Cat said I could post this Happy )
Oh well, here's the link:

I also was a Soap Opera last year:
Uncomfortable, but adorable.

I was a Cereal Killer 2 years ago, but I don't have any picture of that.
I love being plays on words.
And the picture didn't upload...
Jack-in-the-box, 7th grade (12 years old).
It bounced when I walked and made music.
I thought the theme was day of the dead then when Cat posted I'm sooo unsure but I did all this work on my mask that it might be a waist not to post now hehe ^_^ I made it out of clay and a chopstick...
Dressed up as Harley Quinn a few years ago!

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