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Hello everyone!

Today's post isn't a tutorial. But it is also related to inner and outer beauty. Inner and outer beauty are important in their own ways.

Here is a poem I wrote, relating to fashion and style. Hence, I decided to use my own clothes, accessories, bags, socks and basically, what I had in my closet to make this video. The video was harder than what I had originally thought. From the arranging, choosing the clothes by the material or color, packing them and all! I know this is a short video but it took me longer to film and edit than what I had expected. I took a few days to do it during the afternoons, which means I was relying on natural lighting so the lighting might be irregular due to the different days and times or when the sun starts to set. I took the pictures in my room therefore I had limited space. (It's not like I can make my room bigger right? Haha! Nor could I filmed this outside, if not it would be inconvenient for me to carry and bring all my clothes and accessories out then later having to wash all of them before putting it back in my closet.) So I had to do 1 to 2 words at a time depending how long some of the words are. For longer words, I used a hyphen and split it into 2 pictures. I know it might be hard to read and understand from the video. I am sorry about that. I typed the full poem below in the description box if any of you would like to read it. If not, perhaps you can pause the video and slowly read it? I am so sorry for the inconvenience. I hope all of you will like the poem nonetheless.

Style is a form of fine art,
to share and impart.
Its used to express,
but not to impress.

Styles are all different,
but yet they are coherent.
Fashion can come from anywhere,
isnt that a pretty cool affair?

We have our likes and dislikes,
from all the various types.
Just because you dislike it, doesn't mean its bad.
Find what suits you, rock it and you will look rad.

Fads will always change,
but we will learn how to manage
no matter how strange.

Trends may change through the years,
But keep your old clothing and it might reappear.

Style is never ugly, just unique,
Which makes it extremely chic!

This poem is my interpretation of style. Basically, what I am trying to say is wear what you suits like, what you like or what makes you feel good. Be you! Be happy! Remember, the privilege of this lifetime is being you!

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