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Christmas Trees.....in many ways!
On the web site below I found a simple way to make paper trees!Dare I say my Crafting Grannies Loved them!They are finally coming round to my way of thinkin!Well, for two hours on a Thursday afternoon anyway!It's a start!To show them the many uses for my paper trees I had to make some different things, and sizes of trees!But once they got the hang of them, they made loads!
In fact a forest!
I made some big ones and little ones!The small ones I made a garland of three to hang from the door....and the others were all sizes stuck into some polystyrene covered with glitter glue for a table decoration!

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SuperCool and Really Trendy
SuperCool and Really Trendy · Bradford, England, GB · 60 projects
Thank you 4 your comment!I just love it when people morph my ideas in2 something else!I do it all the time myself!Just take a look at my other projects and u will see what i mean!
Plus all my other failures (well, didn't work out at that moment....on going project (is the buzz phrase)i use!
Thanks again
Hope 2 see the piccies 2!
SweetHoneyTurtle · Jacksonville, Florida, US · 9 projects
I have made a TON of these! I am always on the lookout for crafts I can do at my desk at work, and these were perfect! I'll post pictures when I get my new computer but I made a few changes. I found it easier to use a round piece of paper instead of a square, just cut out the step of folding the corners in. I also think they are super cute if you make more shallower cuts, looks like a more full tree. Also, I cut a small hole in the top and glued a small piece of pipe cleaner between two paper stars and stuck it in the hole. Tree topper! People at work are fighting over them! Thanks for posting!

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