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The Fae miraculous grants the power of Wishes to make dreams and desires become reality
After all this time I decided to post the Fae miraculous!
Still learning "the way of UvResin" but I think these gems turned out perfect and a lot better then what I was doing by recycling pairs of earrings I had copies of/ cleaning and painting old stud earrings.

Plus this was not the first version of the Ring ever made. The first ring (we will call this one "Fae1")was actually all wire work but not as fancy but I gave that ring to someone who I as a Christmas present. The second version of that ring (we will call it" fae2")is what is shown in drawing and had a gold painted filigree band to it. It was true to the first ring other then that (btw both original rings "Fae1" and "Fae2" had butterflies from a internet picture of a tattoo pasted under the stone and never had a gold butterfly colored into the pictures) "Fae 2" eventually had to be repaired but was accidentally destroyed in the process of trying to repair. Not even the filigree band could be saved.
So I began trying to make my own filigree bands but with partial success.
So eventually I stopped working on it and other things in my life happened.
Recently I began working on the Fae miraculous just for fun and learning from YouTube how to make Prong rings for the other rings I may make in the future. I came up with a ring band that was actally supposed to be fully bound together but saw one of the bands was cooler looking when the two bands were bound only 2/3s of the way around.
Also after all the things that the "Miraculous" franchise has reveled I decided the a black colored metal would be a great "civilian camouflage form" vs a gold colored metal that could be easily identified on a "girl with a heart of gold who wears something black with every outfit"

I am very happy with how cool the ring turned out. I may have found a way to keep wire wrapped rings from cutting and poking me and others even before they wear it. Hot glue is a gift from god and I cannot believe I forgot it can give traction or "cushion" things.

Also, this project can be expensive but i based the cost off of how much I have had to buy to help with home improvement stuff and was lucky enough to have a few things already bought or left over from my home improvement.

Let me know what you guys think.

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