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more elusive than any giraffe in the wild....
The Giraffe Hat....the hardest hat to find in the wild. I have three photographer friends, all of whom requested that I make them some hats for their newborn photo sessions. Each sent me photos of what they had in mind and I proceeded to search high and low for patterns to make them. Being of limited means at the moment, I did, of course, seek out those patterns offered for free and found all but one. The elusive, yet much desired Giraffe Hat.

This particular hat can not be found in any free pattern database(or at least I was unable to find it)and I do not have $5 to spend on a pattern, especially one that is only for a newborn sized hat. So, after 2 days, much cursing and a small temper tantrum, I managed to write my first ever pattern!! I looked at many pictures of hats and compared the different styles until I was able to decide on the basic look of my own little hat.

So....my first attempt at pattern writing, and I think I did a right swell job!! The pattern will be posted on my blog (vintage-crafter at blogspot)within the next 24 hours. I would definitely like some feedback from some experienced crocheters as I have never written a pattern and know that there are probably some issues!! Oh, and my five year old requested a green one for himself, which can be seen in my profile pic!!

Note: I put reasonably priced for the project cost, but I'm not entirely sure what the cost may end up being. My mother-in-law gave me all of her yarn so I don't really need to purchase any....for a VERY long time!! Also, the time of approx. 6 hours is really going to depend on your own skill level and how big/small you are making the hat.

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