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How to make sparkly mod cookie pops
My sparkly mod cookie pops from were a bit of a hit, so I've brought them back. I used the same exact instructions HERE, but used only a swirl design on a basic sugar cookie (not chocolate). They are a slightly smaller circle, too, which is perfect for my 2-year old... she can hold and eat the entire cookie without dropping a bit.

If you look closely, these cookies also appear in the background of my soon-to-be-published peek inside my kitchen (updates on that to come).

Wasn't quite sure what to name these. And they are chocolate, too. But "sparkly mod chocolate cookie pops" was one too far.

*Find most of the above in the baking aisle of your craft store. You can also find concentrated paste food coloring there, which work well, but I prefer Americolor soft gel pastes (harder to find, but click the link for tips on where to buy, also available from amazon.com). I used the following 4 colors: Electric Pink, Electric Green, Orange and White. You'll need one bag, coupler, tip and rubber band for each color you use.

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  • How to bake a cookie pop. Swirly Sparkly Cookie Pops  - Step 1
    Step 1

    bake your cookies
    Prepare and chill dough according to recipe. Roll out dough somewhat thick to accommodate sticks (about 1/4"). Cut out circle, place on parchment paper-lined baking tray and insert lollipop stick about half way into cookie, making sure it fits securely (if cookie is too thin, re-roll). Fill tray, making sure none of the sticks touch each other or other cookies. Bake according to recipe and let cool completely.

  • Step 2

    prepare your frosting
    Prepare frosting, divide among the colors you choose and tint using your colors. Prepare frosting bags using a couplers and size "4" or "5" tips. Fill with each color and close tightly with a rubber band. TIP: use any colors you like, but I used White frosting for the non-sparkly parts, which I think worked well to contrast. (You must use "White" coloring to make white, you can't use the bare frosting.)

  • How to bake a cookie pop. Swirly Sparkly Cookie Pops  - Step 3
    Step 3

    decorate your cookies
    Working with one cookie at a time, choose a color frosting and pipe design on a cookie, stripes, circle or swirl. Immediately sprinkle a coordinating color of sprinkles over cookie to totally coat the frosting. Turn over and tap off the excess.

  • How to bake a cookie pop. Swirly Sparkly Cookie Pops  - Step 4
    Step 4

    Fill remaining cookie by piping white or color of your choice in empty areas.

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GingerNinja · Ely, England, GB · 12 projects
gotta be the best thing... EVER!
GingerNinja · Ely, England, GB · 12 projects
You make me hungry.......
Darceyluvshellokitty · Nottingham, England, GB · 3 projects
Elise T.
Elise T. · 1 project
They look delicious Happy
Renee H.
Renee H. · Asheville, North Carolina, US
mandiCHU · 2 projects
so adorable:]
i must tryyyy!
♥SHAR♥ · Como, Mississippi, US · 9 projects
WOW! These are amazing!
Charleen W.
Charleen W. · 1 project
Nom Nom!! Delicious! Happy
Spiffy555 · 37 projects

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