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Cliffside Park, New Jersey, US
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T-shirt reconstruction but with style

I wanted to make something a little different, but very easy to do. You can find how to attach sleeves from "Generation-T" or That 99 ways to trim, cut.....your shirt. The buttons on the neck (?) are optional.


  • How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 1
    Step 1

    cut off collar and sleaves, but leave the seams in. grab the different colored shirt (I used a stripped one) and cutt off the sleeves and half the bottom shirt. The bottom shirt will be your collar. So adjust it to be comfortable around your neck.

  • How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 2
    Step 2

    Pinn everything together. With the sleeves I used the inside seams and pinned them to the sleeve.

  • How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 3
    Step 3

    Sew everything and don't be afraid to stop every now and then to check how it feels. One more thing for the collar (& this is what I did) sew it in but cut a slit down the middle.

  • How to make a turtleneck top. T Shirt Turtleneck - Step 4
    Step 4

    After you are done sewing...
    (I had to hand-sew so it took me a hella long time...those with sewing machines and know how to use it are very lucky >3<)
    ...take the slit on the turtle neck and place buttons..and then create button holes. Then you're done....if you've done things accordingly thenyou have a cool turtleneck that really doesn't have to be a tutrleneck...? Oh well if you have comments please tell me. )I like hearing from you all....*0*)

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Glenda A.
Glenda A.
Thank you for this idea and for putting my brain in gear. I will definitely be trying the turtleneck, but am thinking about this technique for adding on sides or bottom.
Fruity Kiwi
Fruity Kiwi · Salina, Kansas, US · 4 projects
very groovy hun!
Crafthazard · San Diego, California, US · 15 projects
nice fabric and shirt. very punk- princess! exactly my style!lol
Glenda A.
Glenda A.
Think this is a really clever idea-Thanks!

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